Dozens of Sevens arrests but police happy

  • 02/02/2013

Dozens of Wellington Sevens fans were arrested overnight but police say overall the crowds were well-behaved thanks to new alcohol restrictions at Westpac Stadium.

About 50,000 revellers converged on closed-off streets in the central city for an afterparty last night, with some bars forced to close early as police tried to clear the streets.

There were 55 arrests made, mostly for disorderly behaviour, which police say was alcohol-fuelled, and for liquor ban breaches.

It's a similar number to 2012, when 52 people were arrested on the final night of the two-day tournament.

Seven people were arrested and 17 evicted from the stadium on Friday, and five arrests and 30 evictions were made yesterday, out of a crowd of about 30,000.

Inspector Simon Perry says most of the arrests were for minor offences such as fighting and offensive behaviour.

Ambulance staff had a busy day yesterday, treating 62 people, with six taken to hospital - two of them for alcohol intoxication.

A day earlier, about 50 people were treated by ambulance staff at the stadium for a variety of complaints, with three taken to hospital.

Police have praised measures by Sevens organisers to restrict access to alcohol, including wristbands for ticket-holders aged over 18, taking tickets away from anyone who tried to smuggle alcohol into the stadium, and ejecting anyone without a wristband who was drinking.

England won the tournament, beating Kenya in the final.

New Zealand, which placed third after a semi-finals loss to Kenya, remains top in the overall IRB Sevens standings, with Kenya in second place.


source: newshub archive