VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: David Tua V Alexander Ustinov, WBA Pan African Heavyweight boxing title fight, Hamilton 2013

  • 16/11/2013

Hello and welcome to Hamilton for the fight between David Tua and Alexander Ustinov.

The main event should be an absolutely cracking affair but we will have a few undercard bouts beforehand. The lineup, from Tua backwards is as follows:

David Tua (NZ) vs Alexander Ustinov (Belarus)
12 x 3 min rounds

Result: Ustinov wins on points

Robbie Berridge v Daniel MacKinnon
12 x 3 minute rounds

Result: Berridge wins on round 10 knockout

Nikolas Charalampous v Rico Chong Nee
6 x 3 minute rounds

Result: Charalampous wins on points

Sam Rapira v Isaia Maku
6 x 3 minute rounds

Result: Rapira wins on first round knockout

Cairo George v Ricky Campbell
4 x 3 minute rounds

Result: George wins on points

Lauryn Eagle v Nicki Bigwood
6 x 2 minute rounds

Result: Eagle wins on points

Bubba Tuigamala v Clint Foai
4 x 3 minute rounds

Result:Tuigamala wins on second round knockout

We bring you live streaming written commentary, video highlights (be sure to refresh your browser) and all the boxing action. VIDEO will be available as soon as the Tua V Ustinov fight concludes.



Round 12 Is this the last round of Tua's career? Here we go, Tua is swinging. Right hook, they're flying but not connecting. Ustinov counter attacking! Tua swinging, Ustinov counter attacking. Nothing connecting though from Tua! It's not gonna happen, the clock ticking down.. time running out.. Tua is gone.. Tua is gone! All over! Ustinov the winner!! Let's wait for confirmation from the judges, and then we'll have your video up... USTINOV WINS!! ALL VIDEO UP! CHECK OUT THE HIGHLIGHTS!

Round 11 Last chance saloon now for Tua... Lots of swings by Tua but no connection. It's been the story of this fight. He's swinging, but this is easy for Ustinov. Bell goes, and another basic round for the big man. Too easy. One more round for Tua. Can he pull it off?

Round 10 Righto, Tua needs hits. Boom, left swing goes but doesnt connect! One minute left, he's looking wild now. Ustinov has a crack back but Tua backs away. 30 seconds now.. Tua just can't find that punch. Bell goes, Ustinov wins it again. Six minutes left in this fight, two rounds. Time running out for the Tuaman.

Round 9 Tua comes out firing! He looks for the hit, HE HAS TO! Go on son. Ustinov just jabbing here. Frustration seeping into Tua's game now, Ustinov dominating. There we go! Tua throws one! He needs more though. He goes in swinging but Ustinov ducks away. Good hit there, left hook from Tua. 30 seconds left.. slow finish, bell goes! Three more rounds left! Tua needs a knockout!!

Round 8 Righto, to the eighth we go. Slow start to this round.. Ustinov again just controlling this fight. Tua needs a knockout here. Can he get it? Ustinov just holding him off again. He can't get punches in! Body shot there from Tua! Bell goes, slow round. Ustinov wins it, and he is controlling this fight.

Round 7 Tua advances and tries to make something happen. He really needs to land more hits Tua. Not enough hitting. Ustinov lands a few hits on Tua there. And now he's just holding him off, controlling this fight. Tua needs to find a punch. 45 seconds left, where's the hit Tua? Bell goes, Ustinov's round again! Seven from seven for him. Can Tua get back into this?

Round 6 Here we go in the sixth now. Ustinov going in for a few jabs here, nothing really connecting cleanly though, then a big right hand! He landed that one alright. 30 seconds left in this round, halfway point. Ustinov attacks and lands a right hook. Ustinov on top there again, he's won them all so far. Bell goes and Ustinov is on top here I'm afraid. 60-54 the Colonel reckons.

