School donations on the rise, Labour says

  • 10/09/2012

Parents are being forced to pay more in "voluntary" school donations because of inadequate Government funding, Labour says.

Party leader David Shearer today released figures showing donations increased on average between 38 percent and 56 percent in decile four to seven schools between 2008 and 2010.

"All up, almost $30 million in donations was collected at these schools in 2010, up from just over $20m two years earlier," he said.

"Some schools have doubled the size of donations they expect for each student."

Mr Shearer says that while the Government has increased education funding, rising costs and increased demands for schools to "do more" means parents have to fill the gaps in budgets.

"The Government is meant to fund schools to provide a free education for all - it found an extra $35m to make private schools more affordable but what about our public schools?"

Mr Shearer says a Labour Government would make sure schools don't have to rely on donations and cake stalls to stay out of deficit.


source: newshub archive