VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: New South Wales V Queensland, State of Origin II, 2012

  • 13/06/2012

By Louis Anderson-Rich

Hello and welcome to ANZ Stadium in Sydney where we have State of Origin game 2 as New South Wales and Queensland do battle once more.

Passion will amount to nothing for New South Wales if they aren’t able to combine attitude with execution tonight as they desperately attempt to keep the 2012 series alive at their Homebush headquarters.

We’ll bring you video live updates throughout the match, including video highlights of all the big plays and tries.

Make sure you refresh your page occasionally. We’ll add VIDEO COMING SOON when we’re cutting the highlights and VIDEO UP when it’s ready to be viewed.


LIVE COMMENTARY: NSW 16 – 12 Queensland

80 Min: The siren has sounded…Ref still wants the scrum…But that’s fulltime!

80 Min: Scrum to Queensland…we have entered the final minute..It’s Inglis out on the wing and he shovels off one but the Blues put him into touch? No they haven’t and Queensland still have it…Now Thurston to Cronk to Smith to Tate but that pass is judged forwards! The Blues will make it to Queensland still in the series!

78 Min: Big hit on Civoniceva by Lewis…Thurston has a hit put on him by Carney…Queensland only 13 metres out from their own line…Boyd is hammered by the Blues defence now…Cronk with the ball and that is the fifth and final…Smith goes to kick but dummies and they will run it now! Ball’s been lost though and Uate picks it up! He hesitates as the crowd urges him on to the line! He finally finds his legs and runs it down the line and goes over the line!...but we will be brought back for an original Uate knock-on…exhilarating stuff.

77 Min: Uate picks the ball up for NSW off a Cameron Smith kick…NSW 40 metres out…Kick is getting ready…Pearce with the kick which is very high…Slater goes up but doesn’t come back up with it! Jennings has picked it up! But he runs into touch.

75 Min: Down the middle comes Queensland 12 metres out…and Taylor has knocked the ball forwards…

74 Min: Carney with another big kick that goes straight to Slater…Tate goes at the line…Penalty given to Queensland.

72 Min:  Blues come away with it and Pearce puts a kick into the air but Slater takes it calmly and goes on a little run….Queensland are on the attack and Inglis has made some great ground…Cronk kicks to that left corner again but Carney comes away with it…

70 Min: Drop out goes to Fuller who gives it to Scott…Cronk on to Taylor…Thurston runs across field who gives it out to Darius Boyd…17 metres out from the line…Smith beats one and gets it away to Harrison…Comes out to Cronk and the kick goes over! Falls into Tate’s hands but Jennings has knocked it out of them dead!

69 Min: The drop out falls to Cronk…Queensland 21 metres out right in front of the sticks….Slater goes to Cronk who puts a little grubber through and its Hayne who bats it away this time.

68 Min: Cronk kicks pretty early for Queensland, it’s a very good kick that stops dead five metres out from the NSW line and Hayne is in pursuit as well as Brent Tate…Hayne spills it! Stewart was luckily there to bat it away though!

67 Min: NSW 12 metres out from the line…Pearce with a high bomb! 3 Players up for it! But Inglis comes away with the football!

66 Min: Nathan Myles plays the ball incorrectly so it will be a scrum to NSW and a bit more push and shove but no punches thrown.

65 Min: NSW Driven back brilliantly by the Maroon surge…but Josh Morris managed to make a little breakthrough…Pearce with a kick picked up by Slater.

64 Min: Kick from Cronk on the half way line which is caught by Hayne…

62 Min: Thurston with an important conversion…which he curls brilliantly through the posts.

61 Min: Slater picks up the ball and gives it to Shillington who gets to the 30 metre line…Smith to Cronk to Gillett who is wrapped up…Cmith just gets it away to Cronk who is a metre out! Thurston with a kick to the other side of the field and Boyd has knocked it back from out of the air into the pat of Inglis who goes over! TRY! VIDEO COMING SOON

60 Min: Drop out falls to Shillington...Cronk pops it up for Myles who breaks the line! But is tackled…5 out…little kick from Cronk is again grounded by NSW’s Josh Morris so another drop out.

