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VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Arsenal Vs Manchester United (1-2), English Premier League 2011/2012

Monday 23 Jan 2012 4:45 a.m.

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By Greg Robertson

Welcome to the Barclays English Premier League where we bring you video highlights as they occur, all goals and live streaming commentary as the match progresses of the football between Arsenal and Manchester United at Emirates Stadium.

We’ll warn you with a ‘Video coming’ when highlights are being added and it will change to ‘Video up’ when it’s ready to view. Refresh your browser occasionally so you don’t miss any of the football action.


LIVE COMMENTARY… 1 Arsenal Vs Man United 2

The whistle goes... United hang on to win 2-1. Well, that will be a match that Arsenal rues... missed opportunities and they were all over the visitor's for large parts of that second half. Wenger has to be asked why Oxlade-Chamberlain was taken off!
94 mins: Arsenal throwing everything into it....attack after attack...
WELBECK's goal has been added to the video
90 mins: Five minutes for Arsenal to save themselves. Van Persie over a free kick.... goal kick. So much tension.
83 mins: Ramsey's skating on thin ice here! He gives away a free-kick as he goes up for a high ball, and Arsene Wenger decides to haul him off and put on Ju-Young Park before he can do any more mischief.
81 mins: Welbeck scores! Valencia did the work and Welbeck smashed it home. Video up soon.
77 mins: Walcott is out cold and there is plenty of concern. He gets up... banged his head hard on the ground.
73 mins: O-C is being subbed and the fans don't like it. He's had a blinder.
70 mins: GOAL! Van Persie scores! They took the chance of a counter attack and O-C reversed the ball back to find Van Persie and he hit it between Evans' legs to level it up. Video up.
66 mins: This is now end-to-end stuff. Rooney nearly slips in Welbeck at one and, while Van Persie crosses delightfully at the other begging for someone to head it home.
63 mins: Danny Welbeck gets away with a long ball over the top and then slips a dribble past Szczesny and it would have rolled into the net if not for Mertesacker chasing it down and slide kicking it away inches before the line. Video up.
61 mins: Arsenal all over United and dominant in the midfield. This time the chance falls to Oxlade-Chamberlain but he can't put it away either.
57 mins: The ball squirts square after Van Persie does some endeavour and Rodicky blasts it towards goal only to be blocked. arsenal on fire with chances.
55 mins: Ramsey with a great chance too for Arsenal as they start the half stronger. he beat a couple on the edge and blasted it just over. Video up.
50 mins: Van Persie misses a sitter! How did he manage to do that. Rosicky does well, instead of shooting squares to Van Persie who blasts it well wide. harder to score. Video up.
46 mins: Second spell underway and Valencia accidentally treads on Van Persie who is rolling around in agony. He gets up and tries to walk it off. it's just an impact injury, he'll be back I'm sure.
That's halftime and Man U leads 1-0.
45 mins: Nani again down the left and fires a weak shot in at Szczesny. Man United really could have scored half a dozen but here's one! GOAL! Valencia heads home from a Ryan Giggs cross. Video up.
43 mins: Ramsey booked for Arsenal as we creep towards the break. Sir Alex Ferguson will be really pleased with the 2/3s play but once they have got to the sharp scoring end of the park the delivery is shocking. In fact, it's an aspect of English Premier Football that has been weak this weekend....
41 mins: Ohhh Nani again but he should have done better as he tries to just dink it into the corner. Finish it, man! Give it some herbs. Video up.
40 mins: Arsenal break again with Ramsey. Inside to Walcott. Back out to Ramsey. Ramsey swings the ball in first time for Van Persie. It's a good cross, but Smalling does well to head the ball away.
37 mins: It's all a little slow from Arsenal as United attack through Valencia, he finds Giggs who pokes it through to Wayne Rooney and Rooney says he's brought down and claims to penalty. Not given... video up.
35 mins: Nani ohhh... he tries to catch Szczesny out at his near post but the keeper clamps down quickly to shut the door. Video up.
33 mins: arsenal with 10 behind the ball as Nani cuts right through and tries to find Welbeck but a decent foot in breaks down the play. Nani is on fire and if he can find the runners he's sure to assist in a couple of solid chances if not goals.
29 mins: Giggs master class was just seen as he turned back the clock Beats one, beats two, cuts inside three, wins the free kick. Video up. The delivery from the free kick had eEans trying to climb to win but his effort went well wide.
26 mins: A top Valencia ball through sets Danny Welbeck away but he can't control the final shot. Shoulder-to-shoulder with Kosciely and the defender does just enough. Video up.
24 mins: O-C is making his mark as he gets away from the United defence and finds Walcott who stabs the shot wide. Oxlade-Chamberlain will be making the papers tomorrow if he keeps this up. Video up.
21 mins: Nani does well to win a corner but it's also great defence from Djourou who tracked him with a sharp eye. Nani whips in a great ball and Arsenal are at sixes and sevens.... it's flicked clear. Video up.
20 mins: Arsenal definitely look threatening on the counter with O-C's pace. Pretty evenly matched game so far. Highlights up as soon as something special happens.
18 mins: Good play from Man U as a ball is whipped in quick by Evra and is forced out for a corner. Giggs does well from the corner and walks it in with plenty of space in front of him before looking up in search for Rooney far post but can't find him.
15 mins: Jones has gone down with a twisted ankle after Walcott ran at him. This looks bad for Jones - his game may be over. Video up. Jones is being stretchered off. Rafael is on.
14 mins: Nani away down the left and delivers with his right on the cut back but it's headed away.
12 mins: A nice wee head-fest there with the ball bouncing from one head to another and then another and another. Ramsey looks to spark something and pick up the passing tempo - much better side when they are playing a high pace.
10 mins: It's a lively tempo to the start of the match with Arsenal pressing strong and high. O-C and Walcott have actually switched flanks. Rooney strong in the air against Mertesacker.
7 mins: First strike on goal from Ramsey but it was hardly a strike, more a roll back to United's Lindegaard. It will count though for the stats.
7 mins: O-C (Oxlade-Chamberlain) whips another cross in for Arsenal but this time he has popped up on the right. Covering some ground early on and already looking like a potent attacking weapon in the Arsenal.
4 mins: Usual service has resumed with Manchester United striving forward and Nani a gnat's breath away from making something happen. Emirates is abuzz.
2 mins: Early danger as Oxlade-Chamberlain creates havoc down the left and gets the ball into the danger area. Video up.
1 mins: Arsenal with possession early on in the match. They've been hit hard by injuries this season so we wish them 'not an eight goal drubbing'.
United to roll off... and we are underway....
Mere moments to kick off....
Here are the official teams...

