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VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Bayern Munich Vs Chelsea (1-1,3-4), Champions League Final, 2012

Sunday 20 May 2012 5:22 a.m.

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By Louis Anderson-Rich

Hello and welcome to the Allianz Arena where we have Bayern Munich hosting Chelsea in the Champions League Final.

We’ll bring you video live updates throughout the match, including video highlights of all the thrills and spills.

Make sure you refresh your page occasionally. We’ll add VIDEO COMING SOON when we’re cutting the highlights and VIDEO UP when it’s ready to be viewed.


LIVE COMMENTARY: Bayern Munich 1 (3) – (4) 1 Chelsea (Penalties)

Watch the penalty shootout drama here.

The man Drogba, who else, to win it for Chelsea…GOAL CHELSEA WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ashley Cole for Chelsea…SCORED! IT IS ALL TIED UP!

Olic for Bayern…SAVED!! CHELSEA BACK IN IT!!

Lampard steps up with a grim look on his face…he has to score…Blasts it into the net.

Neuer the keeper is getting up to shoot for Bayern!....HE SCORES!

David Luiz stepping up…SCORES!

Up steps Gomez…GOAL!

Now Mata for Chelsea…SAVED!

First kick is Lahm for Bayern…HE SCORES!

So let’s see which end the penalties will be taken in…it is going to be at the Bayern end. Here we go Chelsea will attempt to make history and Bayern will; attempt to chase their fifth Champions League trophy.

121 Min: Stoppage time of extra time now…Penalties it is! Stay on this page where for the penalty live updates. We will have a full video wrap of the shootout also. STAY TUNED.

117 Min: Both teams must be looking towards penalties now?

116 Min: Robben with the free-kick..it’s very weak, saved by Cech.

115 Min: Bayern still pressing…Sebastian goes down from an Obi Mikel challenge and this is in a dangerous position.

113 Min: Robben goes on another of his angled runs across the ball and shoots high and wide.

112 Min: Drogba is batting down Bayerns end of the field but he’s dispossessed and Bayern are right back in Chelsea’s final third attacking…Lahm’s skipped into the box! Plays in Gomez! But Luiz clears it. Corner….such a weak corner from Robben.

111 Min: Gomez finds himself with the ball in the middle of the box but his touch is poor and it’s cleared away.

109 Min: Bayern attacking down the left side now…switches it to Robben…now Lahm…back to Robben…and now back to the defence.

108 Min: Corner to Bayern now…can they dig deep and find the winner…corner falls to Sebastian who can’t keep it under control, Boateng has it and has a shot. Blocked.Lahm now, crosses it in! Falls to Olic! Puts it across the goal and van Buyten can’t get his toes to it to pop it across the line!

107 Min: Bayern head down the wings that have proved so dangerous for them. Robben on the right, cuts inside and gives the ball away.

106 Min: and we’re underway…

Second half extra time is about to get underway with Chelsea kicking off.

106 Min: Bayern seem to have lost all of their attacking prowess now…but they’ve got a free kick on Chelsea’s byline…Free kick is whipped in but it’s cleared by the ever-running Drogba and that’s the end of the first half of extra time.

105 Min: Final minute of extra time…Lampard makes a good tackle in midfield and wins the ball…Chelsea hold possession, long ball to Drogba which he controls! But he’s been flagged as offside.

103 Min: Free kick for Chelsea 30 yards out from Bayern’s box…Mata finds Torres on the edge. He crosses but can’t find Drogba.

101 Min: Ball getting slowed down a lot at the moment by Chelsea. They’re keen to just hang on to it, here’s Torres making inroads though but his final touch lets him down.

100 Min: Chelsea attacking…

98 Min: Bayern with a free-kick which they play conservatively back…Lahm is out wide, crosses it in a nd it’s deflected goes way up in the air! Comes down for Olic who tries to shoot but it goes behind.

97 Min: Ribery’s gone off.

96 Min: Robben looks to redeem himself immediately with another shot but it goes over the bar.

95 Min: Arjen Robben will take the penalty against his former club…used to be a Chelsea hero…steps up…and it’s saved by Cech!! WOULD YOU BELIEVE IT! VIDEO UP

94 Min: Drogba gets a yellow card to add insult to injury as well…and now Ribery is writhing on the ground with what looks like incredibly bad cramp…

93 Min: Bayern Munich with a push…Kroos shoots but it’s blocked, falls to Contento who cuts it inside to Ribery who goes down in the box! Penalty given!