58 Min: Penalty goes to the Maroons…Smith takes the tap and gives it off…Shillington goes 5 away…Cronk inside ball but they can’t go any further forward…now Smith to Inglis to Thurston to Hodges who is wrapped up tight…Cronk goes back inside to Slater! Can’t find the line and now Smith has put a little grubber over the goal line and Brett Stewart grounds it for a drop out.

56 Min: Civoniceva gets wrapped up but does well to offload…Queensland 15 short of halfway…Kick from Smith and Jennings goes back to pick it up…Blues playing from right off their goal line at the moment…Uate bustles into Smith and knocks him back…Carney gets a kick off to Slater who runs in space he gives it to Tate.

56 Min: Tamou over the halfway line…Last tackle for the Blues and Carney puts a little kick through which Darius Boyd recovers.

55 Min: Queensland 30 out…Slater tries to play a ball back to Cronk but it goes beyond him and Hayne jumps on it. NSW with the ball.

53 Min: Queensland surging forwards now…Smith kicks early for a 40-20 attempt but Brett Stewart will go back and pick it up…He’s tackled brilliantly by Cooper Cronk who was slipping over as he tackled Stewart in behind the goal line…Drop-out doesn’t go to far.

52 Min: Cooper is about to finish his spell in the sin bin and come back on…Tamou gives it to Carney who kicks and it dribbles out…Cronk is back on.

51 Min: Now Inglis with the ball in the middle of the park for Queensland…Thurston kicks and it goes dead.

50 Min: NSW 30 metres out from their own line…NSW kick and Queensland gather.

47 Min: NSW back on attack…kick goes high but Slater takes it…Luke Lewis puts a massive hit straight off the line on Thurston and NSW get the ball back…it’s Jared Hayne who loses the ball…knocks it on onto the boot though and now Josh Morris with the break! He’s going to go all the way! Another TRY! VIDEO COMING SOON

44 Min: Queensland get the game back underway…Gallen receives the kick…Carney has made a break through the middle of the defence! He’s in space! Stewart up in support! Offload goes to Stewart and Stewart has the legs to go under the posts! TRY! VIDEO UP….Carney converts.

43 Min: Carney kicks the resulting penalty to square the game.

42 Min: Corey Parker has been taken from the field with a massive gash to the leg…NSW with the restart…Farrah to Pearce who gives it to Gallen who’s tackled…now Pearce inside to Lewis with some space but tackled…Watmough puts a little kick across the posts and Carney is in the chase! He doesn’t put it down but it certainly looks as though he’s been held back by a Queensland player so the refs will have a look at it…The replay is showing Cooper Cronk holding back Carney, this may well be a penalty try…No try the call but it will be a sin bin for Cronk! VIDEO UP

41 Min: We’re back underway at ANZ stadium…Queensland with the ball…they throw the ball into touch on the halfway line.

40 Min: Johnathan Thurston to kick…right out in front of the posts and he converts the try and that’s halftime.

39 Min: Cronk gives the ball to Hodges who fends off one…now Cronk with a very high bomb…Uate lets the ball bounce and Tate goes up to catch it but misses, Uate knocks it on and it falls into the arms of Hannant who beats one and goes over the line! TRY! VIDEO COMING SOON

38 Min: Cronk with a big kick downfield…Hayne goes back to clean up…now Jennings…Lewis makes it past one but is tackled by the second man…ball goes inside to Farrah who can’t break the line…Pearce with a kick to Slater who gives the ball to Tate.

35 Min: NSW with a scrum 10 metres out…ball goes in and Carney fires it to Bird…now Carney who is tackled hard…bit more push and shove but the high-pitched ref keeps it under control…NSW win the penalty and are 8 metres out…Luke Lewis plays the ball to Farrah…gets a ball away to Gallen who gives it to Bird but he’s pulled down…now Pearce who gives it to Lewis who tries to get an offload away but can’t…5th and final…Farrah puts a kick in but it’s been picked up brilliantly by Smith! From right out in front of the posts.

