Quade Cooper signs with Australian Rugby Union

  • 07/12/2012

The on-going saga between Quade Cooper and the Australian Rugby Union has ended with Cooper signing on for two more years.   

Cooper says he’s aiming to be a Wallaby again and will work alongside coach Robbie Deans.

Cooper’s contract negotiations have been a seven month headache for the ARU but today a deal was finalised.

“I never once said to them that my desire had left the game, I’ve always turned up to training and given a hundred per cent,” Cooper says.

Cooper now has a two year deal with ARU but it almost didn’t happen after his criticism on Twitter of a toxic environment at the Wallabies and his frustration with coach Robbie Deans.

“I’ve got a job to do which is play football and his job is obviously to coach and get the best out of the team and hopefully the better I play the more opportunity I’ll get out there,” Cooper says.

To stay at the Wallabies, Cooper rejected a deal from a French rugby club.

“It wasn’t a matter of playing people off against each other it was just that a team over in France had expressed great interest and I’m very grateful for the time and effort that they have given me,” he says.

No figures have been released but it’s believed the contract is worth around $800,000.

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source: newshub archive