Round 5 Boom! There's the hit, Tua lands a left hook on Ustinov!! Great start to the round. Now the bout settles back down. Another leftie but Ustinov backs away and it doesn't quite connect. Boom Big body shot from Tua into the ribs of Ustinov! Boom, Tua on the offensive this round. Good to see. 15 seconds left. Ustinov has a crack back late, with a cheeky left hand as the bell goes. Five down in Hamilton! That was the closest round yet.

Round 4 Right, into round 4 we go. Again, Ustinov using his left hand to hold off the right punch of Tua. David needs to throw punches. Plenty of jabs from Ustinov. But no real highlights in this round. As the bell goes, it's pretty close but Ustinov just edging this. Round 5 up next, let's hope for more hits this time round.

Round 3 Tua comes out swinging in round 3. TUA TUA TUA is the chant.. as the boxers get tangled up. Ustinov holding off the right hand of Tua, all David can throw is lefties. One minute left, Tua looking for openings. Tua has a crack and lands a few on the body of Ustinov! 15 seconds left, Ustinov has a few late jabs as the bell goes. But Ustinov's round again!

Round 2 Tua struggling to get hits away here. Ustinov's reach is too big. Ustinov landing all the hits here, Tua swinging but it's all at thin air now. Bell goes, good round from Ustinov. He takes that as well as the first and two completed here. Tua not out but Ustinov on top early.

David Tua V Alexander Ustinov Round 1 HERE WE GO! Ustinov looking to use his giant reach early on, he can't let Tua get close. A few light jabs but nothing big yet. Ustinov has a crack there but Tua counter punches, nothing clean though. 1 minute left in the opening round. Ustinov with a double left jab but Tua fends it off. 30 seconds left now... Lots of ducking and diving from Tua. Ustinov has a quick right, left hit but still Tua holding off. Boof, Tua lands one on the bell! Ustinov's round but there wasn't much in it!

11:05pm Tua gets a rousing reception as he enters the ring. Eric Murray spotted in the crowd, Dave Rennie as well, just your classic Hamilton celebs. TUA TUA TUA TUA is the chant around Hamilto now. Gloves are touched, stand by for the fight!

11pm Ustinov is massive, not gonna lie he would eat me, and that'd be an entree. Massive. Righto, here he comes fellas! THE TUAMAN!! Boy he looks fired up. And in top shape as well. Not far away guys!

10:57pm And the NZ anthem is done, so here we go baby!! Tua V Ustinov coming up. Some real anticipation in the Hamilton crowd, whether that's for the fight or the chance to experience the Hamilton nightlife afterwards I'm not sure but it's making for a cracking atmosphere as USTINOV MAKES HIS WAY INTO THE ARENA!

10:55pm The Belarus national anthem rings out around Claudelands Arena in Hamilton. Fighters not far away, man I AM PUMPED FOR THIS! Not even going to try and make this a neutral commentary sorry folks, COME ON TUA!

10:52pm I probably sound like a stuck record now but a quick reminder we will have all the highlights of the Tua fight here once the bout finishes.

10:50pm Righto guys, as we wait for Tua V Ustinov I'm all for a bit of pre-fight chat so let me know your predictions on Twitter here: @simonhamptontv3 . I'm no boxing expert, but I think Ustinov will win this unfortunately. Would love the Tuaman to get the win but hmmm, not feeling it. Let's wait and see though.

10:45pm Just a quick update on the cricket, play back underway and Sri Lanka are 144/5 after 25 overs of 33. So Black Caps looking good there. And Northern have picked up a win over CD in the HRV Cup. But we're not here for cricket, we're here for boxing! Tua V Ustinov, it's not far away folks. Grab another bevvie, and settle in for the showpiece fight. I can't wait, neither can the Hamilton crowd. The place is buzzing.

10:41pm Righto, well done Robbie Berridge, but now it's time for Tua V Ustinov! What's the pick team? We'll have highlights right on fulltime. Stay tuned, this will be a beauty!

