VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Joseph Parker Vs Francois Botha boxing fight, undercard 2013

  • 13/06/2013

Hello and welcome to The Trusts Arena in Auckland as we prepare for a night of boxing action headlined by the heavyweight bout between New Zealand's Joseph Parker and Francois ‘White Buffalo’ Botha.

These two boxers are at different ends of their careers. Joseph Parker is New Zealand's hottest heavyweight prospect – said to be our best bopper since David Tua. Meanwhile Francois Botha has seen it all before, a boxing veteran who has fought the likes of Tyson, Holyfield and Lewis. Buckle up as the sparks are about to fly!

We bring you live streaming written commentary, video highlights (available immediately AFTER the main event fight) and all the boxing action.

Main event:

FIGHT SEVEN: Joseph Parker (NZ) vs Francois Botha (South Africa) - 8 x 3 minute rounds.

Premier undercard:

FIGHT SIX: Matthew Wood vs Colin Lane - 3 x 2 minute rounds.


FIGHT FIVE: Jordan Tuigamala vs Jody Allen - 4 x 3 minute rounds.

FIGHT FOUR: Nickson Clark vs Bryce Casey - 3 x 2 minute rounds.

FIGHT THREE: Daniella Smith vs Arlene Blencowe - 10 x 2 minute rounds.

WIBA Women's Light Welterweight World Title and WBF Womens Welterweight Title Fight.


FIGHT TWO: Sam Rapira vs Viliami Taofi - 4 x 3 minute rounds.

FIGHT ONE: Jeremy Sebastian vs Marcel Botha - 4 x 3 minute rounds.


Remember to REFRESH YOUR BROWSER occasionally so you don't miss any of the action. While you wait for video check out action from yesterday's weigh-in.



Video now up!


FIGHT SEVEN: Joseph Parker (NZ) vs Francois Botha (South Africa) - 8 x 3 minute rounds.

Round 2 - Ohh Parker goes with a big right but misses. He doesn't miss with the next combo though and Botha has a laugh at him, he's rattled. Another great combo from Parker, he's getting Botha on the ropes well.Bang, bang bang!!!!!!!!! PARKER HAS KNOCKED HIM OUT IN THE SECOND ROUND! WHAT A BOXER!. VIDEO IS NOT FAR AWAY...

Round 1 - Let's get ready to rumbllllle! We are underway, both fighters get the jab going early, Parker throwing them from distance, he says he want to fight like the big man he is. Hand speed of Parker is good, Botha looking to go with the right. Parker using his range well, clipping the Buffalo. Parker's round, he looks good.

10:55pm - Now we await the BIG FIGHT, the one we have all been waiting for! It's Joseph Parker Vs Francois Botha! Let's get ready to rumble!

FIGHT SIX: Matthew Wood vs Colin Lane - 3 x 2 minute rounds.

Decision - The winner...Matthew Wood by unanimous decision!!!

Round 3 - Third and final, Wood on the power punch early a couple of good rights. Lane needs to keep facing him, right hands getting exchanged, Wood starting to throw a couple of combos here, better stuff from him. Right hand getting a belting from both. That's it all over and too close to call for mine, stay tuned for a decision.

Round 2 - Out we come again and Wood showing some technique while Lane has plenty of power. Wood works the jab well, it's all or nothing when Lane throws a punch! Big rights coming from Wood, Lane perhaps takes that, we could be into a deciding round here! Buckle up.

Round 1 - The NZ DWARF WORLD BOXING CHAMPIONSHIP UP FOR GRABS! We are off, Lane throwing some big rights and nearly throwing himself off balance. Wood is looking more the boxer as Lane goes for little runs about the ring! Big overhead right from Lane, hard to score, Wood? Maybe!

10:35pm - Here come the two men now, this should be a real watch!

10:30pm - Well here we go, next up we have the dwarf boxing extravaganza! Stay tuned for that one coming up next its the premier undercard.

FIGHT FIVE: Jordan Tuigamala vs Jody Allen - 4 x 3 minute rounds.

Decision - Here we go, the winner by unanimous decision is Jordan Tuigamala!!

Round 4 - Forth and final and the youngster goes to work early. Allen showing plenty of fight here as Tuigamala switches up and hits him with the left uppercut. Last minute and the fatigue will be there now, Quite a lot thrown and missing here as Tuigamala goes at him with the uppercut again. A couple of final blows from the kid and he will win this fight. Decision coming.

Round 3 - Nice jab start from Allen before Tuigamala comes back with some crisp body work, lovely punch-counter punch boxing. A couple of lovely combos from the kid, bang bang to the head, super stuff. Boom, hes rocked Allen a bit as the crowd get in behind the lad. Bang! There's the right, snaps the head of Allen. And again! Super end to the round from Tuigamala.

Round 2 - Second of four rounds, Tuigamala's corner want him to keep his hands up. He is throwing a few nice combos here no KO power shown yet though. Allen comes back with a couple to the body. Wack there's one on the chin of Allen, good shot from the kid. Allen slips one through but that's another round to the youngster.

