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VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: (0-1) Manchester City Vs Wigan, FA Cup final, Wembley 2013

Sunday 12 May 2013 2:57 a.m.

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By Louis Anderson-Rich

Hello and welcome to Wembley where we have Manchester City and Wigan going head-to-head in the final of the FA Cup, England's oldest football competition.

Despite Sir Alex Ferguson's best efforts to draw attention away from his rival's cup final appearance, City are in fact ready and waiting to claim some silverware for their third year in a row.

Wigan are on the other side of this spectrum. A win for them would not only be historic, but a silver lining to an EPL season likely to end in relegation.

We bring you live streaming written commentary, video highlights (be sure to refresh your browser) and all the football action. VIDEO will be available as soon as the final whistle goes.



LIVE COMMENTARY…Manchester City 0 – 1 Wigan

94 Min: It's all over and Wigan have done the unthinkable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

91 Min: Shaun Maloney with the corner. Ben Watson up! GOOOOOALLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

90 Min: McManaman goes on another great run down the line and goes down! No penalty! But a corner...

85 Min: Another untidy tackle from City, this time it's Barry he goes into the book and Wigan have another free-kick in a good position.

84 Min: Shaun Maloney with the free-kick. Put wide. You feel this has just become Wigan's game to win.

83 Min: Toure does well to get around a few players and then pick out Clichy down the left. Clichy's cross is cleared away and Wigan go on the counter! Kone up to McManaman! McManaman up through the middle and Zabaleta comes across and clatters him! Ref pulls out the yellow! Zabaleta is only the third man to be sent off in an FA Cup final!

82 Min: Jordi Gomez comes off Ben Watson comes on...

81 Min: City win a corner from a Toure shot...Milner with the corner, Robles with the claim.

80 Min: Clichy fizzes a cross into the box but it takes a deflection and is then headed away by a diving Emerson Boyce.

79 Min: Wigan have still had the lions share of possession.

78 Min: Maloney delivers the cross as rain begins to fall...Maloney hits the top of the cross bar! Ball cleared.

77 Min: McManaman once again causes trouble for City down the right, he's fouled on the edge of the box down the right.

76 Min: Wigan are right back down the other end though, McManaman deilvers a cross which is over Kone, out the back to Espinoza who fouls Milner.

75 Min: City attacks becoming a lot more fluid as Silva and Toure link up to go down the field and slide into the box, Silva goes down! Ref having none of it.

73 Min: Great chance for City from this free-kick, it's down the right side of the box...Milner delivers, Rodwell gets a head to it! Saved by Robles!

72 Min: Wigan lose the ball in midfield and City look to break...Clichy down the line for Slilva who plays the ball back and Clichy puts in a cross which is headed away. Espinoza fouls Milner on the opposite side of the field.

69 Min: Jack Rodwell is coming off the bench...And replaces Carlos Tevez who has a wry smile on his face.

67 Min: McManaman with a run into the box, takes it to the byline pops up a cross at the back post! Over Kone, Kone retrives it gives it to Espinoza, to Gomez to McManaman who gets in between to players in the box! McManaman with the shot!! Blocked!

66 Min: Toure to Milner on the right wing, He juggles the ball past Scharner who committed himself, Milner with a chance to cross but Scharner gets back and dispossesses him.

65 Min: Maloney and Kone play some one-two's at the top of the box, ball spit out to Gomez who has a crack but the ball flies over the bar.

62 Min: Free-kick in a very dangerous place for City...Silva over it....floats it to the back post but no one can get on the end of it.

61 Min: Milner slips in Zabaleta in the box who plays a ball across the face of goal! Silva at the back post!! Can't get to it.

60 Min: City win a corner...Short to Milner, played to Silva who delivers the cross and it's headed away and McManaman sets out on a run up the pith. Brought down by Zabaleta who's foul earns him a yellow card.

58 Min: Lovely move from Silva who links up with Aguero, the flick one-two and Silva is in the box! Tries to square it to Tevez who goes down of the ball!L Penalty shout waved away by the ref.

57 Min: McManaman wins a corner for Wigan...Short corner and Wigan are forced back to halfway.

56 Min: Tevez running at the defence, lays it off for Silva who goes wide to Clichy sets himself for the cross which is headed away easily.

55 Min: Toure with a lofted ball over the top of the defence for Tevez with an audacious bicycle kick. But he only kicks air. Samir Nasri taken off for James Milner.

53 Min: City starting to push the ball around more freely...Nasri down the left to Clichy overlapping...back to Nasri plays it to Aguero with his back to goal, holding off Boyce but he can't turn. Good defending.

51 Min: Shaun Maloney with the ball for Wigan down the left, takes on Zabaleta who puts the ball out for a throw.

50 Min: Tevez beats Scharner down the right, takes it to the byline puts a ball across for Aguero! Side-footed wide! Ref judged it to have been blocked though so we have a corner.