Round 10 Right, here we go again, can Berridge finish MacKinnon off? So far he's holding on. Berridge isn't dominant, he's very tired. Cracking fight this. Berridge looking to finish him off.. HE DOES!! MACKINNON DOWN ! Back up, and back in the fight. 15 seconds left, Berridge to finish him off.. BERRIDGE FINISHES IT! BERRIDGE WINS THE FIGHT!! WHAT A BOUT THAT WAS!! Gripping stuff, Robbie Berridge picks up the win. Brilliant fight.

Round 9 WHAT A FIGHT! Boom, now it's Berridge on the floor, he's back up and we're back fighting but this fight is brilliant. MacKinnon back in it. No he isn't, Berridge has him on the ropes, right, left, right, left he smacks MacKinnon! AND MACKINNON IS DOWN!! HE'S NOT COMING BACK UP!! Oh wait, yes he is, damage is done though, Berridge is gonna finish him here. MacKinnon can't stand up.. 20 seconds left, can he knock him over? NO! Bell goes and we go to the break with MacKinnon still standing!!

Round 8 Here we go now, the cut is cleaned up a bit in the break. Now we get into the tough time, this is where fighters will become tired. And MacKinnon looks fitter than Berridge. Can he pull this back? NO! Boom MacKinnon is down!! OH MY! Huge for Berridge, MacKinnon is back up, but massive for Berridge! MacKinnon just got a clip and went down on one knee, that was enough though and that's massive. Bell goes, four rounds left.

Round 7 Berridge definitely starts this round the better. He lands a few on McKinnon. A pretty nasty cut on MacKinnon as well, he's got a fair bit of claret coming out. This is all Berridge in this one. MacKinnon trying to make something happen but Berridge just responds with hits of his own. He's trying to open up that cut a bit more. Bell goes, seven down, five to go!

Round 6 MacKinnon has to force this fight now and that makes him more vulnerable. Berridge just wearing him down. MacKinnon landing a few but nothing clean. Ohhhh big hit! And Berridge falls into the ropes. MacKinnon with a late revival here. 45 seconds to go. Bell goes, really good round from MacKinnon, this has been a great fight as we head to round 7.

Round 5 Underway in round 5, quick reminder, video highlights of the Tua fight will be available straight after the Tua V Ustinov fight finishes. Right, back with Berridge and MacKinnon, and it's MacKinnon going on the offensive early on but I still think Berridge is on top. Boof! Decent hit from Berridge square in the choops, and now Berridge is having a real crack! He's got him on the ropes now, good play there from Berridge! Getting in some decent whacks is Berridge. 15 seconds to go, good round for Berridge, bell goes and we head to Round 6!

Round 4 Berridge in control here, he's throwing punches from some very wide angles though. But still, he's definitely on top here. Would be surprised of MacKinnon could come back, stranger things have happened though! It's Berridge on the front foot, but if you look for a positive for MacKinnon it's that Berridge hasn't landed any clean blows. 15 to play.. BOOM SMACK KAPOW!! Berridge finishes strong!! He lands a few and MacKinnon has a cut now as well.

Round 3 Boom Berridge has a crack! He's dictating this fight now, he's making all the plays. He just looks like he's prepared to take his time to get on top of MacKinnon. 45 second left and Berridge goes on the attack again as he swings at MacKinnon... not a lot of connecting but plenty of intent. Bell goes, Berridge still the aggressive fighter but don't write off MacKinnon, he's still in it for sure.

Round 2 A few hits being thrown but not a lot connecting here as this fight begins to fire up. Bell goes, Berridge probably the better there but there isn't much in this one. It's a close fight as we head into round 3.

