VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Manchester City Vs QPR, Final Day Premier League 2012

  • 13/05/2012

By Louis Anderson-Rich

Hello and welcome to Etihad Stadium where Manchester City hosts Queens Park Rangers - all the video, highlights, live action and commentary of the EPL.

A win here for City today and they win the English Premier League title (as long as Manchester United doesn’t score a swag of goals). A draw… and United win… United win. A loss and United get any points, same result.

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LIVE COMMENTARY… Manchester City 3 -2 QPR

The final whistle has blown and it is absolute ecstasy at the Etihad!

95 Min: I can’t believe it my stomach is in knots, City have won the league in the dying seconds of their game...

94 Min: United's game is over at Sunderland as is Bolton's and QPR are safe, Aguero now…He shoots…He SCOOOOOOOOOOOREEES!!!!!!!!!!!! Hes won the league for Man City!! Unbelievable!!!

93 Min: Man City streaming forward in numbers as they look for the winner...

92 Min: 5 Minutes extra time is the call, Silva corner and Dzeko goal! 2-2!

91 Min: Balotelli stopped on the goal line by Kenny from a header!!

91 Min: City with more corners here, they have to turn it into goals…

90 Min: it’s 44 years since City last claimed the title…they are now minutes away from their destiny…

89 Min: Bothroyd with a nice push and go here and unbelievably QPR are on attack! It’s being held by QPR well though at the moment.                                                                             

88 Min: QPR’s Mackie has gone down with cramp and is more or less immobile. Can they hold on…

87 Min: Anywhere does now for QPR as they look to clear it.    

85 Min: the cross comes in to meet Dzeko’s head! But saved by Kenny. Fantastic performance he’s putting in.

84 Min: Free kick for City now on the edge of the box. Right out in front of goal. Could this be a turning gpoint….Balotelli smacks the ball into the wall and it’s fallen to Dzeko but nothing comes of it.

79 Min: Another fantastic save from Kenny from a Balotelli shot!

78 Min: Aguero keeps a ball on the 6 yard box in play and it’s across to Dzeko who hits the side netting. Another corner City.

77 Min: Nasri, to Balotelli, first touch for him. He goes down on the edge of the box and it’s a free kick City’s way.    

Massive cheers from the QPR fans as Stoke have equalised against Bolton!

76 Min: City still cannot find their way through. Nasri resorts to a speculative shot from the outside of the box that goes wide. Balotelli has officially come on and it’s for Carlos Tevez. QPR meanwhile are throwing defenders on left, right and centre.

74 Min: Balotelli, the ultimate wild card, looks set to come on. Can he make a breakthrough…

72 Min: Header from Tevez is just touched over by Kenny. Good effort from him. Now a corner City, It’s gone in, Derry misclears and Zabaletta with the shot! Pulled wide.

70 Min: QPR defence it still holding strong as they are happy to continue hoofing it out. But it does appear they are starting to tire. City with plenty of pressure.Nasri battles on the edge of the box, to Tevez, To Zabaaletta…Clichy now with the cross but it’s cleared as far as Kompany…Cleared again though to Hart who is almost on the halfway as there is no one else up for it.

68 Min: City though now streaming forward as they have to, Nasri with a shotwhich bounces around in the QPR box. And is cleared.

67 Min: Unbelievable scenes here from the Etihad. It goes against all reason, ten man QPR have taken the lead and possibly given the title too Manchester United.

66 Min: Here’s QPR on the attack Traore screaming down the right, puts in a good cross…Mackie there unmarked at the back-post! GOAL! Video coming soon.


64 Min: City just outside the QPR box, Zabaletta gets a chip in to Tevez but they don’t link up well as Tevez plays the pass back which sees it’s way out.

63 min: 81% Possession for Man City at the moment…

62 Min: The game is really hotting up now and QPR are completely under the pump, there is no escape route for them…

60 Min: Tevez with a fierce shot! Parried by Kenny! Falls to Aguero who hits it Kenny who saves at point blank range! City players are now complaining to the ref about an about Derry hand ball in the box.

59 Min: Corner’s are coming for City thick and fast at the moment…

58 Min: So after that long stoppage in play the freekick on the edge of QPR’s box is not taken by Tevez. And it’s not good but it’s fallen to Nasri and he takes a shot! Blocked by Kenny and cleared! But not far enouh and now City have a corner.