48 Min: Nasri with his first shot for City of the half, he cuts inside, tries to turn Boyce inside out releases the shot! Blasted over the bar.

47 Min: James MCArthur with the first shot of the second half. From the edge of the box it's blasted way over.

46 Min: City kick-off and we're back underway at Wembley!

Players back out on the pitch!

Sounds like Milner will be coming on when the game gets back underway.

HALFTIME: Manchester City 0 – 0 Wigan

45+1 Min: 1 added minute to be played...which is up and that's halftime!

44 Min: Nasri releases a nice shot from the edge of the box and it's parried away by Robles. City show a bit of pace in their attack.

41 Min: Tevez with the ball, edge of Wigan's box he plays a lovely short ball for Zabaleta in some space! Alcaraz closes him down, deflected shot falls to Barry who shoots! Saved by the keeper.

40 Min: Another City move breaks down through the middle at the top of the box and Maloney is there once again to launch the ounter. Ball worked up to Kone who turns inside and shoots! Deflected and saved by Hart.

37 Min: Again City get to the top of Wigan's area and play a little tikka-takka...Silva, Aguero and Nasri linking up but they can't break down this Wigan defence.

36 Min: City respond, Tevez shoots, blocked, Wigan counter. Ball played up to McManaman who is through! He shrugs off Kompany but he's on a very tight angle with Hart to beat! McMananan dummies! Cuts back inside the defenders who are back, goal is open Hart out of position, McManaman dummies again! Can he get the shot off! Eventually shoots but it's weak and blocked. If only he'd laid it off to Kone.

35 Min: Kompany slices a ball and it falls to Kone down the left side of the box, Kone with a nice ball inside for Espinoza in the box! Espinoza goes down! That must be a penalty! Ref says no! Ball is cleared.

34 Min: Tevez with some neat footwork through the middle of the park, releases the through ball for Aguero but it pushes him a little too wide, Aguero comes back inside but he is dispossessed by Scharner.

33 Min: Wigan linking some nice passes together to make their way up to the edge of the box. Maloney unleashes a shot which is blocked by Zabaleta, falls to Espinoza who turns back...

31 Min: Tevez has another crack at goal this time from a more acute angle. He blasts it over the bar though.

30 Min: Nasri beats a player down the left, inside the box takes it to the byline cuts it back for Tevez on the penalty spot! TEVEZ! Save by ROBLES!!

29 Min: Barry whacks a long ball up for Aguero but it's cut out by Scharner...City have only been one gear so far in this match while Wigan have really played the nicer football, they're much more dynamic, look the likelier chance to score.

27 Min: Kone with a nice line-up with McArthur who charges into the box but is dispossessed nicely by Barry with the sliding tackle.

25 Min: Tevez with a couple of touches down the left, playes the ball inside for Toure who dummies a shot and then tries to lift a ball down the middle for Aguero but it's blocked...City hold possession until Silva fouls Espinoza.

24 Min: Nastasic has a shot for City that has nothing on it and goes wide.

23 Min: Wigan camped in City' half at the moment and Shaun Maloney runs along and has a shot from the top of the box that flashes wide.

22 Min: Wigan have had more possession so far.

20 Min: Another run from Silva see's him make some space at the top of the box and deliver a killer through-ball! Which Aguero almost gets on the end of...

19 Min: Silva with a weaving run down the right, into the box now delivers a dinked cross but it's headed away and Wigan go on the counter! Around Kone down the left side, cuts across and has a shot! Blocked.

17 Min: City have won the ball back though and now they look to launch and attack...But they're to slow at the top of the box and Toure gives the ball away.

16 Min: Espinoza delivers a cross and Maloney throws himself at the ball from the edge of the box but his shot is blocked. Half-hearted appeal for handball...Wave after wave of Wigan attack at the moment.

15 Min: ...Scharner whips the ball in but Hart is there to catch it.

14 Min: All the pressure coming from Wigan at the moment...Long ball sent across to Espinoza who heads it down for Kone on the edge of the box! Kone forced to turn square and Wigan win a corner...

13 Min: Wigan win a free-kick in a good position, McCarthy will whips it into the box...Nope he's whipped it into row z.

12 Min: McManaman really giving City problems down the right...He gets a short ball to Kone at the top of the box but his shot is blocked.

9 Min: McManaman gets the ball deep and turns Zabaleta plays the ball square to Kone, sets out on a run and receives the return ball in the box! Fakes the shot! Shoots for the far post! Misses! That was a great opportunity for Wigan!

8 Min: Kone gets his first touch and dallies his way around Barry but is eventually shut out by Kompany.

7 Min: McManaman receives the ball down the right and cuts inside Zabaleta...twice. But the move breaks down and Toure intercepts a pass.

5 Min: Wigan with their first foray into City's half. Move breaks down with Maloney.

4 Min: Tevez, Toure both over the ball...Tevez takes it but the wall are up to block, Toure follows up! Saved by Robles palmed down to the right! Aguero follows up but he's offside.

