All Whites bolster ranks with Danish star Winston Reid

  • 11/03/2010

By Andrew Gourdie

The All Whites have strengthened their World Cup prospects by securing another promising player with a European pedigree.

Twenty-one-year-old Winston Reid plays first division football in Denmark and appeared to be lost to New Zealand forever – until 3 News intervened.

In the last year the All Whites have enticed some of football's prodigal sons back home – and reaped big rewards.

Reid plays in Denmark and has represented his adopted country at every level of their youth ranks since leaving New Zealand as a 10-year-old.

“I met with Winston and his family in Denmark in 2006, and at that time there were circumstances that meant he was committed to Denmark, but I wasn't so sure,” says former NZ Football chief executive Graham Seatter.

So 3 News got in touch with Reid via Facebook and there was enough to suggest his mind wasn't made up.

3 News passed on his details to Ricki Herbert to make the call – and after a quick chat, those suspicions became clear.

“We've agreed a time frame and we look forward to talking a little more through the week,” says Ricki Herbert.

“I think there's a possibility [to see Reid at the World Cup], we're always looking for young talent and this could be the next one.”

Confirmation came through this morning: Winston Reid wants to be an All White.

With UEFA Cup experience and Italian Serie A clubs tracking him, Reid's a virtual certainty to make the All Whites' World Cup squad.

He's likely to make his debut when the All Whites next line up against Australia in May.

3 News

source: newshub archive

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