Key, Goff say AB's should wear 'Red Fern'

  • 16/03/2011

Political reporter Patrick Gower talks to John Key and Phil Goff after the Red Fern proposal - watch the video

By 3 News Staff

John Key and Phil Goff finally agree on something - that the All Blacks should wear a 'Red Fern' instead of the traditional silver as a tribute to the people of Christchurch.

Mr Key says it would be "a matter for the Rugby Football Union, but personally I think its quite a nice touch".

"My experience of the Rugby Football Union and the All Blacks is that they've been both very supportive and very sensitive to all of the disasters that have hit New Zealand they take their roles as ambassadors very seriously."

Mr Goff called it a "real gesture to the people of Christchurch".

"I think it shows real respect towards Canterbury, and I hope the proceeds of matches elsewhere in the country can go to Canterbury to help them rebuild."

It is rare for these two political rivals to agree and it took the Red Fern to finally bring them together.

3 News reporter Patrick Gower called for the Red Fern to go on the black jersey on his blog yesterday.

Mr Gower thought the Red Fern would be a "unique and subtle symbol to recognise everything Christchurch has lost in the earthquake".

He argued it would be ideal for the earthquake fundraiser game the All Blacks are going to play on Friday July 22, eight days before the first Tri-Nations game against South Africa in Wellington

He also proposed the Red Fern for the quarter-final the All Blacks were meant to play in Christchurch - although feared that may be "too far" for traditionalists.

Supportive comments on Gower's blog included some by Crystal Smith - the sister-in-law of All Black centre Conrad - who suggested the jumpers could be auctioned off afterwards to raise money.

Reader "Samuel" added: "This is important enough to go to a referendum, worded thusly; Should the Government not unchange the recolouring of the Silver Fern, or not?"

As a one-off, the Red Fern would be like a rare stamp, or a special edition, and likely of great value to international collectors.

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source: newshub archive

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