VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: New Zealand V West Indies, Twenty20, Eden Park, 2014

  • 11/01/2014

Hello and welcome to Eden Park where we have the Black Caps taking on the West Indies in the first of two T20's.

New Zealand were humiliated in the last match against the visitors, the last ODI of a five-game series with the Windies 203-run win salvaging a draw.

But this is a new format, a different city and both these teams will be looking to draw first blood in the shorter format. Will the Black Caps bounce back or will the Windies continue their good form?

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LIVE COMMENTARY... Black Caps V West Indies

New Zealand 189/5

West Indies 107/8

20th over: Jimmy Neesham to bowl the last over in a comprehensive victory...Couple of singles and we're all over at Eden Park but really the game was over long before now.

19th over: Southee to bowl the second-to-last over...Southee bowls a wide, Miler has a swing but he just doesn't care...Badree ends the over with a single.

18th over: Corey Anderson steps in to bowl...West Indies can't even find singles now...BADREE GETS A RUN! And another single. A single and that's the over. MIller sweeps one off the toes and brings up the 100 for the West Indies.

17th over: Milne brought back in. Single off the first ball. Single off the second....Single off the third...Single off the fourth...DOT BALL ON THE FIFTH! AND ANOTHER DOT TO FINISH THE OVER!

16th over: Neesham starts his last over with a wide...Few more singles...New Zealand have won this. Everyone knows it....This game is really crawling to a finish.

15th over: Tim Southee back into the attack...Couple of runs for Miller....Nice edge from Badree and the ball runs away for four...Very light rain beginning to fall as Southee goes for the yorker and it rips through him but sneaks down leg side...Miller with a nice stroke down the ground for a single.

14th over: Great fielding by Brendon McCullum in the covers. No run. Miller at the crease gets his first run after hitting a high ball into no mans land...Walton tries to sweep the ball around but it's gone straight into the hands to Colin Munro. Simple wicket for Jimmy Neesham...Narine comes...and goes, caught in the deep. WICKET!

13th over: Phew! Massive SIX from Walton! But he bravo hasn't hung around for long after slicing a ball to the boundary and Jesse Ryder shows some nice hands to take the catch! Nathan McCullum has four wickets. Last ball of his spell and he has a chance for a 5-wicket bag...He doesn't get the wicket but Nathan McCullum does end the over with 4 for 24. Great spell of bowling.

12th over: Corey Anderson really suffocating the Windies innings here. It's just singles all over the place.

11th over: Fletcher slices a ball straight to Ryder and he's gone! WICKET! Well Bravo gets himself into the mood and smacks a four....Here goes Russell, he hits it flat and hard! Guptill gets up very high and reaches it! He makes the catch! Brilliant WICKET!

10th over: More confusion in the middle. Brendon McCullum with the chance to run out Fletcher...Doesn't...Fletcher with a big swing and a miss! West Indies rotating the strike a lot but not getting the boundary's they need. Good over from Corey Anderson ends.

9th over: West Indies really need to pick it up...Nathan McCullum continues his spell...Powell smacks the ball into the feet of Fletcher and gets a run....Kieran Powell goes high in the air! Guptill running round to reach it! Dives! Catch! WICKET! Bravo arrives at the crease and really needs to get things going.

8th over: Corey Anderson to bowl...Some more hard running this time from Fletcher.... West Indies bring up 50 with a single....Anderson showing some desire as he sprints down the wicket and flings the ball at the wickets to try and catch a slow returning Kieran Powell who is very almost caught out.

7th over: First spinner of the New Zealand innings and Nathan McCullum is in, bowling to Powell who gets underneath the ball and smacks it away for four...POwell again tries to get underneath, doesn't quite but they still scramble two...Another mix up in the middle, Milne with the throw! Windies let off the hook again because a direct hit and Powell would have been out!

