What's keeping National high in the polls?

  • 30/03/2014

The latest 3 News-Reid Research poll has more good news for National and bad news for Labour.

National is up 1.4 to 45.9 percent, while Labour is down 2.3 to 31.2 percent and the Green Party has slipped to 11.2 percent.

New Zealand First has also fallen, to 4.9 percent – a result that would keep them out of Parliament.

Of the minor parties, the Conservatives are down slightly to 1.9, the Maori Party is up to 1.9, and ACT is up from zero to 1.1 percent.

Mana is also up to 1.1, while the Internet Party debuts on 0.4 percent.

As for preferred Prime Minister, John Key is up to 42.6, while David Cunliffe is down to just 9 percent.

So after five-and-a-half years as the Government, what is keeping National riding high in the polls?

Could media coverage over the past few months be a factor? Media lecturer Neal Curtis says polls showing one party in lead is likely to strengthen their hold on that position, as people stick with what's familiar – and don't want to vote for a "loser".

But media consultant Brian Edwards says National's popularity is tied to Mr Key's personal brand – if Mr Key loses his shine, so might the Government.

So what's keeping Mr Key so popular?

And is the Internet Party's appearance in the polls a sign of things to come?

Watch the video for the full interview with Neal Curtis and Brian Edwards, plus analysis of the poll from 3 News political editor Patrick Gower.

source: newshub archive

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