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VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Liverpool Vs West Ham United 0-0, EPL 2013

Sunday 7 Apr 2013 6:52 p.m.

Are we in for a little bit of Luis Suarez magic? (Reuter file)

Are we in for a little bit of Luis Suarez magic? (Reuter file)

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NB: Video on this article has been removed in accordance to international license restrictions.

By Louis Anderson-Rich

Hello and welcome to Anfield where we have Liverpool hosting West Ham as the EPL season continues to work it’s way towards the business end of the season.

Liverpool are still hopeful of a Champions League place, they’re currently sitting in seventh, three points behind fierce rivals Everton.

Meanwhile, West Ham seem to have gotten themselves out of any real relegation danger, but they haven’t beaten Liverpool at Anfield for 50 years and a loss today could see them lose valuable ground in the race to stay in the Premier League

We bring you live streaming written commentary, video highlights and all the action of the Champs League. Make sure you REFRESH your browser occasionally so you don’t miss any of the action. Video will be put up at the final whistle.



LIVE COMMENTARY... Liverpool 0 - 0 West Ham

FULLTIME: That's it it's all over at Anfield! West Ham get a good draw.

90+5 Min: Gerrard launches one into the box, Pogatetz clears...Agger with the ball down the left and he's greedy and shoots and its saved.

90+4 Min: Liverpool launch another attack. Could this be it? Diame gets back and makes the tackle though.

90+2 Min: Gerrard lays it on for Enrique who beats Collison, back to Gerrard into the box for Suarez, shoots at the near post! Jaaskaleinen saves! Corner!

90+1 Min: Quick free kick from Lucas to Coutinho in the box...plays it back to Johnson who can't beat Taylor.

90 Min: 5 minutes added time is the call.

89 Min: Time fast running out for Liverpool!

84 Min: West Ham have an unlikely corner...Great delivery finds Collins who loses his man! Reina with a diving save! Unbelievable stuff! VIDEO COMING SOON

83 Min: Agger with another long range effort! t's good! Oh it's just grazed the post! Pogatetz comes on for Tomkins...corner to Liverpool and it's headed away.

80 Min: Gerrard pings a cross-field ball to Coutinho who puts one in the box for Suarez but Tomkins clears, and then goes down with a cramp...Tomkins hobbles from the field...

79 Min: Diame gets into some space down the left and takes a nasty tumble after a tackle by Carragher, Jarvis picks up the loose ball and puts a cross on the penalty spot but no one is there to convert.

78 Min: Sturridge works a little opening at the top of the box! Unleashes with his left! Good save down low from Jaaskaleinen.

77 Min: Diame delivers a cross to the backpost but Reina collects.

76 Min: West Ham with a bit of room to move around outside the box...Jarvis lays a ball off to Taylor who's low shot is blocked.

73 Min: West Ham doing well to keep Liverpool at the top of the box and shooting from range as Gerrard has a shot that goes over the bar.

71 Min: Assaidi on for Henderson.

70 Min: Collins dominates Suarez once again...But now it's Gerrard and he's busted into the box! He's up against Tomkins and cuts inside him! Goes down that must be a penalty! Ref waves it away!! Corner instead!

68 Min: Sturridge bursts down the right, lays it off for Suarez at the top of the box and he tries to get a neat touch but it goes straight to the West Ham defence who clear to Coutinho who shoots from the left side! Just wide. VIDEO COMING SOON

67 Min: Corner for Liverpool. West Ham deal with the danger.

65 Min: Game starting to open up now...Lucas to Suarez who gets away from Collins and goes to Henderson...to Gerrard and now Henderson with a shot! Comes off Sturridge in the box and is in the goal! He's flagged offside though. VIDEO COMING SOON

63 Min: West Ham with a free-kick launched into the box and Tomkins goes down! Ref having none of it.

62 Min: Nolan and Vaz Te come off for Taylor and Jack Collison.

60 Min: Suarez down the right, he blasts a ball across the goal! That's within a whisker! Of the goal!

59 Min: Coutinho has been brought down by Demel as the last line of defence! Ref having none of it! And rightfully so after the replay shows Coutinho went down at the slightest touch.

57 Min: Diame with a burst into the box for West Ham, he muscles off Lucas but Reina is quick off his line.

56 Min: Breaks on for West Ham it's Jarvis down the left! Jarvis takes it to the byline and cuts it back for Cole! Agger intercepts and Liverpool go down the other end! Suarez into the box! Lays it back to Gerrard with a shot low! Blocked off the line by Tomkins! End-to-end stuff! VIDEO COMING SOON

55 Min: Coutinho plays a lovely ball to Sturridge in the box with his back to goal. He tries to flick it around Tomkins but to know avail.

