Abercrombie perfects his dunk

  • 20/12/2012

There are two Breakers playing in this weekend's ANBL All Star game in Adelaide – Tom Abercrombie and Cedric Jackson.

But in addition to the main game, Abercrombie’s also involved in the slam dunk contest.

He’s already become known for his high flying antics on court, so with the reintroduction of an NBL dunk contest there was only one Breaker for the job, and he's been preparing well.

“I've been scouring YouTube for weeks, and by weeks I mean this morning,” he says.

On YouTube he would have found himself dunking a rebound from his own free-throw, so expectations are high.

Huw Beynon went along to check how Abercrombie’s preparation is going – watch the video.

source: newshub archive