Athens promotions for Adams, Faumuina

  • 05/12/2012

By Daniel Gilhooly

New Zealand throwers Valerie Adams and Beatrice Faumuina will both improve one place on their results at the 2004 Athens Olympics after rival athletes tested positive to doping.

Four Athens medallists - all throwers from eastern Europe - were stripped of their medals on Thursday (NZT) after samples from eight years ago were re-tested by the International Olympic Committee.

Two of them were shot putter Svetlana Krivelyova and discus thrower Irina Yatchenko, who both won bronze medals ahead of the New Zealand pair.

It means 1997 world champion Faumuina improves from seventh to sixth in the discus while Adams, who originally finished ninth in the shot put, will now be recorded as finishing seventh.

Adams has climbed two spots because the initial winner, Russian Irina Korzhanenko, was previously stripped of her title after testing positive to stanozolol.

Adams' manager Nick Cowan didn't want to comment until he had seen details about the testing results.

He was aware the IOC had been conducting re-tests earlier this year and supported the concept.

Adams, who threw 18.96m in the shot put final held at Olympia, site of the ancient Olympics, has gone on to win gold at the two subsequent Games in Beijing and London.

Her London victory this year came after Nadzeya Ostapchuk was stripped of the gold medal following a positive doping test.

The Athens doping result means Ostapchuk will win a bronze medal from the 2004 Games.

Cowan didn't want to comment on the irony of the promotion for Ostapchuk, who is serving a one-year ban.

The other Athens Olympians stripped of medals are Ukrainian shot put winner Yuriy Bilonog and Belarusian hammer thrower Ivan Tsikhan, who finished second.

The case of a fifth athlete, weightlifting bronze medallists Oleg Perepechenov of Russia, remains pending.


source: newshub archive