Opinion: Andrew Hore – clean record. Who cares?

  • 26/11/2012

Opinion By Hamish McKay

The more I watch Andrew Hore’s swinging arm on Welsh lock Bradley Davies the more sickening it becomes.

And I’m over all the peripheral stuff that apparently should have an influence on the outcome of his judicial hearing.

The rugby world – including the media - needs to unite on this and make a stand. A stand that this kind of incident is just not acceptable.

Forget what other players have received for other incidents perceived or otherwise to be similar. Most dredged up is  

Wallaby Scott Higginbotham’s cowardly head butt and knee on Richie McCaw. Certainly Higginbotham deserved a longer ban.

But for mine Higginbotham’s over the top niggle pales in comparison to the actions of the seasoned All Black rake.  

Clean record. Who cares? That should be irrelevant. Hore needs to be judged on one thing.

Rua Tipoki once copped 16 weeks for a swinging forearm  - a forearm the recipient saw coming. And he deserved it.

For Hore’s sake the All Black camp will be hoping the Tipoki incident and outcome aren’t tabled at Thursday's hearing in London.

The shame in all this is that the Highlanders are the team who will suffer the most.

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source: newshub archive

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