Live Updates: Sonny Bill Williams vs Scott Lewis

  • 29/01/2011

By James Bennett

Stay tuned to see footage from the coming soon.
And the unanimous decision....SONNY BILL WILLIAMS.
Round 6 - FINAL ROUND! Lewis comes charging out, "one round to make history" were the words from his trainer. SBW keeps jabbing away, will we see a big blow from the man. BANG, SBW with the uppercut draws more blood. He is doing the business late in the final round, landing punches at will on the chin of Lewis. Round over and to his credit, Scott Lewis held his feet and matched SBW in parts in that fight. Not the KO we all wanted, now we wait on the decision.... 
Round 5 - Lovely jab from SBW to start the round. This round has a bit of flavour following the after bell antics last round. Lewis is still swinging but failing to hit the target. Sonny Bill gets backed into the corner but gets out with a strong uppercut. The right eye of Scotty Lewis is visably swollen, starting to close over. You have to give him credit, not many would have thought Lewis would last this long. Williams gets the toungue out to entice Lewis but he doesn't bite.
Round 4 - Sonny Bill with the famous shoulder charge, Lewis hits the deck, not by a punch though! Sonny Bill using the ring well here, Jab, jab, jab with his reach advantage. Lewis's left is lacking conviction now, it's too easy to read for the All Black. Sonny Bill's foot injury doesn't seem to be affecting him at all as he dances around the ring. Ohhhh! The action comes at the end of the round! Lewis hits him after the bell and Sonny Bill reacts with a blatant shot after the bell. He stares at Lewis as if to say "don't try that again pal".   
Mundine - "How ya feeling? Ya feeling good Sonny!"
Round 3 - SBW into his work here, another good uppercut to start. The straight right looks like it could do some damage for Williams if he can get inside Lewis. A bit of blood coming from Lewis's nose as the pattern of the fight changes. SBW looking in control now. Lewis is giving it his all, leaving nothing in the changing room. SBW plays a sensible round there, nothing special and there goes my 3rd round prediction! SBW again on points, upper cut working well.  
Mundine to SBW- "Jab to body, jab to head".
Round 2 - Wow! Lewis comes out swinging looking to flatten SBW, he looks good but can he last the distance at this rate. SBW has 13cm over Lewis on reach. A couple of uppercuts from Williams, Lewis is swinging hard with his left but not landing them. BANG! SBW lands a decent uppercut on Lewis, 'The Animal' looks a touch tired, he was swinging early! Lewis loses his mouthguard - a good delaying tactic, he is feeling the pinch. Round 2 to SBW.
Mundine to SBW - "Stick to the basics and use your jab".
Round 1 - And we are go! It's fair to say SBW is a absolute beast. Six three minute rounds ahead of us. Lewis comes out head hunting early as both men size each other up. Williams throws a couple of jabs with Lewis glancing a big left off his forehead. SBW is dancing round the ring, playing the smart game at the moment, he looks relaxed. Williams uses his reach to his advantage keeping Lewis at bay with the jab. Lewis gets inside and lands one then ties him up. Fair first round, Lewis certainly looks like no mug, I'd give him the 1st round on points...
We have Williams in the Blue corner, Lewis in the Red.
11:55pm - Ladies and gentlemen presenting the one, the only, Sonny Bill Williams. The crowd goes crazy, Williams looks focussed. It's time for the main event! 
11:53pm - Here we go, Scott 'The Animal' Lewis makes his way to the ring to a mixed reception.
Fighting talk from Scott Lewis - "He's got a pretty face and I wana stuff it up for him". On ya Scott.
11:49pm- Hard to tell how far away we are, no sight of the boxers yet but they can't be far from the action. Sonny Bill said he was "embarrassed" with how his last fight went down and wants to prove his worth in the ring.
11:46pm - It's time to see what Sonny Bill the boxer is made of. This is his biggest challenge yet in his short but successful boxing career.
Remember, we will have video of the main event up following the fight. Be sure to stay tuned to see if Scott Lewis can match SBW or if Sonny Bill lands the knock out blow.
11:40pm - Some fighting talk from Leapai, calling out "the best Americans" for a fight. One to watch for sure.
11:38pm - BANG, BANG, BANG! It's all over in the 1st round, Alex Leapai gets three knock downs, nailing Barnett in the body. Get ready boxing fans you know what's coming next!
11:36pm - BANG! Leapai already has two knock downs.
11:35pm - The chat is that this undercard fight could be over fairly quickly is Alex Leapai has anything to do with it.
11:27pm - Daniel Buff takes out undercard fight number five by unanimous decision. We are just one fight away from the main event! @Rod this will be an eight round undercard then it's time for Sonny Bill! I agree with you on the Black Caps, surely winning is the best preparation?! 
11:24pm - Just had a sneak peak into SBW's changing room, he is getting his hands taped up and ready. Anthony Mundine is keeping a close eye on proceedings.
11:18pm - Looks like the lights situation has been fixed, no need for concern. No news from either SBW or Scott Lewis at this stage as the undercard fight heads into the eighth and final round.
11:15pm - A moment of drama in the ring with half the lights temporarily switching off. The place is lit up like a Christmas tree though so both boxers could still see each other no probs.
11:00pm - OK time for me to put my neck on the line. What do I think's gunna happen? Sonny Bill Williams, Round 3, KO.
11:00pm - It's the first of our eight round undercard fights, anticipation and crowd numbers are rising on the Gold Coast.
10:56pm - Good to see some light hearted banter on the comment front, keep it coming Brandon.
10:50pm - As we head into the 5th undercard fight, let's have a look at what you lot have been saying. @Kurt, I duno if he'll make the switch to NFL big fella, but hey, I didn't think we would see him fighting so close to the rugby season so I guess anythings possible! @Deano I like your passion, and just quietly I think SBW might have this aswell. What round are we thinking people? 
10:44pm - Another undercard down, we aren't too far away now. Jamie "Mr Business" Pittman taking out the last by decision. Video of SBW entering the arena soon.

