VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Australia Kangaroos Vs New Zealand Kiwis, Anzac Test 2013, Canberra

  • 19/04/2013

Hello and welcome to Canberra for this year's Anzac Test between the Kangaroos and Kiwis.

This is a traditional Anzac rivalry, Australia Vs New Zealand, it doesn't get any better.

The Aussies go into the match as hot favourites with a team crammed full of stars that have played a lot of rugby league together.

However the Kiwis can never be written off as many grow an extra arm and leg when the pull on the black and white 'V'.

We bring you live streaming written commentary, video highlights (be sure to refresh your browser) and all the rugby action. VIDEO IS NOW UP OF ALL THE ACTION.


LIVE COMMENTARY…....Kangaroos 32 - 12 Kiwis

80 mins - The hooter goes, the game is over, Australia have won after a dominant second half display. ALL VIDEO IS NOW UP.

76 mins - TRY TIME! Kiwis get a consolation four pointer, through Frank 'the tank' Pritchard. Prety much just dives over the line. Johnson adds the extra two, all mathematical though.

74 mins - There's another for the Roos. Scoreline starting to blowout now, this time it's Justin Hodges showing a bit of individual flair, with a couple of grubbers to himself and a four pointer to go with it. Smith makes the conversion and it's fair to say the Kiwis have clocked off for the evening.

70 mins - Frustration setting in for the Kiwis, they are giving away some silly penalties now, SKD the guilty party there for a push in the air./p>

66 mins - Messy set from the Kiwis ends in Whare dropping the pill, more ball, more pressure coming. Aussie well and truly have their tails up now, will be hard to contain. Kiwis will want to finish with some pride.

65 mins - The pressure keeps coming, Roos in possession metres from the line. Greg Inglis making a tough time for the Kiwis defenders, but they do well and bundle him out.

61 mins - The flood gates are threatening to open here, Slater goes for a scoot up the middle and makes some easy metres. A couple of plays later and they are in again. This time it's Darius Boyd with the score. A grubber from Thurston, a pick up from Boyd and another four points.

59 mins - Australia have stepped it up a gear here, TRY TIME again, Luke Lewis this time with a pretty soft try. A little ball from Paul Gallen and Lewis went in under the black dot. Smith converts and the Roos are running away with it.

54 mins - More pressure and another TRY! Kangaroos are in again. It all started with a big bust up the middle, Hoffman snuffed that out but the home side kept the ball. From there they went wide, a little slam dunk pass from Slater and Brett Morris scores a classic wingers try in the corner. Aussies are fizzed up in this second half. Cameron Smith hits the post with the conversion from the sideline.

49 mins - Massive delay as we go upstairs for a possible KANGAROOS TRY. All sorts being checked here, obstruction the main thing. Inglis the man who is claiming the four points. TRY IS AWARDED. Kieran Foran is not happy about the whole thing, he feels his team has been hard done by in this match. Smith converts and the Roos hit the lead again.

48 mins - Roos throw everything at the Kiwis but can't crack them, Cronk's grubber on the fifth has too much weight on it and goes dead, back to the 20m restart.

46 mins - More pressure coming, a knock on from the Kiwis at the back end of a set. Australia looking dangerous.

44 mins - Poor end to the set, Glenn spills under heavy contact but then Issac Luke gives away a needless penalty for a dangerous tackle. Another stupid penalty, this time Pritchard with another shoulder charge! Easy metres for the Roos.

43 mins - We are back underway and the first error from the home side gives the visitors the ball 40m out. Perfect chance to attack early here.

40 mins - This is end to end stuff, Kiwis get a penalty and have about 30 seconds...TRY TIME!!! They have scored as the hooter sounded in the background. Frank Pritchard put a little grubber in, Slater looked to have it covered but couldn't bat it far enough, Hoffman swoops in, dives on it and it's a try. No need to go upstairs this time! Johnson swings the kick in from the tee and we are tied up at six a piece heading into the halftime break.

38 mins - A strong set ending in a Foran kick to Perrett's wing, he can't grasp it though and knocks on. Aussie peel away from their line. Inglis breaks into the backfield, but can't link up. Handover.

36 mins - A shocking bomb from Johnson but it has worked with six again coming. Glenn the man swooping on the loose pill. Johnson then kicks again early in the count and forces a line drop out. Kiwis have had the better of the last 20 minutes. Here they come again.

33 mins - TRY TIME KIWIS! Or is it, of course we are heading upstairs but this one looks positive. A little grubber, Pritchard following up, aww no, he has knocked it on! NO TRY! KIWIS DENIED AGAIN! No complaints there though, that was a clear knock on.

31 mins - What a kick Shaun Johnson! A 40/20 and the Kiwis have another crack at the Roos line. They deserve points. Whare takes the first hitup.

29 mins - Kiwis over again! But we are upstairs again! Kick to Morris' wing, he can't handle it, Hodges knocks on but then is taken out. Whare scored the NO TRY. In the washup it's a penalty to the Roos for Hodges being taken out. Foran isn't happy saying the knock on came first. He probably has a point too.

25 mins - Aww! Down the other end now and the Aussies go close, Greg Bird was in a gap but couldn't hold on. However the pass was forward so it didn't really matter. Kiwis forwards muscle up and work out of their own half.

24 mins - Kiwis go close, Alex Glenn is over! But there is doubt with the grounding. The go upstairs and its NO TRY! Close call there was a case for four points there.