55 Min: Massive moment for Barton and he’s been set-off! Massive turning point here! And he’s kicked Aguero as he gets off as well! Absolute madness from Joey Barton here! Balotelli getting involved and saying a few words, Barton is escorted promptly off the field! Amazing scenes here at the Etihad stadium. Video coming soon.

54 Min: Tevez in the box, jinks, but can’t retain it and it’s cleared. Man city back on the attack now. There’s been an off the ball incident as Tevez goes down clutching his face…There are murmurs of a red card.

52 Min: City starting to push again for the winner. They certainly aren’t passing it round in midfield now as the whole team get in on the action.

51 Min: Nasri storming down the right side now he puts a cross in and it’s cleared away by hill but very close to going into his own net.

50 Min: So QPR have edged onto the same points as Bolton as it stands meaning they will stay safe. Meanwhile United still lead so it’s advantage United at the moment.

48 Min: Manchester City have made an unforced error and Cisse is in here! He’s smashed it into the back of the net! GOAL TO QPR, GAME ON!! VIDEO UP

46 Min: corner to City in the opening moments as Tevez had a shot blocked. City still pressing even though the corner was cleared. Tantalising ball to the far post almost picked up by Aguero, but it’s cleared. Barton brings down Silva on the edge of the box though and it’s free-kick from Nasri…over it goes never troubled the keeper.

46 Min: They are underway as Man City have the kick-off, still a thrilling half of football to come I’m sure.

Mike Dean has asked to delay the kick-off to wait for Manchester United so both games run concurrently.

The teams have come back on to the field. A complete spectrum of emotions involved in that first half. But what will be the landscape of English Football after the next 45 minutes.

That’s halftime at the Etihad stadium.

45 + 3: City still well in control as they continue to retain possession and work openings.

45 Min: Bolton are currently safe! Word has got through of a Kevin Davies goal at Stoke for Bolton who now lead 2-1. QPR have to attack…

44 Min: Toure’s gone down again. He should really be coming off but he decides to waste some time instead. Professionalism at it’s best there…He has finally been replaced though and Nigel De Jong comes on.

44 Min: so City now can just sit on the ball and retain possession as the one goal buffer is enough. It really is an uphill battle for QPR now…

40 Mins: And it gets worse for QPR as there is word from Stoke that Bolton have scored an equaliser…

39 Min: What an important goal for Man City there and it really feels as though this will be it for Man City. That was the breakthrough goal and it came about through unfortunate circumstances for Kenny. He thought he had saved it enough for it to go over but it dipped down and was helped in by the post.

39 Min: Silva dances on the edge of the box, places it to Toure, gives it back, through to Zabaletta there’s the shot, Saved by Kenny…No! It’s in!! Goal to Manchester City as the ball dribbles over the line! VIDEO UP

38 Min: Tevez gets it out wide to Zabaletta who puts it back in to Tevez, goes for the one-two with Nasri but still City can’t string together enough to really test Kenny.

37 Min: Aguero gets into the box now and puts a ball across but it’s too high and it goes out. City are finding it very easy to get into the box but they can’t get that final touch.

36 Min: Toure has gotten worse and is barely moving at the moment…

34 Min: Toure looks in a bit of trouble with a calf-strain…But he’s back in the thick of it. That would not be a player to lose for City.

33 Min: The Crowd are starting voice themselves now as City press for this all important goal…Toure into Nasri who sets it to Tevez played back to Silva! But it’s drawn to the right. Video coming soon.

32 Min: Toure to Nasri to Zabaletta to Nasri to Tevez to Silva, all these passes but they can’t seem to land the final blow at the moment.

31 Min: City still pressing. They constantly have plenty of space in the midfield as QPR players look to not dive in. They’re content to sit back and try play out this draw.

29 Min: Silva, away to clichy down the left. No way forward there Toure plays a great pass to Silva who gets a first time one-two with Aguero and Silva has a chance…No stopped by Anton Ferdinand. Scintillating football from City though.

29 Min: QPR beginning to build well. Cisse’s made some good runs down the right, he fires a cross into the box, but no one is there.

28 Min: Possession is currently 77% in favour of Man City. Wow…

26 Min: Silva and Tevez over the ball. Silva takes it but it bangs into the wall and deflects away

25 Min: Ball is fizzed across the goal and falls to Tevez but it’s fantastically blocked by Ferdinand. QPR have to reset though as Shaun Wright Phillips gives away a free kick on the edge of the box.