Round 1 - A flurry of work from Tuigamala early, throwing plenty and landing most. He is keeping the left hand low however but is quick enough to evade anything Allen is throwing. Nice right from Tuigamala then another straight and hard. Ohh Allen gives one back and collects Tuigamala, lovely stuff. Looks like the youngster Tuigamala had that round.

10:03pm - The boxers are getting their final preparations done, moments away before they make their way to the ring and we get it on! Always interesting to see how a young, promising boxer goes when they debut in the pro ranks. How will Tuigamala fear? Let's find out, here they come.

9:53pm - Who are you picking for the main event tonight, Parker or Botha? Be sure to comment in and like our 3 News Sport Facebook page to keep up with everything sporting related.

9:50pm - Charity auction taking place now before we head to or next fight which is Jordan Tuigamala vs Jody Allen, should be a cracker with Tuigamala making his pro debut.

9:35pm - Two fights remaining before the big one, stay tuned and remember we will have video of the action straight after the decision is made.

FIGHT FOUR: Nickson Clark vs Bryce Casey - 3 x 2 minute rounds.

Decision - Quality celebrity boxing fight...The winner by unanimous decision Bryce Casey!

Round 3 - Third and final round, Clark coming out and throwing plenty there, he clips him with the right, good shot. Casey keeping him at bay with the jab at the moment. Both are knackered, who has the final punch in them? Bang both give it plenty as the bell goes then it's hugs all round. Great stuff, Casey probably did enough early to take it, decision next.

Round 2 - Casey again jabbing his way into position before landing another cracking right left combo. Boom, then the uppercut, before Clark throws one of his own, great fight, great grit. Nice right to end the round from Casey.

Round 1 - Clark V Casey, The Rock V Mai FM, here we go...Wow Casey comes out with all kinds of venom! Landing shots all over the show...Bang! That was a big right from Casey, great shot. Bell ends the first and the man from the Rock wins the first for sure.

9:10pm - A great show put on by the women there, super stuff. Next up on the card is the battle of the radio lads, Nickson Clark V Bryce Casey, who will win bragging right tomorrow over the air waves? Stay tuned. Not far away from the big show tonight also, Parker/Botha not long to wait now!

FIGHT THREE: Daniella Smith vs Arlene Blencowe - 10 x 2 minute rounds.

Decision - And your winner who claims the WIBA Women's Light Welterweight World and WBF Womens Welterweight titles is.... Arlene Blencowe!!

Round 10 - Bblencowe's corner "do you want this?". SHE WANT'S IT. They come out, touch gloves and Blencowe continues to dominate the fight. She throw a couple more stiff lefts as Smith tries her best to land that knockout blow. She just doesn't have it in her though and as the bell goes Blencowe should win this, decision coming.

Round 9 - A couple of World Championships on the line here, what have these girls got? Smith throws something but it comes back with interest from Blencowe. Bang, bang another couple from the Aussie. Smith needs a KO as we head to the last.

Round 8 - Nice combo to start the round from Smith, she needs to drop Arlene though. The punching has slowed further in this one, Blencowe still picking up enough points though as the crowd try and get behind the Kiwi.

Round 7 - Blencowe's corner giving her big ups for the performance so far, "you are doing everything right". It's the Aussie's fight to lose at the moment, Blencowe just needs to keep the jab up and she will win this fight. Fitness her only danger as the punches start to lose a bit of venom. You guessed it, Blencowe's round.

Round 6 - Here we go, Smith with a bit more swagger now as she comes to the middle of the ring. Blencowe still throwing more punches she is giving the crowd their money's worth of them! Smith sneaks a right through but refuses to use the jab on her way in. Blencowe throwing enough through in that round to take the round.

Round 5 - Bang, finally Smith lands something of note and slightly ricks Blencowe, it's a start. The Aussie comes back though and starts throwing a couple of lefts. Smith's best round so far, she may have just got that one.

Round 4 - More of the same from Blencowe, she is fighting a great fight. Strong left hand from her followed by the uppercut and once again the straight right.

Round 3 - Smith told to throw the jab by her corner, will she listen. Better but not great from Smith, Blencowe is looking every bit a champion at this stage of the fight. They trade blows but again it's the Aussie with the better of proceedings. The Kiwi's ribs are taking a hiding.

Round 2 - Smith comes out a bit more positive in this round but Blencowe can match her for sure, great uppercut from her before she jumps away out of range. Blencowe still throwing plenty, can she keep this pace up? Finishes the round peppering the ribs, another round to Blencowe.

Round 1 - Blencowe throwing plenty early in this round and landing a couple also! Smith should have the power advantage but can she get inside to throw the big punches? Good stiff right from Daniella but Blencowe keeps throwing and as the bell goes the Aussie has won the round.

8:32pm - Just about to get going here, Danielle Smith has a lot of home support tonight!

8:20pm - Time to grab your breath after that flurry of punches! Top up that beer, grab a bite to eat we will have fight three soon - Daniella Smith V Arlene Blencowe for the WIBA Women's Light Welterweight World and WBF Womens Welterweight titles.