Berridge V MacKinnon Round 1 Off we go!! Both these fellas look like tough fighters. Should be a beaut. A long fight, so both just feeling each other out early on. MacKinnon has a swing but Berridge easily moves out of the way. Not much to report on early on here, before MacKinnon makes a move, Berridge quick enough though and he evades well. Bell about to go here, it does! And that's the first round over! Pretty even there. The Colonel reckons it goes to Berridge - just.

9:55pm Righto, so Tua V Ustinov will follow this fight! It's a 12 x 3 minute round bout so I'd imagine Tua will be in the ring around 11pm. But first, this fight should be a cracker, buckle up folks, the fighters are in the ring and ready to go!

9:50pm It's still raining in Sri Lanka unfortunately, so no play there in the Black Caps.. but we do have play in Hamilton! It's time for the final undercard fight! Get set for Robbie Berridge v Daniel MacKinnon!!

9:40pm Don't forget guys, All Blacks V England from 3am in the morning. I'll be hanging around til then (lucky me) so join me then. That Test will be a beauty. All Blacks by 12 is my pick.

9:35pm Just seen in the comments section below that I've been watching too many 1980's Batman shows, well if only I had been born in the 80's I might've! Keep the feedback coming folks, loving it! We're on a short break in the Tron, next fight not far away hopefully.

9:28pm On Twitter, Dennis reckons Tua will take out the main fight. What do you think? Let me know! @simonhamptontv3

9:18pm And there it is! Unanimous decision, Charalampous gets the victory. But like I say, credit to Chong Lee for hanging around. I'll be back shortly for the final undercard fight.. stay tuned folks.

Round 6 Here we go in the final round now. Nikloas continuing to hit him but this fight is a foregone conclusion. It'll be a Charalampous win. Can he get the KO though? 30 second to play... ALL OVER! There it is, no KO but Charalampous will get the victory here. Heaps of credit to Chong Lee for staying there, he's a tough nut but this'll be a Charalampous win.. stand by for confirmation.

Round 5 Penultimate round now. Can Nikolas get the KO? He keeps firing but the hits aren't knocking him over! BOOM SMACK CRASH BANG BOOM!! HOW IS THIS GUY STILL STANDING!!! Nikolas is smashing Chong Lee but he's still there... bell goes and this guy deserves a medal for lasting this long!!

Round 4 Here we go again... Nikolas firing again. Rico holding him off for now, but just over a minute to go so expect it to step up now and Nikolas does, he lands a few more. Smack! Another copped on the chin. Bell goes, and somehow Rico still on his feet! Love the fight being show by Chong Lee but he's offering nothing so if it does go the full distance there'll be no disputing the winner.

Round 3 Can Nikolas finish off Rico this round? I wouldn't bet against it. It's slowed down a bit though. Rico looks very tired. Nikloas ramping it up now but still Rico is on his feet despite copping a number of hits... Smack boof smash, they just keep coming! But Rico is made of concrete and won't break. Bell goes, to round 4 we go.

Round 2 Chong Lee lands a few in the second spell but the boof! Nikolas smashes a right hand hit into Chong Lee. And now he's really warming up, landing a fair few on Chong Lee. He's gone!! This will be a knockout. Rico struggling to stay up as Nikolas continues to just land them. BOOM BOOM BOOM! They keep coming but Rico just keeps on his feet... His head is made of steel!!! Nikolas right on top but Chong Lee still on his feet as the bell goes.

Charalampous V Chong Lee Round 1 Underway! Six three minuters here. Nikolas comes out swinging and has a real crack at Rico early on. Once again Nikolas coming in swinging!! He's fizzed! Nikolas definitely on top early on here, Chong Lee doing his best to stay in it but it's all Charalampous. Bell goes, round 1 over. Definitely Nikolas' round!

8:50pm Righto folks let's get ready for another fight! It's Nikolas Charalampous v Rico Chong Nee! Not long now until the Tua-minator turns out. Can't wait for that one, but the next two fights should be beauts. A quick sports update for you - Sri Lanka are 132/4 after 21.4 overs against the Black Caps with rain delaying play there. Sachin Tendulkar's career is over after India thrashed the West Indies. So plenty of cricket on tonight, but our focus is the boxing from Hamilton. Some real excitement from the crowd now, you can feel the anticipation as we build towards Tua.

