Silver Ferns air Harrison hoist

  • 22/09/2012

By Cathy Walshe

Netball's Harrison hoist got a rare public outing as the Silver Ferns fine-tuned their combinations ahead of the third and final Test against Australia in Christchurch on Sunday.

The tricky lifting manoeuvre made a huge impact when the Northern Mystics unveiled it in their trans-Tasman netball league win over the Melbourne Vixens back in May this year.

It's been used only sporadically since, and has yet to make an appearance for the Silver Ferns in the international arena.

At the end of Saturday's training session, goal keep Katrina Grant and defender Anna Harrison did a series of lifts, while injured captain Casey Williams put up the shots on goal.

Silver Ferns coach Waimarama Taumaunu was relaxed about the manoeuvre, pointing out that it was only one option in an array of defensive strategies.

"If we're going to use it, we have to practice it - that's all you've seen here today, just in case we use it."

Harrison has played the last two Tests - both narrowly won by New Zealand - at wing defence, but may get a run in the circle on Sunday if young defender Kayla Cullen gets some court time as expected.

Harrison, who's played 66 Tests for New Zealand since her debut in 2002, says the hoist works only if a number of factors align.

"There are lots of different elements that need to be in the right place for it to happen," she told NZ Newswire.

"If everything falls into place, I know when it's right to call it. Then it's just about making sure the other defenders are in the right position as well and able to lift you."

Like any defensive move against the shot on goal, Harrison says the hoist can't be decided ahead of time.

"It's just something to add to your box of tricks."


source: newshub archive