Senior spy faces sack over Dotcom debacle

  • 17/10/2012

By Patrick Gower

It's fast becoming clear whose head might roll over the Kim Dotcom debacle.

3 News understands one of New Zealand's most senior and long-serving spies is now facing the sack. The man – Hugh Wolfensohn – was a key player in signing off on the illegal spying of Dotcom.

But Government sources confirmed today that he is off work, as the GCSB "works through a employment process".

Mr Wolfensohn, sometimes known as Agent CX, has spent up to 16 years at the GCSB – most recently in roles such acting director, and chief legal adviser.

And it’s understood he was in that lead legal role when the Dotcom spying was signed off – even though Dotcom's status as a permanent resident meant it was unlawful.

So the Dotcom debacle could be close to claiming its first real scalp, and Mr Wolfensohn is almost as high as you can go. But it won't be easy – a source close to the situation says this is "very messy", a bit like the rest of the saga.

3 News

source: newshub archive