Rapira V Maku Round 1 Underway here, and Rapira looking the goods early. He's just got superb reach. He's landed a few already and OH MY MAKU IS ON THE CANVAS!!! He's up and away we go but Rapira will finish him of here! ALL OVER RAPIRA WHAT A WIN!! Just too good, too strong, Sam Rapira smashes Maku out of the ring! Round 1 knockout folks!!

8:33pm Righto we've reached the halfway point of the undercard, three down three to go. And now we have Sam Rapira taking on Isaia Maku. Sam, not the Warriors prop of course, looks the scariest man I have ever seen. I am glad I'm not in the ring. Although Maku looks like a top fighter as well! Should be a cracker.

8:22pm And the winner is ... CAIRO GEORGE!!! Righto folks, I'm off for another beverage, you should be too. And while you're at it, let me know your thoughts on who will win tonight, Tua or Ustinov, on Twitter @simonhamptontv3

Round 4 Final round now, who will take this. This fight being fought at close-quarters. George looks a bit tired now and Campbell is coming in looking for swings. George on the backfoot now. Oh hang on, a couple of decent nudges from George there. Boof! Decent hit from George there onto Campbell's jaw. Think Campbell's got this though, 30 second to play, both fighters trying to finish strongly as they throw a few to finish off. But the bell goes and it's all over! Stand by for the winner folks...

Round 3 George looks very comfortable, while Campbell looks a bit wild. Boof! Big right hand from George there!! Catches Campbell square on the chops. George on top but Campbell having a crack still, loving this! Campbell gets in a good upper-cut! He's fighting back into this Campbell, swinging hard and landing a few as well. Boof boof some big hits there!! Bell goes, that's Campbell's round!

Round 2 George is coming out on top now. Hes got a brilliant do of hair. Yellow, Black and Red, Waikato colours. Love it. George certainly looks better, he is so quick that Campbell's punches are often meeting thin air. He's getting in a few hits as well, is George. Bell goes, and that was George's round!

George V Campbell Round 1 Righto, now for the third fight. Four three minute rounds here. George is covered in ink while Campbell is not. Campbell comes out swinging. Both fighters just feeling each other out now. George is very quick and he can easily evade a few of Campbell's hits. Now George has a few swings! Decent whack from Campbell now! Bell goes and that round was pretty even! Maybe Campbell sneaks it but very close early on.

7:52pm And the winner iiiiiiissssss LAURYN EAAAAAAAAAAAGLE!!! We'll be back shortly for our third fight of the night, Cairo George V Ricky Campbell. Stay tuned.

Round 6 Again, Eagle walking backwards! Bigwood on the front foot yet again. Not a lot of punches being landed but Bigwood is definitely on the attack.Eagle's running away! Eagle just really not putting anything into her punches. The round draws to a close and that's it!! All over. I really have no idea who will win this, let's wait and see to hear from the judges.

Round 5 Eagle has a few cracks early but nothing landing. Decent hit there off a right hook from Eagle. She needs to counter attack though because once again she is always moving backwards. Bigwood on the frontfoot. THere she goes! Quick little counter hit but I think all up that was Bigwood's round. So heading into the final round I really can't pick this! She's a close one!!

Round 4 Bigwood pretty keen to get back into this. But Eagle is defending well enough, Eagle can't stop walking backwards. And Bigwood just keeps coming at her, so far no punches being landed. The bell goes and I think Eagle is still ahead but Bigwood is probably the favourite going by the past few rounds. Eagle hit her early and looks to be sitting off that.

