VIDEO: David Tua: I have put everything into this fight against Alexander Ustinov

  • 21/10/2013

David Tua was showing off his trimmed-down frame today as he prepares for his showdown with giant Belarusian Alexander Ustinov on November 16 at Claudelands Arena, Hamilton.

The Kiwi heavyweight is well on track to weigh his lightest since he took apart Shane Cameron in 2009, where he tipped the scales at 107kgs.

Since then he ballooned out for the meetings that followed against Friday Ahunanya, Demetrice King and the two bouts with Monte Barrett, but with his date against Ustinov just 25 days away the weight issue is now a non-issue.

"Physically I am in a great space right now," said Tua, who has dropped around 30kg and expects to weigh-in somewhere between 105kg and 110kg.

"There is still a bit of work to be done. I can’t get too relaxed. The key now is to stay focused."

Tua – who was originally slated to fight Ustinov in August before sustaining a calf strain – is confident his injury is well behind him.

"It's a blessing that the injury happened; it has given me a little bit more time to prepare for this fight," he says.

"I know a lot of people thought this fight would never happen after I injured my calf but, here we are. My calf is back to normal and I feel great."

Tua knows he will need to be in career-best shape against Ustinov, who has lost only once in his career and will provide Tua with his toughest test since his 2003 fight with Hasim Rahman.

And while the prize on offer for a win means a step towards a second challenge for boxing’s heavyweight title, Tua is focused only on his upcoming fight.

"I have put everything into this fight. I can't look past this fight. I have made that mistake in the past – you know, getting involved too much in the hype.

"The hype is a part of boxing but it doesn't run who I am. I don't become the hype. I do what I have to do and I go home. It's my job. And I love my job. I love every part of my job. Boxing is part of my life but the hype that comes with it isn't."

The 'David vs Goliath' bout takes place on Saturday, November 16 at Claudelands Arena, Hamilton.

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