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VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Arsenal Vs Stoke (1-0), Premier League 2013

Sunday 3 Feb 2013 2:31 a.m.

Battles between these two sides are always bruising encounters. But can Stoke find the strength to beat the Gunners away from home? (Reuters)

Battles between these two sides are always bruising encounters. But can Stoke find the strength to beat the Gunners away from home? (Reuters)

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NB: Video on this article has been removed in accordance to international license restrictions.

By Louis Anderson-Rich

Hello and welcome to the Emirates Stadium where we have Arsenal renewing their fierce rivalry with Stoke.

Even though the two teams aren’t what you would call local rivals, this game has become something of a grudge match due to the tense relationship between Gunners boss Arsene Wenger and Potters manager Tony Pulis.

One team prides itself on its dashing, elegant attacks while the other, it’s tough, no-nonsense defending so this really is a battle between chalk and cheese.

We bring you live streaming written commentary, video highlights (available immediately AFTER the final whistle) and all the action of the English Premier League.


LIVE COMMENTARY… Arsenal 1 v 0 Stoke

90+4 Min: That’s it! It’s all over the at the Emirates! Arsenal get the win!

90+3 Min: No one shown cards after that exchange.

90+2 Mins: Bit of decent biff between the players after Arteta went in hard on Michael Owen and Owen lashed out! Arteta then went back at him with an off the ball shove. And now it’s kicking off as Wilshere and Owen square up!

90 Min: Shawcross with a long ball through the middle for Jones to knopck down but it never came and Arsenal break down the other end of the pitch…and can’t do anything with it. Four minutes of stoppage time shown.

88 Min: Stoke on the counter through Kenwyne Jones who plays it Shawcross who loses the ball and then goes diving in with a tackle on Koscielny to try and reclaim the ball. He’s promptly shown the yellow card.

87 Min: Arsenal calmly playing this game out at the moment…Walcott plays through Arteta who makes a break but Stoke tidy it up at the back.

84 Min: Stoke throw on the substitutes including Michael Owen.

81 Min: Arsenal have a corner, looking for a second and the ball is whipped in and cleared by Huth to Carzorla outside the box who shoots! Blocked again.

80 Min: Arsenal hitting their stride now as Cazorla runs across the top of the box and has a shot! Blocked! Falls to Cazorla again who puts it over the top of the bar!

79 Min: Wait! Drama here at the Emirates and it looks as though the linesman is saying the goal should be disallowed!...Referee has a listen to what he has to say…and gives the goal anyway! GOAL STANDS!

78 Min: Podolski smashes the free-kick through the wall and it’s trickled into the box! GOAL!

77 Min: Big chance for Arsenal now after Walcott wins an important free-kick right on the edge of the box. Cazorla must be ready to step up…

76 Min: Neither team looking like getting a goal at this stage…

72 Min: Arsenal back to playing with the ball at the top of the box, ball makes its way over to Cazorla down the right, he goes to the byline and stands it up for Giroud who’s head drifts wide.

71 Min: Giroud gets up well for a long ball and nods it down to Podolski who gives and go’s with Wilshere. Podolski out on the left, cross is poor.

70 Min: Etherington with the take and Arsenal are on the counter with men in support! Whelan makes a cynical challenge on Cazorla and picks up a yellow card for his efforts.

69 Min: Stoke link up well down the right, cross from Shotton sees Etherington and Sagna chase. Etherington goes down and Stoke win a free-kick down the left hand side deep in Arsenal territory.

68 Min: Podolski and Cazorla come on for Oxlade-Chamberlain and Abou Diaby.

67 Min: Diaby wins the ball in the middle of the field and gives it to Wilshere, now Oclade-Chamberlain on the left he cuts inside and sends a cross to the far post with his right foot, Walcott very nearly on the end of it!