Round 3 The Colonel can't stop raving about Hamilton! He loves it!! Not sure why.. Anyway, on with the fight. Eagle not doing a lot at the moment, she's letting Bigwood back into this. Bigwood has a crack!! Lands a few as well, but Eagle still going. Here they come and OH THEY'RE BOTH ON THE CANVAS!! Bigwood had Eagle in a headlock and they end up falling on the turf. Bigwood looks to be well and truly back in this.

Round 2 Eagle definitely on top here. Sending in a few swings before she gets Bigwood in a headlock. Bigwood not out of it though. Bigwood on the offensive!! Has a crack at Eagle, but Eagle holds her off and looks to counter-punch but really nothing connecting there. Bell goes, round 2 over!

Eagle V Bigwood - Round 1 Six two minute rounds here, Eagle having a crack early but nothing much happening. Eagle really swinging but not connecting much. Eagle certainly better moving around than Bigwood. But I think Bigwood has a bigger punch. OH NO! Forget that!! BIG HIT FROM EAGLE!! Biggwood not on the canvas but certainly struggling. She's got a break now though, as the first round draws to a close.

7:30pm Righto, we're set for the girls fight now. I wonder if Todd Carney is in the crowd to support Eagle? I have no idea. Anyway, the girls have bumped gloves and away we go!

7:25pm We'll take a short break here and return shortly for the second fight of the night, it's Lauryn Eagle V Nicki Bigwood! Stay tuned folks.

Round 2 The second spell starts and Bubba comes out firing! A few big hits on Foai who is struggling here. Bubba swinging hard but a few of them a bit wild and not connecting. He can get away with it though because Foai is a boxing bag out there. Very little resistance offered. Time out, Foai needs some more tape on the glove. I love the Colonel, he seems like a top bloke and his commentary is priceless. FOAI BIG HIT! Oh he comes in blazing. Good from him. A big right hand hook. Bubba looking to respond and DOES HE WHAT! BOOM BOOM BOOM! FOAI ON THE DECK! SEE YOU LATER BUBBA WINS BY KNOCKOUT!!

Tuigalamala V Foai Round 1 Off we go! The colonel reckons Hamilton is beautiful, not sure about that but away we go. Tuigamala comes in swinging, a few left hand shots fired off. Foai not offering much yet. He's on the defensive here. There we go! A quick right hand hit from Foai. But Tuigamala comes straight back with some big hits!! Bubba is huge. Massive. Four three minute rounds for this one. Foai has a crack but Tuigamala holds him off. Bubba on top here, the Colonel agrees with me, or do I agree with the Colonel? Bell goes! Round 1 finished, and Bubba definitely dominated that one. Stand by for the second.

7:10pm Good evening all, welcome in to Hamilton for Tua V Ustinov! Firstly though we've got a few undercards, and to start things off it's Bubba Tuigamala V Clint Foai. Can't wait. These two are out on the floor and we're set to go. That'll be our first fight of the night. Stand by.

We will start commentary from around 7:30pm or when the first fight gets started as we bring you all the thrills, spills and action from Hamilton. In the meantime check out the video from yesterday's weigh-in.

David Tua will concede plenty of weight as well as height when he gets in the ring for his heavyweight bout with giant Belarusian Alexander Ustinov in Hamilton.

Tua, who this week described himself as being in the best shape since he knocked out Shane Cameron four years ago, tipped the scales at 107.5kg ahead of a fight dubbed "David v Goliath".

That was 25kg less than the 132.9kg for Ustinov, who at 2.02 metres is also 24cm taller.

Tua, who turns 41 next week, will be having his first bout since losing to American Monte Barrett more than two years ago.

He goes into the contest tomorrow night with a record of 52 wins, four losses and two draws, while the 36-year-old Ustinov is at 28-1-0.

The TAB is unable to split the fighters, with both quoted at $1.87 for victory.

But among the decision options, the shortest odds offered are $2.30 for Tua to add to his 43 knock-outs.


source: newshub archive

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