Teacher unions attack charter schools

  • 02/08/2012

Teacher unions are joining Opposition party criticism of the government's charter schools project.

Details of the proposed privately run schools were released on Thursday, revealing they will be able to use unregistered teachers, set their own school hours and terms, and work out their own curriculums.

The concept is promoted by the ACT Party and setting them up is part of its support agreement with the government.

Labour says they're a dangerous experiment and the Greens think they will erode the country's education system.

Ian Leckie, president of the primary teachers union NZEI, says charter schools are "a blatant attack on professional teaching" and parents should be worried.

"The Government seems prepared to use taxpayer money to fund business-owned schools run by unqualified principals and teachers," he said.

Principals Federation president Paul Drummond says using unregistered teachers defies logic and undermines the integrity of the profession.

"All the research is clear - it is quality teaching that makes the difference," he said on Radio New Zealand on Friday.

The first charter schools, due to open at the beginning of 2014, are planned for poor areas of Auckland and Christchurch.

ACT leader John Banks says they will work with low achieving children who aren't doing well at state schools.

The schools will have registered and unregistered teachers, and Mr Banks is defending the system.

"A retired professor of mathematics could go in and teach maths and physics at the school across the road from where he lives," he said.


source: newshub archive