66 Min: Replays show Walcott copped an elbow from Wilkinson.

65 Min: Wilshere almost jinks his way up the middle. Walcott goes down and stays down…Stoke try to play the ball out but Monreal keeps it in! Space form him down the left! Puts the ball across, over Girouds head! Falls to Walcott on the ground who does seem to be legitimately injured. Carzorla looks ready to come on.

64 Min: Stoke with a throw deep in Arsenal territory…Shotton with the long throw…falls to the front post, headed weakly to Cameron! Can’t get the shot away! Ball goes back to Shawcross who has a wild swing at the ball and the shot goes well wide.

63 Min: Attack fizzles out as Stoke are forced back into their own half.

62 Min: Crouch holds up play very well on the halfway line and Stoke are launching an attack.

61 Min: Walcott on the ball, goes wide to Sagna who puts a nice ball in which Wilshere is busting a gut through the middle to get to but Begovic’s safe hands are there again to make the catch.

59 Min: Nice move from Stoke in the midfield, Walters hits a ball forward for Crouch who seems to have a start on MErtesacker but it just had too much weight on it and Szczesny takes.

57 Min: Shawcross again with the long ball up to Crouch who again tries to nod it down…that looks like plan A, B and C for Stoke…Walters hips in a dipping cross which Szczesny does well to hold.

56 Min: Wilshere is put through down the left in the box! First time back across to Giroud! Who blasts the ball very high and very wide.

55 Min: Shawcross ships a ball upfield for Crouch to head the ball on but Arsenal intercept. Stoke have the ball back though in this rare foray into the Arsenal half…Shotton with a cross that is easily collected by the Arsenal goalkeeper.

54 Min: Walcot receiving treatment for what looks like an injured ankle…

53 Min: Monreal stands up a great ball across the face of the goal! Huth with a great defensive header away.

52 Min: Freee-kick to Arsenal taken quickly by Wilshere, now it’s Diaby who plays it out to Sagna…now Walcott back to Sagna and back again to Diaby they’re very still at the moment…Now Arsenal go the other side…but still can’t find a way through.

50 Min: Corner comes in and Begovic makes a great diving catch.

49 Min: Aretea with a good early ball to Wilshere who plays agreat ball in behind the defence for Oxlade-Chamberlain who’s first touch takes him past Shotton! Stoke scramble though and force Oxlade-Chamberlain to pass back to Wilshere. Arsenal get a corner.

48 Min: Arteta to Wilshere out to Walcott who seems to have lost his Pizazz, Stoke shepherd the ball out with ease.

47 Min: Another tepid start from Arsenal…Sagna mis-hits a pass for Abou Diaby and that about sums up the crowds apathy towards their team.

46 Min: Arsenal get the game back underway!


Stoke will be happy with this result so far! They’ve weathered everything Arsenal have thrown at them and had a couple of chances themselves.

45+2 Min: That’s halftime at the Emirates.

45+1 Min: Walters has had his bleeding head tended to and been given a head bandage that seems to be impairing his vision.

45 Min: Walters gets a nasty gash too the head after clashing with Monreal.

44 Min: Arsenal still with the ball and Monreal puts in the early cross for Giroud but Stoke are dealing with everything Arsenal throw at them.

43 Min: Diaby turns away from Nzonzi and picks out Wilshere who bursts into the box but is forced wide. Plays it out to Walcott who gets a cross in, Giroud with the shot! Blocked! Oxlade-Chamberlain with the follow up! Blocked, great defending by Stoke!

42 Min: Corner is cleared by Stoke, Arsenal with the throw…

41 Min: Diaby squeezes the ball out of a tackle to Wilshere who picks out Oxlade-Chamberlain wonderfully! Oxlade-Chamberlain in the box bearing in on goal! Shoots to the opposite corner but Begovic saves! Corner Arsenal.

39 Min: Begovic launches a long ball upfield, cleared by Koscielny as far as Jonathan Walters… now Shawcross with the long ball but Szczesny gathers.

