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NZ's top golfer Smail involved in sex scandal

Friday 3 Sep 2010 5:52 p.m.

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Golf has another sex scandal and this time it's New Zealand number one David Smail who is the headline bedroom act.

Pictures of Smail in intimate poses with a woman who is not his wife have been sent to reporters, and Smail has made a public confession.

The Hamilton golfer, who has a wife and two children, claims his lover was trying to blackmail him – she is calling him New Zealand's Tiger Woods.

Sato Kurihara sent some raunchy photos to the media to expose her affair with Smail after he ended it three weeks ago; Smail admitted the affair today in an interview with the Waikato Times.

"I've made a terrible mistake and had a relationship and that was unacceptable,” he said.

"I'm just really sorry to my family and friends."

Smail has played in Japan for 13 years, earning millions, and says he met Kurihara through a friend.

He claims when he ended the relationship Kurihara threatened to take both his and her life and expose the affair by releasing 2,000 photos and a sex tape.

Kurihara claims the affair lasted three years.

"He told me 'I want to marry you and I can pay for everything'," she says. “I really believed him, I am still in love with him, I couldn't understand why he was changing."

Smail claims that was a ploy to buy time and his partner of 25 years Sheree, who was photographed with him during the newspaper interview, is standing by him.

“He's the same person, it's not the end of the world, he hasn't murdered anyone, that's the main thing,” Sheree says.

Smail is taking legal action against Kurihara for stalking, in return she has described him as a great golfer, but the same as Tiger Woods.

The affair is well and truly over, but it's up to Kurihara whether she wants to reveal any more.

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