3 Min: Aguero receives the ball with his back to goal, turns Boyce and space opens up but Boyce brings him down and now City have a free-kick in a dangerous position.

2 Min: Aguero gets some space down the right of the box...He's left far too unmarked, he turns back for City though rather than push the tempo from the outset...City work the ball back though and now Silva plays a nice ball down the right again this time for Zabaleta who puts it into the box for Silva! Shot blocked..

1 Min: Wigan kick-off and the battle of the Roberto's begins!

A player from the Ivory Coast has scored in the last four finals. Could it b Arouna Kone for Wigan or Yaya Toure for City?

City fans have really turned out, they have 31,000 fans at Wembley whilst Wigan are a little less with juts over 21,000.

A rendition of God Save the Queen and then we can get started!.

Bad omen for Wigan, no team has ever won the cup wearing a black kit....which they're are wearing today.

The teams are out! Wigan chairman Dave Whelan leads the side out to fulfill his FA Cup final that was ended by a broken leg and a loss when he played.

Really great atmosphere at Wembley! Very loud, City fans in full voice. Can Wigan be the first team since Wimbledon in 1988 to win the FA Cup final in their debut appearance?

Man City - Hart; Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy; Yaya Toure, Barry; Nasri, Silva, Tevez; Aguero.

The starting teams have been named. Wigan - Robles, Kone, Alcaraz, McCarthy, Maloney, Gomez, McManaman, McArthur, Boyce, Espinoza, Scharner.

Kick off isn't far away but in the meantime you can watch video of all the preparation action including interview's with Roberto Martinez and Roberto Mancini.



Manchester City: Hart; Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy; Yaya Toure, Barry; Nasri, Silva, Tevez; Aguero.

Subs (from): Hart, Wright, Maicon, Kolarov, K Toure, Razak, Dzeko, Lescott, Milner, Garcia, Richards, Guidetti, Rekik.

Wigan: Robles, Kone, Alcaraz, McCarthy, Maloney, Gomez, McManaman, McArthur, Boyce, Espinoza, Scharner.

Subs (from): Robles, Caldwell, Beausejour, Di Santo, Gomez, Redmond, Henriquez, Fyvie, Golobart, Campabadal, Jones.

Pregame banter:

The FA Cup final features two teams apparently heading in different directions.

There's Manchester City, confirmed for another season in the ritzy Champions League.

And Wigan, happy to forget for one day an impending fall into anonymity in the League Championship.

Wigan, three points from avoiding relegation in the English Premier League with two games to go, still believe they can stay up.

In its pursuit for survival, Wigan say the FA Cup has been a driving force, and not a distraction. And in reaching the final for the first time, they're driven to pull off an almighty upset of the five-time cup champions at Wembley.

"There's no question of which we would rather have in terms of the FA Cup and Premier League survival, because we want both," Wigan midfielder James McArthur said.

"We're able to concentrate on the FA Cup and Premier League separately and, if anything, the cup has been a positive to our Premier League form because it has built up winning rhythms which will hopefully happen again."

The pitch at Wembley is notoriously heavy and Wigan will hope the experience does not leave their players physically and mentally drained before tough league matches against Arsenal, only three days later, and Aston Villa, on the last day of the season.

Despite their heavy underdog status, Wigan go into the final drawing encouragement from their recent league fixture against City, when it was unfortunate to lose 1-0 to a goal in the last 10 minutes.

City are also aware of their opponent's love of surprises. Wigan are well known for their tendency to upset the odds, beating the likes of Tottenham, Arsenal and Chelsea in recent seasons.

"We all know Manchester City are the major favourites and rightly so," Wigan manager Roberto Martinez said. "But there are many examples of major upsets in the past. It can happen but we will have to be perfect."

Wigan will also bring an emotional element to their biggest ever match through club chairman Dave Whelan, who will lead the team onto the field, 53 years after his own FA Cup final appearance for Blackburn ended with a broken leg and a 4-0 defeat.

Whelan bought Wigan in 2005 and his injection of funds has been integral to the club's rise. A little over a decade ago, Wigan were bottom of the fourth tier in English football. They surged up the divisions and have remained in the Premier League for seven consecutive seasons.

"The emotional side of the game is down to our chairman," Martinez said.

"His attachment to this competition is quite rare.

"He ended that final in 1960 with a feeling of unfinished business so we are all excited about the prospect of him being able to lead the team out and complete the circle in this competition."

City are making their 10th appearance in the final, and looking for a second triumph in three seasons after beating Stoke 1-0 in 2011.

There's added motivation for City, in that having surrendered the Premier League title to Manchester United with more than a month to play, they can still capture silverware for a third straight year.

"Every single time it is something very special," City captain Vincent Kompany said. "You shouldn't take these kinds of games for granted, they don't always keep coming.

"It is unbelievable for us to do it again, and for the fans it is unbelievable as well. We have to be respectful of every trophy we can get. If we win this one it will be massive for the club and something to cherish."


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