92 Min: Chelsea on the front foot looking fresh. Still attacking…Luiz from the back…holding possession..it eventually goes out.

91 Min: Bayern Kick off and they get a free-kick in Chelsea’s half who give it away and Torres is streaming forward now, he battles his way up field plays it in to Mata who lays it off for Lampard who Shoots! Deflected.

We are ready to get under way. Bayern will kick off first half off extra time.

93 Min: Cole pushing with an attack, Lampard, to Mata who has been pushed in the back and gets a free-kick in a very very dangerous situation…Drogba, Lampard and Mata lined up for the free-kick…Drogba take it…and it’s gone way over and we’re going to extra time!

90+3 Min: 3 minutes of extra time…Chelsea on attack, they have a thro in a promising position…short throw to Torres who does nothing…but Chelsea regain possession and a teasing cross is put into the box which is punched away by Neuer .

90 Min: Bayern attacking here, corss goes in cleared by Luiz, only as far as Boateng though he puts through Robben and he shoots takes a deflection. Corner Bayern…cleared and it’s a free-kick to Chelsea.

88 Min: Chelsea with a corner. This could be their last chance…NO WAY!!! DROGBA SCORES!! HE GETS UP FOR THE HEADER AND POWERS IT IN THAT IS UNBELIEVABLE!! VIDEO UP

87 Min: Just looking at that goal again and Cech really did quite poorly. Video will be up soon and you can decide for yourself.

86 Min: Robben again with the ball and he is fouled by David Luiz who gets shown a yellow card.

85 Min: Bayern in search of a second here Robben shoots! Cech’s down to save though.

84 Min: So we have 7 minutes to go and Torres has come one and Chelsea are really up against it…

83 Min: Robben with another cross to Mueller identical from before. And it’s reached his head! Mueller scores! It’s gone in! GOAL! VIDEO COMING SOON

82 Min: Robben with a cross which meets the head of Mueller! Saved by Cech though.

81 Min: Ashley Cole shown a yellow card for a bad tackle on Mueller, he caught his legs there.

79 Min: Mata in space for Chelsea but he’s shut down by Sebastian. Chelsea with a throw…long throw and it’s hit the arm of Ribery, huge shout for a penalty from Chelsea fans! Not given.

78 Min: Gomez with the ball, out to Ribery he’s in the box and it falls to Mueller! Wow that was a horrible shot! Had time but made poor contact and pulls it left.

77 Min: Another corner to Bayern but AGAIN it’s headed away and AGAIN Bayern get the ball back and mount an attack…Robben on the right side, cuts in and loses the ball.

76 Min: Ribery gets away from his man in the box! Puts it across! Blocked by Cole and then tipped over the bar by Cech. Corner Bayern…and it’s poor.

75 Min: Robben with a break, Drogba chases him all the way back though that is some amazing running.

74 Min: Malouda with a good cross which Neuer palms away only to Drogba though who shoots! But it’s week and Neuer regathers. VIDEO UP

73 Min: Drogba has got the better of Tymoschuk and he flashes it across the goal but it’s cleared off the line and it’s the first corner of the game for Chelsea unbelievably.

72 Min: Now promising for Chelsea, cross from Mata almost on the head of Kalou! But cleared away and now instant return from Bayern as Robben has a crack tht stings the gloves of Petr Cech.

72 Min: It is just all Bayern right now. Chelsea can’t find a way into the game…

71 Min: Bayern with a free-kick from a good position…but it’s very week and cleared away.

71 Min: Robben on the byline…plays across to Kroos who shoots first time! But it’s blocked again by a blue shirt.

69 Min: Corner comes off Frank Lampard and Bayern get what seems to be their trillionth corner of the night…near post gets probed but it’s cleared.

67 Min: Bayern launch another attack…Content to pass it around outside the box and now it’s Robben with a shot ! but Ashley Cole is in the way. Bayern still with the ball…still with the ball…Mueller on the edge of the box wins a corner.