24 Min: Cisse lines it up…Decent effort which is kept low, Hart gets down to it though. Video coming soon.

23 Min: Cisse with a chance here, but he’s been caught and it’s a free-kick to QPR in a dangerous place. Can they spoil the party…

22 Min: Solid defending on the edge of the box from QPR as Zabaletta, Tevez and Silva all try to weave their way through but are all stopped.

21 Min: Man City looking for a quick response to that news, it’s being put it into the box here and there but no one is getting on the end. Barry now, picks out Zabaletta well who fires it across and a header is just missed by Toure.

And there has been a major development, Wayne Rooney has SCORED at Sunderland so they are 1-0 up and if it stays that way now, well, City fans won’t be happy.

19 Min: Joey Barton seems to have gone down in some pain. But he’s being patched up now, so he’ll be off the pitch for awhile.

18 Min: Silva’s running Onuoha ragged down that left side, He heads into the box, lofted cross…cleared by Hill.

17 Min: Silva has a shot that stings the hands of Kenny! But he holds well this time. Video coming soon.

16 Min: Silva with some space, fizzes a ball across the goal, Kenny claims but drops it, but claims it again.

15 Min: City defence may be tested here which would be the first tie of the game. They aren’t as the midfielders close down Zamora early.                                                                             

14 Min: QPR with a throw down in their own half, Zamora holds it up well and QPR have some space to move now, and they win a throw in down the other end of the field.

There’s been a reaction amongst the QPR supporters and word has gotten through that Stoke have scored in their match against Bolton meaning QPR would stay safe if it stays this way.

11 Min: Gareth Barry of Man City has a speculative shot that dribbles away to the left.

11 Min: Hill’s been solid at the back for QPR so far.

10 Min: Man City with a quick free kick now, Tevez down the right tries to cut inside but his dispossessed by veteran Derry.

9 Min: Clichy’s getting plenty of space down the left side for City, but he’s not venturing very far. Hill puts in a good challenge on Aguerro. VIDEO UP

8 Min: Corner is cleared, but Man City still on attack.

7 Min: It’s all city at the moment as Toure finds Clichy with plenty of space, ealy cross from him and Hill puts it behind for another city corner.

6 Min: Toure has an effort from the edge of the box! But he’s sliced it and it goes wide.

4 Min: City with the corner but it’s cleared away.

3 Min: Man City content to pass it around at the moment. Aguerro on the edge of the box on to Tevez near the penalty spot, and it’s corner City.

2 Min: Silva already looking dangerous down the right side for city. They’re into QPR’s box already.

1 Min: QPR will have the kick-off now, aaaand they’re underway for what is one of the biggest rounds in the Barclays Premier league for a very long time.

The buzz in the stadium is immense right now, the games sold out and it’s turning out to be a beautiful day in Manchester today, with the sun shining strongly. Man City and QPR are now lining up ready to take the field. QPR will be playing in their red and white away strip while City play in their traditional sky blue.

But it’s also a huge day for QPR as they look to stay up after their first season back in the Premier League. A point would see them safe and Bolton go down but, let’s remember, this is against a Man City side on the verge of their first title in 44 years.

So here we are at the end of a massive Barclay’s Premier League season, Manchester City are at home to QPR and the feeling really, is that they already have one hand on the title.

Kick off is not far away so in the meantime watch Manchester City’s latest game.


Possible teams

Manchester City (Probable, 4-2-3-1): Hart; Zabaleta, Lescott, Kompany, Clichy; Y Touré, Barry; Nasri, Tévez, Silva; Agüero.

Queens Park Rangers (Probable, 4-4-2): Kenny; Onuoha, Ferdinand, Hill, Taiwo; Mackie, Barton, Derry, Wright-Phillips; Zamora, Cissé.

Referee: Mike Dean

Pregame banter

Roberto Mancini says Manchester City has played the most attractive football in England and would be a deserved winner of the Premier League.

City hosts struggling Queens Park Rangers in Sunday's final round needing only to match crosstown rival Manchester United's result at Sunderland to secure its first title since 1968.

Regardless of the outcome of the final day, Mancini says he is "proud" of his players and insists City has played the "best football" this season.

