VIDEO: Full interview: Guy Martin

  • 21/12/2013

The Isle of Man TT is motorsport's oldest and most dangerous circuit, making it one of the most iconic races around.

240 riders have been killed since racing started and countless others have had narrow escapes, one of those is Guy Martin.

He loves it - but so far Martin has been unable to conquer the TT - but 13 podium finishes have made him a crowd favourite.

However, it was the 2010 documentary on the race which turned the Lincolnshire truck mechanic into one the world best known riders and his laidback manner turned him into an unlikely celebrity.

Martin will race in Whanganui on Boxing Day, a place he is familiar with having rode the cemetery circuit in 2005.

But it's not the streets that draw Martin to New Zealand, he wants to ride a Kiwi bike – the Britten V-1000.

And on Boxing Day Martin will wear a helmet in Britten's famous colours - his tribute to the New Zealander whose bike took on the world twenty years ago.

Watch the video for the full interview with Guy Martin.

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source: newshub archive

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