22 mins - Hoffman dribbles a kick in before the fifth and Billy has to bat it dead. Repeat set for the Kiwis.

20 mins - A couple of settling sets from both sides. Kiwis kicking game just lacking a bit of punch at the moment, maybe its the chase. Watmough has his first carry and its not great he spills the ball and hands the New Zealanders a chance to attack 40m out.

17 mins - Possible try Kangaroos. They went to the air and Nightingale and Morris went up for the contest. The ball spills free and Thaiday dives on it to claim the four pointer. We go upstairs and NO TRY, Morris got a hand to it in the contest. Kiwis to work away from their own line.

15 mins - PENALTY! Kiwis get a piggyback and swing onto attack, they look dangerous once more but Proctor spills it in contact and that man Billy Slater comes away with it at pace, at real pace.

12 mins - Great attack Kiwis, they looked very dangerous but couldn't breach the line. The kick on the final was fielded by Nightingale but he was wrapped up and the ball turned over.

10 mins - First attacking kick from Foran and the Kiwis benefit, Morris spills it and they have six again. Great attacking position.

9 mins - The Kangaroos look like a very composed side out there as the Kiwis work away from their own line. Perrett takes the first hitup before the forwards get stuck in.

6 mins - TRY TIME! Kangaroos in early a simple short ball put Matt Scott in space, he in turn found Cooper Cronk backing up on the inside and Cronk went in untouched and under the sticks.

4 mins - First penalty goes the way of the Aussies, Frank Pritchard done for a shoulder charge and there can't really be any arguments! Roos kick into the Kiwis in goal forcing Hoffman to take it dead and go to a line dropout.

2 mins - Solid opening set from the Kiwis ending with Johnson kicking long to Boyd, Roos to bring it back and they make good metres early.

1 min - Cameron Smith kicks off and the Kiwis will have first use of the footy.

10:06pm - Stirring stuff from Luke and the lads there! All the pre match is done now it's time for some footy!

10:04pm - Plenty of feeling in the anthems! Both sides look well up for this contest. Time for the haka, led by Issac Luke.

10:00pm - Out they come, Kiwis first then the Roos. It's time for the national anthems, haka then game on! Buckle up we are about to have some action.

9:50pm - It doesn't get any bigger than this in international rugby league, Kangaroos V Kiwis live here with commentary and video as soon as the final whistle goes.

9:45pm - Looking at about a 10pm kickoff. All the odds point to a Kangaroos victory, but there's always that BUT. The Kiwis will be fired up, can they match the firepower of the Aussies.

8:45pm - A bit of late mail, Kiwis captain Simon Mannering is out with a calf injury. Kieran Foran will lead the side, Alex Glenn will start and Tohu Harris comes onto the bench.

We will start commentary from 9:30pm bringing you the weather and ground conditions. In the meantime check out the video for all the pre-match hype.



Kiwis: 1. Josh Hoffman, 2. Sam Perrett, 3. Shaun Kenny-Dowall, 4. Dean Whare, 5. Jason Nightingale, 6. Kieran Foran, 7. Shaun Johnson, 8. Jesse Bromwich, 9. Issac Luke, 10. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves, 11. Frank Pritchard, 12. Kevin Proctor, 13. Simon Mannering (c), 14. Elijah Taylor, 15. Sam McKendry, 16. Ben Matulino, 17. Alex Glenn, 18. Tohu Harris.

Australia: Billy Slater, Darius Boyd, Greg Inglis, Justin Hodges, Brett Morris, Johnathan Thurston, Cooper Cronk, Matt Scott, Cameron Smith (C), James Tamou, Greg Bird, Sam Thaiday, Paul Gallen (VC). Interchange: Kurt Gidley, Luke Lewis, Nate Myles, Anthony Watmough, Josh Morris.

Pre match banter:

The build up for tonight's Anzac Test has featured a much stronger focus on the original Anzac spirit - forged on the Gallipoli shores almost a century ago.

With captains and coaches of both sides jointly visiting the Australian War Memorial before their final training sessions, it was the perfect preparation before the teams head into battle.

Victoria Cross recipient, Willie Apiata dined with the Kiwis at a parliamentary function night and Apiata had a private meal with the team on the eve of the Test.

The former SAS soldier remaining secretive about what was discussed over dinner.

Prior to the dinner, Apiata said, "'I'm going to have a feed with them, some kai, as for the remainder of the evening, that'll be just between me and the boys.

Kiwis coach Stephen Kearney said that Apiata had some traditional Maori food which had Kiwis management on the hunt.

"He's asked for some puha and pork bones for dinner so we are scrambling around Canberra trying to find some for him. I'll just have to keep some of the lads away but we are just looking forward to him coming and spending some time with the lads it'll be great," Kearney said.

If the Kiwis are to claim their first Anzac test victory since 1998 one of the crucial questions is just how well their new halves combination can gel. 

"It's disappointing not to have Benji there but I think it's given Kieran an opportunity to accept a bit more responsibility in the running of the group and we are certainly seeing that this week," says Kearney.

The Aussies though have been warned not to be complacent.

"You just don't get a second chance in that jumper to play poorly," says Kangaroos coach Tim Sheens.

When asked for his prediction on who would win tomorrow Apiata remained coy.

"At the end of the game 80 minutes will tell us what goes on," says Apiata.Iif that ends up being a win for the kiwis it will provide a big boost in the lead up to their World Cup defence later in the year.

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