10:26pm - SBW has entered the building! In his typically cool and calm manner, Sonny Bill arrived with a low key swagger with his ipod ringing in his ears. He looks focussed, he looks ready to fight! Undercard number four in progress at present.

Sidelines - See how SBW is feeling pre fight, click here for the interview

10:10pm - Another undercard over with David Aloua an impressive KO winner. Watch out for a SBW interview coming soon.
9:41pm - They are getting through the undercard nice and quickly, that's two down. Be sure to check out photos of SBW in training, the link is below.
9:40pm - With a relativly small crowd in attendance, the second undercard fight is under way, just four rounds again. For those wondering we have another four undercard fights before SBW vs Lewis. BANG! Just like that it's all over in the second round with a KO win to Billel 'Baby Face' Dib.
9:25pm - The first undercard fight is over with Shannon 'Shaggy' King winning the light heavyweight bout by TKO in the fouth round. To those asking about a start time for SBW vs Lewis, unfortunately we do not know an exact time of the fight due to the unknown length of the undercard but the main event shouldn't be anytime before 11pm I wouldn't think.
9:15pm - Not many people at the Gold Coast Convention Centre yet, it should be a steady build with a wee while until the big show.

9:00pm - The television coverage has started with the first of the undercard bouts underway. Remeber Sonny Bill Williams vs Scott Lewis is the feature event, fight number six of the seven on show tonight.
Hello and welcome to boxing live updates as Sonny Bill Williams goes toe-to-toe for eight rounds with Scott Lewis on the Gold Coast.

3 News will bring you the build up and keep you posted throughout the night with all the boxing action.

Sidelines - Check out a photogallery of Sonny Bill's preparation

With an expected crowd of more than 5000, you can’t deny the All Black’s pulling power as he gloves up for his third professional bout.

Sidelines - Do you think SBW can win? Post your opinion here

There's only half a kilo's difference between Sonny Bill Williams and his Queensland opponent Scott Lewis, this should be William's toughest assignment yet.

The TAB has SBW as a hot favourite; currently he is sitting at $1.16 to win with Lewis a clear outsider at $4.50.

Keep refreshing your browser to stay up to date with the action.

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