Chicken mascot tackles streaker

  • 03/06/2013

With the Nude All Blacks originating in Dunedin, rugby fans in the city are no strangers to "clothes off".

But what the streakers aren't used is being tackled by a chicken, until Saturday night that is.

During the Highlanders game with the Blues that is exactly what happened.

The chicken was Andrew James, a Mascot and pursuer of streakers.

"I noticed a streaker on the field and thought immediately, 'This is no good, It's our stadium and we've got to protect it'," he says. "So I gave it my all, gunned it for the streaker and managed to chase him down."

The antics gave much amusement to the crowd and players.

"A couple of the Highlanders were pretty stoked with the effort," James says. "And after the game in the changing rooms, had a little mingle and they were quite proud of the tackle."

For the chicken, it was nothing short of his job description.

"Being a chicken mascot, I've got a lot of pride," he says. "It was for the team, the supporters, and the stadium."

And while rugby league has it's chicken-wing tackle, rugby union has a new method of defence.

"I call it the smother hen," James says. "Just wrap them up and pin them to the ground."

James is now hoping to swap the chicken suit for the blue and gold.

"Next game I'll be on the team sheet maybe be in the starting line-up."

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