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VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Manny Pacquiao beats Juan Manuel Marquez III, WBO Welterweight title, MGM Grand Las Vegas - live!

Sunday 13 Nov 2011 2:44 p.m.

Manny Pacquiao wins by majority decision

Manny Pacquiao wins by majority decision

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3News/Sport brings you the third and final bout between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

After two losses to Pacquiao in 2004 and 2008, Maquez will be keen to lay the demons of those losses to rest.

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For Pacquiao, he will want to return to the Philippines having finished Marquez for good.

Join us as we bring you blow-by-blow video updates of the fight. We’ll let you know when things have been updated with a VIDEO UP tag.

Round 12 - Final round and Pac Man comes out swinging...The both go hell for leather in the final round but the general feeling is that Marquez has done enough...He thinks so and raises his glove at the final bell...Pac Man certainly threw more punches in that final round but it depends how many connected...Close decision coming up...
Round 11 - Marquez looks tired but still managed a strong right on Manny...The Pac Man threw plenty there, close round, it could be almost dead even heading into the final round....Championship time...Who's going to step up?  
Round 10 - Wow! This is tough to call.....Manny is doing his best to gain ground but Marquez is punching his heart out, a strong right in that round...A suspicion of a head but in that round but it looked unintentional...Whose round was that? Split...Only a couple of points in this...Maybe the Mexican up?
Round 9 - Manny picking it up this round, throwing more punches, uppercut the one of choice...Bang...Boom, counter punch crazy here! Pacquiao going nuts this round brings the crowd to their feet....throws a lot of punches not all connecting, crowd reckons the Pac Man won that round, commentators not so convinced a lot of missed punches, best round of the fight so far. Video up.
Round 8 - A lot of punch/counter punch going on..This is gunna be tough for the judges for sure...Marquez doing a bit more of the boxing at the moment, he has won the last few rounds but not by much...It's tight no doubt, can Marquez keep it up when the Pac Man fires...
Round 7 - Maybe a little bit of frustration creeping into Pac Man...Marquez lands another solid right, they aren't jolting him but scoring pints none the less...Pac Man comes at him but can't land punches,..Ohh this is tight, Marquez putting up a real good showing so far. When will Manny explode...?
Round 6 - Marquez doing much more of the boxing in this round...The chant goes up for him...He is using the right hand well and catches Manny with thirty seconds to go in the round and once again at the back end...Marquez wins that round for sure...Mnany still having his moments, sneaking little combos in on the counter...A very tight fight so far.
Round 5 - Marquez with the better of this round in the first bit...Up on his toes and moving..BOOM..He lands a great right again, by far Marquez' best round he has earned some points there... VIDEO UP.
Round 4 - Touch of concern over Marquez' right eye, Pacquiao starting to open things up a bit throwing the big left but not connecting...Ohhh Marquez lands a right at the back end of the round...quality, That evens things up...Pac Mans trainer telling him to move his head more...Marquez trainer is speaking Mexican so.....yep.
Round 3 - Pacquiao catches Marquez late in the round with a low right...Other than that there wasn't much in that round...Quick look at numbers, Pac man looks set to make a minimum of $22 million for this fight, not bad cash if you can get it. Manny's round.
Round 2 - Not many expecting this to go the full 12 rounds...Both fighters are great counter punches and will look to utilise that...It's a game of chess at the moment, neither giving an inch, pacing around the ring, Marquez lands a couple of rights on the Pac Man...Both high on their toes, you would probably have to give that one to Marquez just.
Round 1 - Twelve rounds of welterweight boxing is go...Marquez in black, Pacquiao in red and blue...The bell goes and both a re tentative to start, feeling each other out...Both showing fast hands, neither willing to open up early and expose themselves...Tame first round...more to come for sure, VIDEO UP.
Marquez has made his way to the ring...Now the chant goes up "Manny...Manny" Here comes Pac Man! He's certainly raking his time, 'Eye of the Tiger' ringing around MGM Grand...The crowd lapping up every moment...We can see the Pac Man emerge now...
Let's get ready to rumble!!! Pacquiao V Marquez 3 is now...
National anthem time. Phillipines first and now it's time for the Mexico anthem. Counting down to the big fight.
Main event - There is a bell salute for Joe Frazier, "rest in peace champion". A poignant moment. Not far away from the Pacquiao V Marquez fight. 

Into the fifth round in a tightly-fought contest between Bradley and Casamayor. VIDEO UP of the action so far.

Timothy Bradley vs. Joel Casamayor is up next. Last fight before the main event.

Mike Alvardo has dug deep and nailed Breidis Prescott with a series of uppercuts, and his legs turn to jelly. The ref stops the fight, and Alvardo will take this by TKO. VIDEO UP of the fight's final moments.

