Cameron still to lose 1.7kg before fight

  • 19/11/2012

By Howard Dobson

A clause in Shane Cameron’s contract with Danny Green has been leaked, revealing the Mountain Warrior has to lose extra weight if Wednesday’s world title fight in Melbourne is to go ahead.

So far Cameron has shed close to 9kg, but that's still not enough for Green.

While they are fighting for the IBO Cruiserweight World Title, it will be at a catch weight – 89kg is the contract agreement, not the normal 90.7kg cut off.

“If I'm going to put my balls on the line fighting a heavyweight, I'm fighting a guy that is going to be 10kg heavier than me when the bell goes,” says Green. “It’s a massive advantage. I should have made the fight a lot lighter if I could have, but they wouldn't accept the fight."

"Yeah 90.7 is the weight,” says Cameron. “I made that this morning, so I've just got to make the Danny weight now, and then I’ll be all right."

So Cameron has to lose an additional 1.7kg by tomorrow's weigh-in or there will be serious consequences.

"If he doesn't make the official weight, he doesn't fight for the world title," says Green.

It could also hit Cameron in the pocket.

"[I could get] financial fines if I don't make the weight, so we'll see,” says Cameron. "[All I need is] a hot bath. I've lost more than that before. It's not a concern for me. I'm focussed and prepared for this for the last two months."

"He’s so ready,” says Cameron’s manager Ken Reinsfield. “His focus is phenomenal. It's going to make no damn difference whatsoever."

So does this mean somebody is going to be knocked out? Both Green and Cameron say “not me”.

"Who's the ref?” asks Green. “He better look out!"

Green's career-winning knockout percentage is 76, while Cameron's KO winning percentage is 71.

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source: newshub archive

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