54 Min: Johnson inside to Gerrard, He gets a lucky deflection from the pass and bursts through into the box! Plays a low cross! Cleared behind by West Ham for a corner! Corner taken and Jordan Henderson makes a mess of it.

53 Min: Gerrard with a long ball to Suarez who has a bit of room! Collins closes him down and puts in a great tackle!

51 Min: Sturridge receives the ball on the right and goes on a run but he runs into traffic on the edge of the box and loses it...Liverpool can't find a way through at the moment.

50 Min: Agger takes a long range effort! Collins blocks and it goes out for a corner which is taken short and lost by Suarez.

49 Min: Henderson with a long ball to aimed at Gerrard's head on the edge of the box...Gerrard can't quite knock it down for Suarez...

47 Min: Johnson and Carragher link up down the right and Carraghers cross is put behind for a corner...Gerrard takes, Tomkins first to it and his header hasn't gone very far, falls to Johnson who has a swing...and a miss.

46 Min: Liverpool kick off the second half and we are back underway!...Carlton Cole holds up the ball nicely and gives it to Gary O'Neil who goes to Jarvis but his pocket is picked by Johnson and now Sturridge breaks down the right...puts a cross into the box but it's cleared away...

HALFTIME Liverpool 0 - 0 West Ham

45+1 Min: Another lovely pass for Suarez who slips into the box and wins a corner, he takes it quick! Falls to Sturridge back post! Shoots! Jaaskalainen gets there! And the ball is cleared! High octane stuff as the Ref blows for halftime! VIDEO COMING SOON

45+1 Min: Suarez to Henderson in some space! He's bearing down on the box! Shoots and earns a corner...only one minute added and the corner is headed away.

45 Min: Nice ball from Enrique down the left for Suarez, he's got some space but Collins comes across and closes him down...

43 Min: West Ham with a throw-in down the left hand corner...Can they make it count before halftime? O'Brien delivers the cross to the near post for Nolan who's header goes calmly high and wide.

42 Min: West Ham work the triangle in the corner and Jarvis crosses for a diving Cole! His header is wide.

41 Min: Gerrard with a low cross along the byline! Cleared away behind by West Ham...corner goes to Suarez who tries the same move as Gerrad but his cross is blocked and cleared.

40 Min: Jarvis with a break down the left for West Ham...O'Neil has lost it to Sturridge though.

39 Min: Suarez backs into O'Brien who holds him off and then makes a brilliant tackle on him.

38 Min: Liverpool has won a corner after Vaz Te fluffed a clearance...Corner short to Coutinho who gives it back to Gerrard who's cross is one to forget.

35 Min: Diame has gone down and stayed down...not good for West Ham if he doesn't get back up...

34 Min: Jose Enrique gets away from Vaz Te down the right but is tackled by Demel...now the throw to Suarez and he crosses it! Tomkins heads away.

33 Min: Cole does well to bring the ball down and turn away from his man, he looks for Jarvis but Gerrard intercepts and the counter is on...until Suarez loses the ball softly down the other end.

31 Min: Jarvis with a little burst down the left wing, he has no support of course but he wins the throw-in...Mistake by the Liverpool defence! Cole is in here! He shoots from just inside the box and Agger blocks it! Rebound falls to Nolan who can't shoot!

29 Min: A free-kick for West Ham in the type of territory they love...Collins makes a hash of it though and sends the ball straight out.

27 Min: O'Neil spreads a ball to Jarvis but Johnson beats him to it and sets Sturridge, who's come on for Downing, on his way...Sturridge still with it and now Suarez down the right, plays a one-two with Coutinho in the box and shoots! Saved down low! VIDEO COMING SOON

25 Min: West Ham have a corner...headed away, Diame picks it up down the right. He's in the corner, he gets between two players! Beats another! Into the box! Beats one more! Unleashes a shot! Over the bar...VIDEO COMING SOON

23 Min: Suarez with a shimmy, nutmegs Collins! Takes the shot early from far out and it's wide. VIDEO COMING SOON

22 Min: West Ham on the attack it's Jarvis down the left, cuts inside and crosses to the back post but Reina holds the ball safely.

21 Min: Tomkins with a long ball to Demel edging into the box down the right, he goes for the first time cross and misses the ball completely.