Juan Carlos Bergos collects the first win of the night by majority decision. Meanwhile, Mike Alvarado vs. Breidis Prescott is into the seventh round, and looks evenly set. VIDEO UP of the action so far.

There are three undercard bouts before the night's main event. Fight one is underway, and we have VIDEO UP of the action so far.

Pre-fight banter:    

Manny Pacquiao acts as though it's personal, then claims it's not. Just another night in the ring, another notch on his belt and another $25 million or so to take back to the Philippines with him.

It's not that easy for Juan Manuel Marquez. He remains convinced he won both of his previous two fights with Pacquiao, and he will enter the ring Saturday night as eager for redemption as he is to claim the biggest payday of his long boxing career.

"I hope the judges score what they see, not like the other two fights when they were not impartial," Marquez says.

The judges may not be necessary this time around. Marquez has bulked up for the 144 pounds (65kg) fight so he can bring more power into the ring and Pacquiao - who knocked Marquez down four times in their two fights - is a far more potent puncher than the last time they met three years ago.

Add in the fact these two fighters throw punches almost nonstop, and there's potential for an early ending.

"I'm not thinking about the knockout," Pacquiao said. "If the knockout comes, that's just the bonus for your sacrifices in training."

Pacquiao returns to the ring for the first time since he beat Shane Mosley in May, fighting a familiar foe in a bout that will earn him yet another big payday. He and Marquez have already gone 24 rounds with each other, rounds so close that ringside judges had trouble figuring out which fighter won.

But the first fight seven years ago was at 125 pounds (56kg). The second four years later was at 130 pounds (59kg).

This one will be for a piece of the welterweight title, though it will be at a catch weight of 144 pounds. It's a weight Pacquiao has proven comfortable with over the last few years, but Marquez had no success the only time he got past 140 pounds in a lopsided loss to Floyd Mayweather Jr.

That's the big reason Pacquiao is a 7-1 favorite in a pay-per-view fight that doesn't figure to lack for action.

"At 144 pounds it's going to be different," Pacquiao said. "I've improved my boxing and my power. Everything is going to be different."

Pacquiao weighed in at 143 pounds Friday, while Marquez was 142 - the same weight he fought at against Mayweather.

Pacquiao - who last lost in 2005 at 130 pounds - risks a 14-fight winning streak against Marquez, a Mexican who has held titles in three different weight classes. Once again he will carry the weight of the Philippines into the ring, and once again he will be fighting someone other than Mayweather.

That's hardly Pacquiao's fault, though, since Mayweather doesn't seem serious about fighting him. So he has to make do with other contenders, and Marquez has better credentials than any of Pacquiao's opponents since he made a name for himself by sending Oscar De La Hoya into retirement in 2008.

In their first two fights, Marquez used his superb counterpunching skills to keep Pacquiao off balance. Though he went down - three times in the first round of the first fight - Marquez was more than competitive in two fights that could have gone either way.

That the first fight was scored a draw and the second a split decision for Pacquiao still gnaws at Marquez, who wore a T-shirt proclaiming he was robbed in both fights when the two boxers were in the Philippines promoting the bout.

That touched a nerve in Pacquiao, though he said this week that there is nothing personal between them.

"He went to the Philippines wearing a T-shirt saying `I beat Manny Pacquiao twice,"' Pacquiao said. "I'm not angry. That's his freedom to do that."

Still, trainer Freddie Roach said there was an added urgency to Pacquiao's training camp for this fight. The jokes and clowning around from previous camps were gone, with Pacquiao training in quiet determination. Roach says Pacquiao wants to settle the issue once and for all.

"I think it was a slap in the face to Manny," Roach said. "They were both good, close fights, but there were no robberies there."

Pacquiao said he has learned since his last fight with Marquez how to fight a counterpuncher. He's also improved greatly with his right hand, which at lighter weights he never seemed to be able to land with much power. And he says he's taken the lessons learned in his first two fights with Marquez to heart.

"The last two fights helped me a lot," Pacquiao said. "I learned a lot, especially fighting a counterpuncher, a boxer. I'm more experienced now and I'm a much better fighter, too."

Marquez turned to a new strength and conditioning coach to add weight and power for his move up from 135 pounds, though that hasn't been without controversy. The coach, Angel Heredia, was a government informant during the BALCO investigation. He and Marquez both say he has taken nothing but legal supplements to prepare for the fight.

Still, some in boxing are shocked at the new physique of Marquez, while others are shocked that he tried to gain so much weight rather than using his speed and counterpunching ability to fight Pacquiao this time around.

"He's bigger, bulked-up and slower," Roach said. "When Manny puts him down this time I don't think he's going to be able to get up from the waythis Manny Pacquiao punches."

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