Mark Hunt confident ahead of UFC fight

  • 23/04/2015

Kiwi UFC fighter Mark Hunt could be just one win away from a shot at the heavyweight title.

Fifth-ranked Hunt takes on number four, American Stipe Miocic, in Adelaide in two weeks, knowing a win's likely to get him a fight for the belt.

Hunt's known for power punching, not a chiselled physique. But just over two weeks from fight night, the 41-year-old says this training camp's been his best one yet.

"I'm still heavy," he says. "I'm still about 10 kilos over, but I'm pretty fit for about 130kg."

At 178cm, Hunt is confident cutting down carbs and a sweat session in Adelaide will get him under the weight limit. It's important because victory over 193cm Miocic could book him a November bout in Melbourne against the winner of heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and Fabricio Werdum.

Hunt's last fight was a loss to Werdum, stepping in and shedding 21kg on just three weeks' notice when Velasquez fell injured. But it hasn't affected his self-belief.

"Of course I felt like I'm the best fighter in the world, and me fighting at this level proves it at my age," he says.

He still has to earn his shot though, and striking coach Lolo Heimuli says Miocic's boxing and wrestling background, as well as a solid chin, make him the perfect opponent.

"Some people when they get hit they get angry, they come in and force the fight, and some will try to move away and run away. He's tough and if he gets hit he's going to stand there and go toe-to-toe, which we're hoping for."

"[I'm] going to go in there and whoop some ass," says Hunt.

And if he's true to his word, he'll bag his dream UFC title shot.

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source: newshub archive