34 Min: Farrah who has made 34 tackles in these opening exchanges receives some treatment as NSW move the ball up…Carney with the little chip over the top and Slater is there to clean it up but he makes an absolute mess of it instead and fumbles it out of play…

33 Min: Pearce kicks very early and now Queensland are 30 metres out from the line…Cronk goes to Thurston who goes behind the decoy and gives it to Hodges but he loses the ball and that will be NSW ball.

31 Min: Carney puts a kick high but Slater goes up for it and comes back down with it…Queensland with the ball…Smith with a kick from dummy half way down field…picked up by Stewart though.

29 Min: Smith gives it to Thurston who puts a kick up high which is caught by the try-scorer Stewart….NSW over the halfway line…Jennings looking spritely goes on a run…Carney with the ball gives it to Josh Morris who almost makes it through a Darius Boyd tackle! Carney with it now though who puts a cross-field bomb into the right corner but Tate is up and takes it with ease.

28 Min: Queensland with the ball and Slater has it but he’s driven into the ground by Farrah.

26 Min: Carney puts the kick to the left of the posts.

25 Min: Hayne does a skip and a hop looking for a hole in the Queensland defence…Gallen takes one up the middle…Bird to Farrah now to Carney on to Brett Stewart who has gone over the line! We’ll go to the TMO!...TMO’s call….TRY! VIDEO UP

25 Min: John Thurston now has knocked on 35 metres out from Queensland’s line…big chance coming up…Slater is another to join the walking wounded.

24 Min: NSW with it now…Josh Morris gives a burst of speed but is tackled by Boyd…Robbie Farrah kicks from 40 metres off his own line and Tate picks it up and gives it to Slater who is met by a wall of blue.

23 Min: Inglis with the ball, shoulders heavily into Gallen….Smith with a kick down into the corner and it looks like Gallen will get some treatment after that collision with Inglis.

22 Min: NSW up to their own 40 and Carney kicks very deep right into the arms of Darius Boyd.

21 Min: Inglis restarts for Queensland…Smith off to Myles…Cronk gives it back inside to Slater who makes it to the 20 metre line…Smith goes blindside 10 metres from the line but the pass is bad and Boyd picks it up tries to put through a kick but Bird is there to tidy.

20 Min: Penalty goes to the Maroons and there’s a bit more push and shove but the ref manages to keep it under control…you can just sense something will boil over soon enough.

19 Min: Queensland seem to be dealing with a few injuries at the moment as Tate and Hodges are finding it hard to move….NSW 10 from the line…goes to Greg Bird and he knocks it on! Given away cheaply by NSW.

18 Min: Jennings with it and he almost muscles his way past the first line of defence and Carney puts a kick in down into the corner…Slater fumbles with it! But somehow manages to keep it in!

17 Min: Queensland are attacking and a pass to Civinoceva looked forward but play continues and the kick from Cronk is high…NSW get underneath and start to move the ball out of their half.

16 Min: NSW with an attack now and Paul Gallen is shown into the ground by Myles and Taylor…kick from Carney is very high…Slater gets under it brilliantly.

15 Min: Queensland back on attack and they have made plenty of ground…kick comes through from Cronk and it comes off the goal post! And Brett Stewart grounds it! But Slater has given away a penalty anyway.

13 Min: Early kick from Cronk…Chased back by Brett Stewart behind the line and he knocks it on! Queensland player to follow up this must be a try! But, I think it was Taylor, has tried to dive on it and knocked it on and NSW scramble it to safety! UP…That is a get out of jail free card for NSW…

12 Min: NSW 40 out…Farrah goes to Bird who throws a few dummies but is tied up and now Queensland have come away after Bird loses it…

11 Min: Kick from Cronk charged down by Bird and Queensland have got another set…Cronk dummies and gives it to Thurston on to Hodges who is tackled well by Bird…Queensland kick, goes nowhere and Queensland give away a penalty.

