Tua keen to take on Holyfield

  • 27/08/2010

By David DiSomma

Could David Tua and Evander Holyfield be just a few short weeks from going toe-to-toe in the ring?

The prospect of the two heavyweights squaring off in Detroit has been raised as a real possibility, although it's all news to the Tua camp at this stage.

In 1996 Holyfield used Tua as his sparring partner before taking on Mike Tyson.

Now the pair may meet again, this time for real.

The inside word from high-profile boxing commentator Colonel Bob Sheridan is that the fight will happen in Detroit on November 5.

"It's in the negotiation stages right now and I'm right in the middle of it," he says. "Holyfield and David Tua - two guys in similar stages of their careers."

Tua's last fight was a less than convincing draw against Monte Barrett - it was the first time he'd been knocked down in his pro career. He has since been plagued with shoulder trouble.

At 47 Holyfield is 10 years Tua's senior. He's won the world heavyweight title four times, and who could forget the notorious ear biting he got from Tyson in June 1997?

Holyfield is now well past his best, but Sheridan says the two will have plenty to fight for.

"The winner of the bout will meet Vladimir Klitscho for the heavyweight championship - this is hot off the press stuff."

Today the Tua camp said they hadn't heard anything official, but they welcome the bout providing Tua was injury-free and the parties could agree to terms.

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source: newshub archive