Arsenal (4-3-3): Szczesny; Djourou, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Vermaelen; Rosicky, Song, Ramsey; Walcott, Van Persie, Oxlade-Chamberlain.
Subs: Almunia, Squillaci, Miquel, Yennaris, Benayoun, Arshavin, Park.

Manchester United (4-4-2): Lindegaard; Smalling, Jones, Evans, Evra; Valencia, Carrick, Giggs, Nani; Rooney, Welbeck.
Subs: De Gea, Rafael, Fabio, Scholes, Park, Berbatov, Hernandez.

Less than 10 minutes to kick off....

Kick off is just moments away but in the meantime watch Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger talk about the troubles his team faces.


Pregame banter

Arsene Wenger denied that his side face any 'psychological barrier' when they face Manchester United at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday (UK time).

Arsenal lost 8-2 to Sir Alex Ferguson's side in their last encounter at Old Trafford in August last year.

"Well considering that I have ten players out I can not feel sorry too much for other teams who have a few injuries. Unfortunately I think we are in the worst situation than any other team on the injury front. So it happens to them, it happens to us - so you have to deal with it without looking for excuses,” said Wenger.

"It is - you want to play big games and it is just a big game. It comes at a moment as well when we just want to convince people that we are capable to come back into the top four and there is no better opportunity than Man United to show that.

"We know every game is a new life, where you can do well, you can do bad but we just want to take that as an opportunity to do well. The result in August has nothing to do with that. We cannot wipe it out - but as well that will not be an excuse not to beat them. When it's over, it's over - you focus on what is in front of you and you try to do as well as you can."

Possible teams

Arsenal: Szczesny, Mertesacker, Djourou, Koscielny, Miquel, Rosicky, Benayoun, Walcott, Song, Ramsey, Van Persie.

Man Utd: Lindegaard, Evra, Ferdinand, Jones, Smalling, Valencia, Carrick, Giggs, Nani, Rooney, Welbeck.

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