No rest for Breakers over holiday season

  • 21/12/2012

There'll be no time off for the Breakers over the holiday period with six games in the next four weeks, but the team is doing their best to maintain their festive spirit.

The team has four road games in a row, making Christmas a vital chapter in their quest for a three-peat.

“A lot of people are going on holiday but we're pushing through and we know we have to produce the business if we want to win a championship at the end of the year,” says Breakers forward Dillon Boucher

Sitting top of the NBL ladder, the back-to-back champions are clearly a club full of holiday cheer but their schedule means a lot of time away from wives and children over a traditional family-orientated period.

“We get Christmas day off which is awesome, then we're back into it - but that's just part and parcel of being a professional sports player,” says forward Mika Vukona.

“I just get the calendar out and mark off the days he's home., and we just try and manage it,” says Vukona’s wife Vanessa.

But all are in agreement it'll be worth it.

“My present is another championship,” says guard CJ Bruton. “We're not there yet, but Santa says he's got that wrapped up too.”

It seems the Breakers won't find out if they've been naughty or nice until April.

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source: newshub archive