FIGHT TWO: Sam Rapira vs Viliami Taofi - 4 x 3 minute rounds.

Decision - 2 minutes and 5 seconds this fight is over, your winner Sam 'The Terror' Rapira!

Round 1 - We are off! Sam 'The Terror' Rapira starts with a nice left hook, bang he lands another and that one hurt Taofi, the man in red shorts looks a little rattled. BANG, BANG BANG! Rapira lands about 12 unanswered punches, he went to town on the Tongan and showed no mercy! Eventually the ref has to jump in there and stop it - believing Taofi was defenceless. Official decision coming, a formality.

8:08pm - Taofi making his way to the ring now, he will be followed by Rapira, this should be quite evenly matched.

8:00pm - Well that's fight one done and dusted a great start to the evening. Next up is Sam Rapira V Viliami Taofi, should be a cracker, word is Rapira packs quite a punch. Not long till this one gets underway.

FIGHT ONE: Jeremy Sebastian vs Marcel Botha - 4 x 3 minute rounds.

Decision - And the winner...By unanimous decision is MARCEL BOTHA! That's the first of the night for the family. The right decision there for sure.

Round 4 - Better! Botha throws a couple of jabs followed by straight right, he then moves onto the uppercut and works that punch well also. It starts getting a bit sloppy as the boxers get a touch tired! Ohh there's a second wind from Sebastian landing a right hand. Last ten seconds and Botha throws a late flurry, we will wait the decision.

Round 3 - The next round is in the books and that one should go to Botha he lands some good body shots and a couple up top also. Sebastian tries to hold onto him to stop the flow. He needs to throw!

Round 2 - Sebastian comes back better in this one, lands a couple of shots. Still it pretty timid stuff to be honest. Sebastian has the better if of it probably. Father Frans is watching on nervously and tells the commentary team he is 'very nervous, my boy is in the ring!

Round 1 - We are off in this one, both fighters feel each other out and pace about the ring...Plenty of rapid shots in there but nothing of massive note. Probably Botha's round, just.

7:30pm - Hello and welcome to our live updates of the boxing tonight as we look forward to an exciting night in the ring. We are just waiting as guests take their seats and grab a beer before we launch into things. Speaking of beers, go grab one yourself! Remember first fight on the card tonight is Jeremy Sebastian Vs Marcel Botha. Yes, you read that right Botha - son on Francois! Stay tuned for all the action.



Prefight banter:

All the trash talking is over, now it's time for boxing as tonight New Zealand's heavyweight hope Joseph Parker takes on South African boxing veteran Francois 'White Buffalo' Botha at The Trusts Arena in Auckland. 

Botha and Parker weighed-in yesterday with the Kiwi coming in at102.9 kg while the South African has tipped the scales at a whopping 116.5 kg.

Parker has a nine centimetre height advantage on the 44-year old veteran.

The build-up to this fight night has had its fair share of drama and controversy, like any good boxing event!
Botha revealed earlier in the week that he took a cortisone shot for an injury to his arm in preparation for his fight.

Cortisone is a widely used anti-inflammatory drug that can be used to mask anabolic steroids, according to Joseph Parker's trainer Kevin Barry.

"We all know that cortisone is one of the preferred masking agents for sportsmen who are taking anabolic steroids," Barry said.

The 44-year-old South African, has a history of allegations over using performance enhancing drugs.

Earlier this year, Botha was accused of using banned substances before fighting Sonny Bill Williams. He was also stripped of his IBF heavyweight title in 1995 after testing positive for the steroid nandrolone.

"I still got stripped of a title but I still got recognised as the champion," Botha says.

"Unknowingly the guy gave it to me and I look up to the guy.

"I never cheated. I'm telling you the stuff was given to me because I had all these injuries in my arm."

Botha also expressed upset at the drug allegations made by Williams' manager Khoder Nasser.

"This is very serious allegations, I could get banned from boxing, my career should be over if [they] find anything," Botha said.

"When I heard about how he's smearing my name in the media I said, 'Ok this is bullshit, now this is going to stop', I'm going to say what he's trying to do. That's why I brought that bribery story out."
Botha has made no secret of the fact that he thinks he will knock out "Baby Joseph" tonight.

However "the White Buffalo" wants to help Parker out by taking him to South Africa after this fight.

"You can say `listen, I fought an experienced fighter - he spanked me, he schooled me'," Botha said.

"Of course, it will be the beginning of your career and we're going to take you back to South Africa and we're going to further you there."

Parker is regarded as a bright prospect, but Botha will be a step up.

The Aucklander says he's feeling confident.

His preparation included training in Las Vegas under David Tua's former manager Kevin Barry and a six-round bout in Los Angeles, where he beat compatriot Brice Ritani-Coe by unanimous decision.

Parker describes the camp as giving him his best boxing experience and a key lesson.

"My first four fights, I was in close and throwing too many punches," he said.

"But he's helped me learn to a fight a big man and keep a distance, and that's our game plan."

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