If City is celebrating on Sunday, Mancini jokes that it might be "better to stay far away" from striker Mario Balotelli, who once set his house on fire by launching fireworks from his bathroom window.

City always seems to be second best in its own backyard, like a little brother overshadowed by his bigger and stronger sibling.

He's already done the things you want to do, and has done them better anyway. And when you finally do something he hasn't done? Well, he'd probably beat that, too.

In England's third biggest city, Manchester United always seems to one-up Manchester City.

What happened when City won its most recent English league title in 1968? United won the European Cup, the most prestigious trophy in club football.

The season City was promoted to the Premier League after four years away? United won it, for the 13th of its 19 league titles.

That time City convinced Argentina striker Carlos Tevez to ditch United and move across town? United still beat City in the League Cup semifinals, and went on to win the trophy.

United's dominance over its neighbor was even on display at Old Trafford, the stadium nicknamed the "Theatre of Dreams." Hanging from the stands was an annually updated banner counting the years - it had reached 34 when it was finally brought down last season - since City last won a trophy of any kind.

But little brother looks set to come out on top Sunday in the world's most popular league. After decades of watching its biggest rival lift trophy after trophy, City can win the English Premier League title in its final match of the season with a victory against struggling Queens Park Rangers.

"I came to City to make history," said Yaya Toure, the driving force in City's midfield. "I want to win it for our fans."

Satisfyingly for those fans, there is almost no chance of being upstaged this time because of United's failure to win the Champions League or either of England's domestic cup competitions. Instead, City can become English champion for the first time in 44 years and leave United empty-handed for the first time in seven seasons - a remarkable reversal in a city where red has been they's abundance of it and United's lack of it.

While United is still paying interest on debt incurred in the 2005 takeover by the Glazer family that also owns the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, City has spent about £400 million on new players since being bought by in 2008 by Sheik Mansour, a member of the Abu Dhabi ruling family.

"No one can match their financial resources. No one," United manager Alex Ferguson said. "We have to accept that and try to do things in a different way."

City, however, knows all too well that money doesn't necessarily bring success. After all, the club paid a then British record £1.44 million for Steve Daley in 1979. The midfielder buckled under the pressure of the giant fee and left for the Seattle Sounders in the NASL 20 months later, his European career in ruins.

What matters this time around is that City has spent money well.

Despite the flop of Brazil striker Robinho after a British-record £32.5 million transfer from Real Madrid, the Abu Dhabi United owners were undeterred.

Tevez and Argentina teammate Sergio Aguero were brought in, backed up in attack by Italy firebrand Mario Balotelli. And even Edin Dzeko, a Bosnian who is the least known and least trumpeted member of City's forward quartet, has 13 Premier League goals this season - more than any United player other than Wayne Rooney.

Under manager Roberto Mancini, City brought in Ivory Coast's Toure, Aguero, Dzeko, Spain midfielder David Silva and France forward Samir Nasri.

That depth helped City when Tevez stormed off in September, apparently the only player unable to accept a place on the bench.

Tevez is back, and is likely to start Sunday when City walks onto the field looking for only its third league title in 132 years.

It's a head-spinning turnaround for fans who watched as United won two Champions League titles, 12 Premier League trophies, eight FA Cups and four League Cups since City was last champion of England.

Even then, years before anyone on the current squad was born, George Best and Bobby Charlton were doing their best to upstage their neighbors. With Best and Charlton leading the way, United beat Benfica 4-1 to win the European Cup - two weeks after City completed its last championship season.

But City's spell as a contender didn't last long, and the club spent much of the 1980s and '90s bouncing like a yo-yo between the top two divisions. Only 14 years ago, City became the first former winner of a European competition to fall into its country's third-tier league.

United fans were almost too busy to stop and laugh, with Ferguson on his way to making the Red Devils the most successful club England has ever seen.

Ferguson has regarded Liverpool, Leeds, Arsenal and even Chelsea as more important rivals to United and only recently upgraded City from "noisy neighbours" to "direct opponents."

At the moment, both City and United have 83 points, but City has the advantage on goal difference. So if City fails to beat QPR on Sunday, United can outdo its hometown rivals once more if it beats Sunderland.

"We have one match left to play at home and we have to deliver in this game," Toure said.

This may not be the last laugh, but little brother is definitely growing up.

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