65 Min: Bayern with another corner…Peter Cech gets a hand to it and it falls to a Bayern player but Luiz intervenes. Bayern with it again though and Lahm steams into the box goes down Penalty shout! Waved away…

64 Min: Bayern building nicely here but again it all breaks down in that final third.

63 Min: Ribery to Robben back inside to Kroos now Ribery shoots! But it’s weak and dribbles away to the side.

62 Min: Chelsea content to play the ball around the back, yep another long ball that breaks down. Chelsea with no imagination at the moment and Robben is in space down the right but another of his crosses fizzles out.

61 Min: Bayern with a break here, Ribery with it on the right, Mueller tries to work a cross in but it goes out for a corner to Bayern which they take quick. Lahm swings a cross in and another corner Bayern…good cross but Sebastien can’t get high enough to steer the ball in.

60 Min: Bayern are passing it round brilliantly on the edge of the Chelsea box and it’s Robben to Gomez with a one-two and Robben shoots! Ashley Cole comes across to block brilliantly!

59 Min: Confidence certainly growing for Chelsea…

58 Min: Luiz up to Bertrand who plays a nice flick out to Cole who crosses but Drogba’s offside.

57 Min: Just want to take a moment to say the atmosphere is unbelievable at Aliianz it’s just been constant chanting and singing literally the entire time there hasn’t been a quiet moment.

56 Min: Shot is on for Kroos..but it doesn’t trouble Cech.

55 Min: Fairly stop-start run of play at the moment. VIDEO UP

53 Min: Goal for Bayern! No it’s offside! Ribery had a probing run and gets it to Gomez who fluffs shot but it falls again to Ribery he put it in but it was from an offside position.

52 Min: Lahm is getting forward here he’s up to the Chelsea box, cuts inside to Gomez who takes a touch and goes down in the box! Big penalty shout but nothing given.

51 Min: Chelsea again on attack. They have a throw in down Bayern’s way but they’ve gone all the way back to Cech. And now Bayern on attack but Ribery can’t get on the end of a dangerous pass.

50 Min: Drogba with a speculative shot! Long way out from here and it goes wide.

49 Min: Robben to Ribery, Back to Lahm onto the chest of Gomez and his touch is poor and cleared.

48 Min: Cech with a big hoof upfield, Bertrand gets on the end to Drogba he holds it up and now it’s Kalou with a throw on t he far side. Back with Luiz out to Bertrand and he loses it and Bayern are on attack. Robben down the right side gets away from Luiz but nothing comes of it and it’s a long shot from Kroos! Corner Bayern.

47 Min: Both teams seem to have started quite conservatively although he’s Ribery running at the Chelsea defence and he puts a ball across but it’s cleared by Luiz.

46 Min: And we’re underway as Bayern kick-off.

Both teams back out now and we are almost ready for kick-off.

That’s the first half over at Allianz Arena it is 0-0 we’ll be back with the second half soon. VIDEO UP

45 Min: Ribery’s jinking in the box, but it comes to nothing as he can’t get his shot off.

44 Min: Chelsea building an attack here. Mata weaves his way forwards and Cahill got quite a way forwards as well but it goes out for a Chelsea throw.

42 Min: Mueller with a break down the right made good ground and gives it inside to Gomez who takes a nice touch. Inside the box no one on him! But he’s skied it!

41 Min: Chelsea now sitting on the ball a lot calmly than previously, Cole gives it to Mata who goes on a nice dribble but Bayern have won it back and they are breaking, oh no they’re not. Cut out by Chelsea who themselves are countering, Bosingwa into Kalou and nothing comes of it.

41 Min: Tymoschuk with a shot from distance but it takes a deflection from another Bayern player.

39 Min: And now Bayern on attack overhead kick from Gomez! Deflects out to Ribery who scuffs his shot but it falls to Gomez again! And he scuffs his shot. How much longer can Chelsea hang on for?

39 Min: Chelsea looking to finish the half very strongly as they begin to get a foothold in the game. VIDEO UP

38 Min: Chelsea with a break here, Lampard at the middle of it, plays it to Drogba who crosses it Kalou now! Kalou shoots but Neur saves!

37 Min: Lampard plays a nice ball over the top to Drogba and he has a chance! But he can’t keep it under control and Lahm gets it away. Chelsea still with the ball and they are looking more assured on it now but they can’t do anything with it.

