Shearer promises clear policy initiatives

  • 27/01/2013

Labour leader David Shearer is promising there will be no airy fairy concepts in policy his party is developing this year ahead of the election in 2014.

He signalled a hands-on approach by a Labour Party preparing to govern in a speech at the Wainuiomata Rugby Football Club today that contained no new policy initiatives.

"Jobs are our number one priority. We have concrete ideas that will help, including creating thousands of jobs and training opportunities through our plan to put 100,000 families into affordable first homes," he said.

He says the party will develop a clear plan to diversify the economy and will roll out the previously announced KiwiBuild scheme to build affordable houses from "day one when we take office".

"On education, we'll work to improve the transition from school to further training and high-skill jobs. Too many young Kiwis are dropping out or just drifting. We want every child to go through school with a purpose and a plan of where they'll end up."

He said Jacinda Ardern, Labour's social development spokesperson, would produce an alternative white paper setting out ways to lift children out of poverty.

"I can tell you that today I'm refreshed, I'm fired up, and I'm raring to go," Mr Shearer said.


source: newshub archive

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