6th over: Milne gets a third over...Quick single from the first ball. Milne raps the pads of Fletcher and appeals for LBW! But it was going down the off side and he picks up a single...Powell plays another cut shot and picks up two runs....Again Milne appeals for LBW! Umpire having none of it...Confusion between the stumps! Ryder with the throw! Misses and a direct hit he would have been out.

5th over: Jimmy Neesham enters the attack and bowls a wide. Very loose start...Charles with an inside edge and it goes through to Ronchi! Caught! WICKET!...Kieran Powell comes to the crease. First shot is straight back down the ground to Neesham....Powell finds a gap with a skewed shot, Milne chases it down and keeps it to three. Another single and thats the over

4th over: Milne pumped for four by Charles! Bouncer from Milne, very quick! Fletcher can't get his bat to it. Fletcher plays a nice cut shot to the boundary but Southee dives and pulls off a nice piece of fielding! And a single to finish the over.

3rd over: Southee back in to the attack...quick single. Couple of fours and the Windies right in it!

2nd over: Adam Milne is going to take over with the ball...Pace, Simmons nicks it! Doesn't carry to the slips....good fielding from Guptill and another dot ball.,,Milne really firing these in and Simmons can't get a hold of it. No runs off the over so far...There's another touch! Carries through to the keeper this time! Milne picks up the first wicket! Jeez that ball was travelling at 150km/h! Andre Fletcher comes into bat and gets a quick single straight away...last ball of the over and Charles hits it down the ground but it's fielded. Brilliant over from Adam Milne!

1st over: Tim Southee will open the bowling and Johnson Charles will face the first ball. Here we go, very nonchalant shot from Charles and it just falls short of the hands of McCullum! Charles goes up and over and the West Indies get the first runs on the board...Tim Southee with a bouncer, Charles can't hit it and Southee's delivery is deemed to be wide...Charles spits a shot over the slip and it races away for four...Simmons on strike for the first time. He smashes a ball away down the ground for four...Last ball of the over and its a swing and a miss from Charles.

So New Zealand doing well there to close out their innings, we'll be back with the West Indies turn to bat very soon!

20th over: Tino Best to bowl the last over and Ronchi will be disappointed with the first one because it's a dot...Ronchi slams the next down the ground but it's gone to the fielder and will only be a single...Best with the bouncer, McCullum with a wild swing and he's missed it! another ball pitched short! Wide! McCullum comes down the wicket and smashes it away for SIX! Brings up his 50!...Oh my McCullum with the dentist shot! Over the wicketkeeper! Away for SIX! Fantastic cricket! Last ball, Tino pitches it short again and McCullum misses the ball then get a single. Good finish! Definitely a competitive score!

19th over: Bravo with the ball and it's a full toss and McCullum smashes that one down the ground but there's a fielder and it'll be two runs. McCullum goes again but only gets a run...Ronchi straight down the ground keeps it low and it's been cut out for a single...Bravo with a full toss down the leg side and that is dispatched for four by McCullum. Bad piece of bowling...McCullum comes down the ground and smacks himself in the leg with his shot. He's good, he gets a single...Ronchi will stay on strike for the last over.

18th over: The very economic Narine, Ronchi gets underneath and oh yep that's a huge SIX! And follows it up with two...Ronchi plays a very fine cut and gets a four...And then drops a knee and smashes it away at square leg for SIX! Ronchi on fire! And he finishes off the over with a shot over point for four! Brilliant over just what NZ needed!

17th over: Quick single to start the over. New Zealand might want to start picking up the pace again...McCullum steps away from the wicket to slog but it goes right along the ground to the fielder...Ronchi with a wild swing, ball stays very low and goes fizzing through to the keeper...Full toss from the bowler to end the innings! Looks like it smashed into Ronchi and somehow that's not called a no ball?? Replays show it copped Ronchi in the faceguard off the bat!

16th over: Sunil Narine steps up. McCullum gets Ronchi on strike with a single...Good running between the wickets from Ronchi and McCullum...Five from the over.