36 Min: Contento with space, plays it to Ribery back to contento and it’s a good cross! Mueller in the middle! But he can’t steer his volley into the net.

35 Min: Robben, to Gomez back to Robben and now Ribery, he cuts inside and gets passed bOsingwa with ease and shoots! But it’s dragged wide.

33 Min: Chelsea could have their first shot on goal here with a free-kick on the edge of the Bayern box. This would be a real smash and grab if they scored here…Mata and Drogba line-up for it…It’s Mata and it sails over harmlessly.

32 Min: Bayern with the ball out on the right, Robben with a ball into Gomez who is up against Luiz, he cuts it inside to Mueller but the shot goes straight into Cech’s arms.

31 Min: Bad challenge from Bosingwa on Ribery from behind. He sees yellow.

30 Min: Chelsea making moves now and it’s Mata out to Bertrand who overdoes it and loses the ball to Lahm.

28 Min: Lahm, Kroos and Robben are lined up for the free-kick…it’s Robben and it hits the wall. VIDEO UP

27 Min: Drogba is everywhere at the moment as he closes down Boateng. Lahm on the ball for Bayern now though, now Ribery, back inside and being passed around the defence. Luiz gives away a free-kick with a little bit too much shoulder, and that is in a very dangerous position.

26 Min: Free kick for Chelsea as they make an rare foray into the Bayern half and nothing comes of it.

25 Min: ANOTHER corner for Bayern as they pres for this all-important first goal…Cross is taken confidently by Cech.

24 Min: Robben plays a great ball through for Kroos! But the lobbed ball goes out.

23 Min: Robben outside on the right, with a driven cross that comes off Ashley Cole for a corner…Robben with the cornerwhich is cleared.

22 Min: And Bayern with a great chance here! Robben can’t put it away after jinking past 2 Chelsea defenders he gets his shot off but Cech makes an unorthodox save and out it goes for a corner that’s cleared by Chelsea. Not much time for them to breathe at the moment.

20 Min: Bayern Munich definitely in control of the match at the moment. VIDEO UP

19 Min: Deflected shot from the corner. Second corner sees Cech come well out off his line and now it’s bumbling around in the Chelsea box! Gomez puts it back inside! Mueller! He doesn’t pull the trigger and away the ball goes.

17 Min: Drogba dropping awfully deep to hoof away upfield. That doesn’t work for Chelsea though as Kalou looks to push, now it’ Bayern on attack. Ribery, inside to Mueller on the byline who gets it back into Ribery but it’s ushered corner Bayern.

17 Min: Lahm is chiselling away on that right hand side and again Bayern get to the Chelsea box with ease but can’t do anything with it.

15 Min: Lampard does well for Chelsea as he puts it back to Cahill who almost gets himself into trouble under Gomez. Bayern with the ball now and it’s Robben to Ribery who can’t get the cross in. Still with Bayern though, as they switch sides. Chelsea regains it with a chance to counter but nothing comes of it.

14 Min: Chelsea give away another free-kick. Taken quickly again and Bayern throw away possession with a poorly judged through ball.

13 Min: David Luiz gives away a freekick for holding on to his man. Bit harsh in my opinion…no time to rest though as Bayern take it quick…Ribery with a cross to Gomez who is eased out of it by Cahill.

12 Min: Chelsea now holding on to possession, try to probe the right wing but nothing comes of it after a great tackle from Ribery. He’s quite the defensive player isn’t he…

11 Min:  Lampard tries to release Kalou with a long ball, and Ribery is caught as he tries to clear it. Free-kick.

9 Min: Bayern with it from the back. Lahm gallops forwards, nowhere to go though…Bayern playing with it around the box and Drogba comes in and snatches away and wins a free-kick to boot.

8 Min: Bosingwa with room to run. Now Mikel out to Kalou who has plenty of space, he jinks in and out plays it back to Mata who crosses it but Lahm clears, now it’s gone all the way back down the other end and it’s Robben on his left foot! High and wide, leaning back.

7 Min: Neat work from Chelsea now as Kalou and Drogba link up, cross is swung in but it goes well beyond Drgoba.

6 Min: Bayern in possession now looking for an opening. Schweinsteiger will now be known as Seb by the way…much easier…

5 Min: Bayern on attack as Schweinsteiger has a pop, it deflects off Luiz and out for a corner…Corner taken and it’s cleared, Bayern still on attack though, and Kroos with the shot! Dragged wide.