9 Min: Hidges puts a good tackle on Hayne…Farrah surging forwards…Kick from Farrah and Tate takes it, goes to ground but gets back up and makes a few metres…great stuff from him. Replays show he was in fact tackled though.

9 Min: Queensland’s Matt Scott doesn’t play the ball correctly and that will be NSW ball.

8 Min: Queensland earn a penalty and there’s already a little push and shove.

7 Min: Gallen gets an offload away to Farrah who see’s something on the right but doesn’t go for it…kick from Carney goes downfield and is picked up by former Warrior Brent Tate who skips away from one.

6 Min: Queensland with the ball…Cameron Smith carries it past halfway…Cronk back inside to Dave Taylor…Cronk with the quick but Uate just holds onto it and is tackled by Inglis.

5 Min: first penalty of the night goes NSW’s way…they’re 20 metres out…Gallen goes to Bird who wrestles his way forward…now Brett Stewart almost finds his way through! Carney with the ball he puts the kick through but it goes dead.

4 Min: Thurston knocks it on after some promising pressure from Queensland, massive roar from the crowd…

2 Min: Cooper Cronk with an early burst down the right side. He’s in some space but tackled...

1 Min: Queensland gets us underway!...Civinoceva takes a big hit straight Tim Grant from the off there good start for NSW…Kick from Carney ends the first set of six of the night…

18 times out of 26 the home team has won the second game of State of Origin. Interesting fact there…

And now Paul Gallen leads the Blues out to a rapturous crowd at full capacity…

Cameron Smith leading his Queensland side on to the turf now…can they extend their State of Origin legacy?

We are but moments away from kick-off in a rainy Sydney as the match ball gets dropped off by a police dog…a ball that the dog that doesn’t seem to want to release the ball…

Queensland. Kick off isn’t far away so in the meantime watch highlights from Game 1.




Brett Stewart, Jarryd Hayne, Michael Jennings, Josh Morris, Akuila Uate, Todd Carney, Mitchell Pearce, Robbie Farah, Paul Gallen, Glenn Stewart, James Tamou, Greg Bird, Tim Grant

Interchange: Luke Lewis, Anthony Watmough, Ben Creagh, Trent Merrin


Billy Slater, Darius Boyd, Greg Inglis, Justin Hodges, Brent Tate, Jonathan Thurston, Cooper Cronk, Ashley Harrison, Nate Myles, Dave Taylor Matt Scott, Cameron Smith (captain), Petero Civoniceva.

Interchange: Matt Gillett, Ben Hannant, David Shillington, Corey Parker

Pregame Banter:

The second State of Origin clash is just a few hours away and will be played in front of a sell out crowd in Sydney.

The Blues will need all the support they can get - they need to win this game to keep the series alive – and if it’s anything like game one there will be plenty of on-field drama as well off-field drama.

Going for their traditional team walk the Maroons were well aware the odds aren't as good for them as Origin One. They're missing Sam Thaiday - an important part of their defence - and are playing in front of a sell-out New South Wales crowd.

But Coach Mal Maninga says the Maroons are well prepared for what they'll come up against.

“They’re going to be desperate, they have to win this footy game,” says Maninga. “They need to, otherwise the series is all over and done with.”

And that would mean seven straight series wins to the Maroons.

Ricky Stuart put the Blues through their paces at yesterday's final training session but avoided the cameras, instead leaving his second-in-charge to face reporters.

The snub is an indication that Stuart's not over a series of rough calls in Origin One - including a controversial match sealing try.

But the Maroons wouldn't be drawn into any mind games.

“I’m not into gamesmanship, I’m into honesty. And we promote the game in the best light we possibly can,” says Maninga.

Despite the bitterness over Origin One the Blues say they've got the goods to take out game two.

“I think we’ve got the confidence now and the way that we played that we can beat them,” says NSW forward Greg Bird. “It’s just going out there and getting the job done.”

And they desperately need to get the job done. A loss for the Blues will not only lose them the series but will also lose them credibility – they are playing at home in front of 84,000, and losing an unprecedented seventh series would also be just plain embarrassing.

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