38 Min: Arsenal reset and start the attack again. Wilshere up to Giroud who plays it to Arteta first time. Arteta looks for Walcott over the top but Wilkinson heads clear…Wilshere hustled off the ball brilliantly by Whelan and Stoke have the ball.

37 Min: Arsenal again look for the opening from outside the box. Typical spell of Arsenal passing. Wilshere tries to thread a ball through for Oxlade-Chamberlain inside the defender but Shotton cuts it out.

35 Min: Oxlade-Chamberlain earns a corner. Crossed in by Walcott, finds Giroud with a free header! Giroud tries to head it back into the mix rather than go for goal and the ball is cleared! Too selfless!

34 Min: Arsenal starting to put the pressure on, neat little one-two between Diaby and Giroud almost sees Diaby through.

33 Min: Delap with a long throw finds Walters on the byline, he’s up against Monreal. Manages to get a cross in but Szczesny collects calmy.

31 Min: Walcott with a lovely first touch puts him past Wilkinson on the right, he blazes down the line and puts in a cross which hits Huth and goes behind for a corner…Wilshere delivers, falls to Oxlade-Chamberlain! From 4 yards he shoots! Begovic saves! Another corner to Arsenal. Walcott delivers. Cleared easier this time.

30 Min: Rory Delap with a chance for a long throw which Arsena Wenger loves so much. Dealt with easily by Arsenal but clearance only goes as far as Cameron who puts it back over towards the box, falls to Shawcross on the volley and his effort has flown over the bar.

29 Min: Nzonzi puts a chipped ball over the top for Cameron, Mertesacker is over with him though and maes the clearance.

28 Min: Walcott puts the ball out of play because Sagna has stayed down clutching his head…But he’s back up and looks like he will play on.

26 Min: Quiet expectancy within the Emirates crowd at the moment…Nice footwork by Wilshere in the middle of the park, he picks out Walcott down the right who makes it into the box and fires a shot at Wilkinson who blocks it.

23 Min: Good play from Monreal and Oxlade-Chamberlain who puts in a floating cross to the backpost which Wilkinson puts behind for a corner…taken by Arteta and Begiovic makes a very good take.

22 Min: Monreal rteceiving applause for every touch…Stoke with a long free-kick forward, again Crouch gets the knock down which Whelan gets on the end of! He was falling as he took that shot from outside the box and it goes soaring over the bar.

21 Min: Jack Wilshere on the ball, square to Oxlade-Chamberlain who takes a thunderous shot! Blocked by a Stoke defender.

20 Min: Wilkinson brings Walcott down and Arsenal have a free-kick…Wilshere whips it into the box…Giroud gets up to meet it on the six yard line! Huth gets the header away.

19 Min: Stoke defending with every man behind the ball at the moment. Arsenal eventually give the ball away with a poor throughball from Koscielny.

18 Min: Huth makes a clearance that falls to Arteta. He spreads the play out to the left…ball comes back inside as Wilshere tries to pick a gap…

17 Min: Etherington whips it in but the ball is too short for Ryan Shawcross at the front post.

16 Min: Whelan wins the ball in the air hih up the pitch, knocks it down for Etherington who is forced back to Shawcross, long ball over top from him, Arsenal can’t deal with it Crouch gets on the loose ball and fires a shot from outside the box! Takes a deflection and it will be a corner.

15 Min: Sagna with a lovely ball down the right for Diaby. Diaby crosses and Giroud meets it with his head! Heads wide.

14 Min: Whelan intercepts the ball deep. Goes wide to Etherington who goes back inside to Whelan but he is forced back the Arsenal defence. Ball launched forwards for Crouch who knocks it down for Walters who has a half volley shot saved with ease. It was from a way out that shot.

13 Min: Etherington with a good little run gets him into the box but he can’t beat Sagna.

12 Min: Etherington with an early cross into the box, Mertesacker heads away and Wilshere picks up the ball deep. He gives it to Oxlade-Chamberlain who finds Morneal streaming forwards from deep. Good tackle from Shotton on him.