4 Min: Franck Ribery has his first jaunt down the left side and ends up missing the cross completely. Robben and him are the dangermen, it’s going to be great to see the battle between them and the Chelsea fullbacks.

2 Min: Robben jinks down the right side and almost gets the ball through but Ashley Cole puts a foot out and stops it, and we have our first yellow card already for Schweinstieger who is judged to have deliberately handled the ball. Stupid move from him.

1 Min: Ashley Cole with a foul straight out of the blocks. Arjen Robben with a free-kick in a dangerous position already…in it goes and out it comes but Bayern maintain possession.

The teams are out and we are ready to get underway. Chelsea kick-off the 2012 Champions League final!



Bayern Munich:

Neuer, Lahm, Boateng, Tymoschuk, Contento, Schweinsteiger, Kroos, Robben, Mueller, Ribery, Gomez. Subs: Butt, Van Buyten, Petersen, Olic, Rafinha, Usami, Pranjic.


Cech, Bosingwa, Luiz, Cahill, Cole, Kalou, Mikel, Lampard, Bertrand, Mata, Drogba. Subs: Turnbull, Essien, Romeu, Torres, Malouda, Ferreira, Sturridge.

Pre Game Banter:

Chelsea will be playing for a place in European football history as well as next season's competition when they meet Bayern Munich in the Champions League final.

After nine straight seasons among Europe's elite, Chelsea's sixth-place finish in the Premier League means their only possible entry to next season's Champions League is as the title holders.

The price of defeat is therefore higher, because Chelsea can ill afford to lose Champions League income, more than $63.4 million this season, as UEFA's financial fair play rules begin to bite and limit bailouts from wealthy owners.

Life will be easier for all at Chelsea next season if they become Europe's champion club for the first time, against four-time winner Bayern playing at home in the Allianz Arena.

"We're fortunate we have the possibility to do that," Chelsea captain Frank Lampard says.

"The idea of qualification for next season is also there, but it's not many times you get to the final, and we want to win the match (in order) to be Champions League winners."

Bayern is under no such pressure, having assured its place in next season's lucrative 32-team group phase after finishing runner-up to Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga.

Germany's traditional powerhouse endured their own Champions League exile four seasons ago, when they reached the semifinals of the second-tier UEFA Cup and took a $31.7 million hit in annual accounts.

Chelsea last played in the UEFA Cup in 2002-03 with club greats like Gianfranco Zola and Marcel Desailly, yet was ousted in the first round by Viking of Norway.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought the west London club months later and has known only Champions League football since.

Still, his club has failed to win football's greatest prize, losing in the semifinals four times and the 2008 final in a heartbreaking penalty shootout against Manchester United in Moscow.

Abramovich fired interim coach Avram Grant after that loss, and victory might also not earn a permanent contract for Roberto di Matteo despite his inspiring work.

Di Matteo took over when Andre Villas-Boas was fired following a 3-1 defeat to Napoli in a last-16, first-leg match, and his team has looked destined for something special as it defeated Benfica and Barcelona to arrive in Munich.

The Italian coach landed with his team amid headlines that Abramovich covets Pep Guardiola after his resignation at Barcelona, while Fabio Capello has also reportedly been in talks with Chelsea officials.

"It's going to be difficult to win because Bayern is a tremendous team, and the rest will sort itself out," Di Matteo says.

Di Matteo has been linked with Lazio, the club he left in 1996 to begin a hugely successful playing career with Chelsea.

He could find some sympathy for his situation from the man in the other dugout Saturday.

Bayern coach Jupp Heynckes was fired by Real Madrid in 1998 days after leading the Spanish giant to its first European title in 32 years.

"I'd tell Abramovich to stick with him," Heynckes says.

The 67-year-old German seeks to become the fourth coach to lead two different clubs to win the European Cup, which was rebranded as the Champions League in 1992. The others are: Ernst Happel of Austria (Feyenoord 1970; Hamburger SV 1983), Germany's Ottmar Hitzfeld (Dortmund 1997; Bayern 2001), and Jose Mourinho of Portugal (FC Porto 2004; Inter Milan 2010).

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