19 Min: Liverpool pump that right wing again and it's Downing, into the box, cuts the ball back 45 degrees but no one is there, West Ham go down the other end with Diame who takes a shot! Flies over the bar. VIDEO UP SOON

18 Min: Diame with a cross that gets to Vaz Te first in the box! He can only glance the header wide though.

17 Min: LOng throw into the box breaks down and Liverpool are on the coutner, Gerrard to Suarez to Johnson in the box! He goes down! Referee is having none of it!

16 Min: Nice ball from Diame for West Ham from the middle of the park, O'Neil chases and then plays a ball right back to a Liverpool player who puts it out...Demel with the throw to Cole who holds it up in the corner and earns another throw-in.

15 Min: Liverpool confident on the ball throughout their half and now it's Suarez in the box, allowed to travel into the box and tries to play the ball square! Blocked! Downing with the follow-up! Blocked again.

13 Min: West Ham are just all over the place with any attacking options. It's sit tight and let the waves of red hit them....I guess nine goals in 15 away games is what they do.

12 Min: Liverpool have looked very bright in these opening stages.

11 Min: Coutinho again looking good at the top of the boxes as he dances across the line and unleashes another shot but this one is blocked by Collins.

10 Min: Noaln advances intop the box and tries to shoot but instead the scoops the ball well into the Kop.

8 Min: Suarez up against Demel down the right, he's making him look foolish. Lifts a ball into the middle for Gerrard who can't quite catch the volley.

7 Min: Henderson squeezes a ball through for Coutino, edge of the box, runs across it and unleashes a shot! Jaaskalainen saves down to his right. VIDEO UP SOON

6 Min: Liverpool playing with the ball in West Ham's half...Jose Enrique pass goes missing and West Ham set out on the counter attack but it falls apart at the front With Carlton Cole.

4 Min: Suarez and Henderson link up nicely through the middle, the one-two lofted ball over the top is held by Jaaskalainen.

3 Min: Gerrard with a lovely ball in the behind the defence for Coutinho! He's got space! Flagged offside.

3 Min: A lot of ball getting pumped into the air in these early stages...

Downing on the ball plays it back to Gerrard behind the halfway line.

2 Min: O'Neil hits the deck and gets a free-kick in a good spot...O'Neil sends it into the box but Reina is quick off his line to pluck it out of the air.

1 Min: West Ham kick off and we're underway! West Ham with an early throw-in deep in the Liverpool corner...Vaz Te gets dispossessed.

Players out on the field and carry out the cursory handshake.

Here are the official lineups for today:

Liverpool: Reina, Johnson, Carragher, Agger, Enrique, Lucas, Gerrard (c), Henderson, Downing, Coutinho, Suarez

West Ham starting eleven: Jaaskelainen, Demel, O'Brien, Tomkins, Collins, Diame, O'Neil, Nolan (c), Jarvis, Vaz Te, C.Cole


We are close!

Kick off isn’t far away but in the meantime you can watch highlights of Liverpool’s win over Aston Villa last week.



Liverpool: Reina, Carragher, Agger, Johnson, Lucas, Jose Enrique, Gerrard, Henderson, Suarez, Downing, Coutinho.

Subs from: Jones, Sturridge, Skrtel, Shelvey, Coates, Suso, Assaidi

West Ham: Jasskelainen, Collins, Tomkins, O’Brien, Demel, Diame, O’Neil, Nolan, Jarvis, Vaz Te, Carlton Cole

Subs from: Henderson, Collison, Pogatetz, Taylor, Diarra, Maiga, Chamakh

Pregame Banter:

Unfortunately for West Ham fans, if you want a sure bet this weekend it’s Liverpool to beat the Hammers at home.

The last time West Ham recorded a win at Anfield was in 1963 and in 39 visits since then they’ve only managed to score in 11 games.

That fact, coupled with West Ham’s away goal record this year of nine in 15, and the absence of Andy Carroll gives the east London side little hope.

Despite those stats, manager Brendan Rodgers is calling on his side to pull out all the stops.

“We’ll need to be at the top of our game against West Ham, physically, mentally, tactically,” says Rodgers.

Raheem Sterling, who has had an ongoing issue with his thigh, is the only doubt for Sunday’s match aside from long-term casualties Joe Allen, Fabio Borini and Martin Kelly, leaving Rodgers with an almost full squad to choose from.

Liverpool bounced back well against Aston Villa after slipping up against Southampton before the international break and now the side is back on Merseyside, West Ham could find themselves on the wrong side of a drubbing.

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