10 Min: Another long ball goes forward, Crouch with a flick but no one is on the end of it and Arsenal break down the other end…Walcott on the ball. Can’t do anything with it and is dispossessed.

9 Min: Shawcross receiving plenty of boos around the ground…Sagna spits the ball forward but Whelan intercepts and here is the first period of prolonged possession for Stoke.

8 Min: Corner comes to nothing…Nzonzi in the middle of the park, long ball goes forward and Arsenal cope with it. Stoke have won the ball back though and Etherington has the ball down the left. Puts it across and Mertesacker clears with ease.

7 Min: Great interplay between Giroud and Oxlade-Chamberlain who manages to skip past a Shawcross tackle and spread it out to Walcott on the other side. Walcott up against Wilkinson and he wins a corner.

5 Min: Great ball from Arteta through for Walcott who looks in behind the defence, he’s followed very closely by Wilkinson, he makes the byline, puts a ball across! No one there to meet it! Chance goes begging.

4 Min: Arsenal playing with the ball across the top of the box….Diaby tries to release Oxlade-Chamberlain but his pass is intercepted by Shotton.

3 Min: Stoke have never won here in the premier league…early ball from Arteta into the box for Giroud who looks lively. Huth clears to safety…Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain with the first shot of the game goes drifting harmlessly wide.

2 Min: Early throw for Stoke, possession given away and Theo Walcottt tears away with the ball down the right, making things happen for Arsenal.

1 Min: Stoke City get us underway! Arsenal with the ball back straight from the off.

Fair few empty seats at the Emirates. Teams make their way out on the field and we are almost underway.

Stoke: Begovic, Shawcross, Huth, Cameron, Wilkinson, Walters, Whelan, Shotton, Etherington, Nzonzi, Crouch

Temas are out and they are: Arsenal -  Szczesny, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal, Sagna, Diaby, Arteta, Chamberlain, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud

Stoke haven’t won a league game since boxing day. That’s an intimidating stat…

Aaron Ramsey and Ryan Shawcross could renew their rivalry if they both start today. In 2010 Ramsey suffered a double fracture in his leg due to a Shawcross challenge, and was booed by the Stoke fans during his next game at Britannia stadium much to the ire of manager Arsene Wenger.

Just looking at the table and a win today for Arsenal would see them draw level on points with Everton in fifth, and move a point behind arch-rivals Spurs who are in fourth.

If Stoke win they can increase the gap between 10th and 11th by four points and move a point behind West Brom and Swansea who are above them.

Entertaining game just finished at Loftus road. QPR and Norwich have fought out a 0-0 draw. Norwich move eight points from the relegation zone whilst QPR stay three points adrift.

Kick off is not far away but in the meantime watch highlights as Arsenal fights back for a draw against Liverpool.


Possible teams:

Arsenal: Szczesny, Koscielny, Mertesacker, Monreal, Sagna, Diaby, Arteta, Chamberlain, Wilshere, Walcott, Giroud

Stoke: Begovic, Shawcross, Huth, Cameron, Wilkinson, Walters, Whelan, Shotton, Etherington, Nzonzi, Crouch

Pregame Banter:

Arsenal faces Stoke at the Emirates Stadium where they will look to carry on from their second half display against Liverpool in midweek.

Arsene Wenger's side was 2-0 down after a woeful first half display, but fought back to save a 2-2 draw thanks to goals from Olivier Giroud and Theo Walcott.

England international Walcott is aware of the stakes as Arsenal bids to finish in the top four.

"We're at home, we're very strong and we need to pick up three points rather than a point," Walcott says. "If we show the performance from the second half (against Liverpool) then I am sure we will beat them."

Stoke boss Tony Pulis is fortunate as he has no injury concerns for the game, and with Peter Crouch having an impressive goal-scoring record against Arsenal, and not making the expected move to QPR in the January transfer window, then it could be that the stars align for Stoke at the Emirates.

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