15th over: WASP is predicting 163 at the moment...a massive pull shot from McCullum for SIX might change that! McCullum then comes down the wicket and tries to slog but doesn't get a hold of it and gets a single...Luke Ronchi bringing some proper class to this innings with a magnificent straight drive for SIX! and that's another from Ronchi over covers this time for four! Ronchi again gets under it! Straight drive again! SIX! This game really ebbing and flowing nicely!

14th over: Ronchi puts McCullum on strike with a single...And Ronchi gets the strike right back...Ronchi edges to fine leg and picks up a single....

13th over: Couple of big overs and Tino Best is going to be brought into the attack....Munro collects first ball! Goes high! Not enough on it but it drops in the middle of two fielders!...Munro again goes sky-high! Oh no this one's hasn't carried at all and the wicket-keeper makes the catch! Record-setter Corey Anderson is in at the crease. Can he produce the same heroics he showed in Queenstown? Best bowling very fast and very straight this is a good over so far....Big pull shot from Anderson! Oh no it won't have enough on it! Right down the throat of the fielder and Anderson is gone! Luke Ronchi comes in and instantly gets off the mark. NZ on the backfoot?

12th over: Narine brought back into bowl...McCullum tries to flick it down to fine leg but it goes to a fielder and he could be caught out here! No dives home! Oh Narine with a confusing bowl that does everybody! Past the batsmen, over the wickets and past the wicketkeeper for four! No ball called as Munro tries to switch hit again but can't get a hold of it... So here's the free hit! Down leg and battered away for SIX!

11th over: Munro drops a knee and switch hits the ball over mid-on for four!...Munro again with a big shot! It's gone very high! Miller under it! NO IT'S GONE FOR SIX! JUST!...Munro again switches his stance and goes to the on side again for a single...McCullum gets in on the action and smashes it down the ground! Huge SIX!

10th over: Colin Munro comes to the middle...Munro plays a measured cut shot but it's straight to the fielder...the run rate was at 10 an over five overs ago...great spell for the West Indies...Munro off the mark with a single...NZ seem content with the singles at the moment...Well we're halfway through the innings and NZ are 70/3.

9th over: Miller continues his spell...quick single off the first ball...Ross Taylor looking very defensive...Taylor off the pads and they get a quick two, direct hit on the wickets! Not out and there's overthrows to be had.. Well they did go upstairs but Taylor was home by a mile...McCullum faces, he looks to get things started and sprints down the wicket and pulls the ball away but it's to the fielder so will only be a single...Miller with a slower ball, Taylor with the leading edge and Bravo makes the catch! Simple!

8th over: Badree stays in the attack...New Zealand run rate really starting to drop off. Nothing but singles at the moment.

7th over: Nikita Miller, another spinner, into the attack now...First ball not bad as McCullum hits it straight back to Miller...McCullum then blocks and looks for the single that was never going to happen...Now he gets a hold of one and cuts it away for a single....Ryder gets underneath one down the ground! Caught on the boundary by Charles! NZ two down...Ross Taylor comes in and is off the mark straight away...Brilliant over for Miller who went for only three runs and picked up a wicket.

6th over: Narine comes into the attack. Will be interesting to see how the spinner goes...And it's not great for Sunil as Ryde drops a knee and goes right over long-off! One-bounce four! Ryder with a quick single and McCullum on strike...McCullum with a very defensive shot, looks for a single but some good fielding squashes that. Ryder drops the knee again and he just manages to get underneath the ball to whip it past fine leg for four.

5th over: Badree continues his stint. Quick single and Ryder is on strike...Ryder advances down the wicket and goes for the slog! It hits McCullum onthe foot and won't be a run! Ouch! Ryder then picks up a single. Was looking like a good over until McCullum comes down the wicket and batters it away for four through the covers.

4th over: Tino Best with the ball whips one through the defences of Guptill but next ball Guptill smashes that one down the wicket for four! Wow in fact Guptill's hit it so hard he's hit the cover off the ball! Ok so we have a new ball after Guptill ruined the last one...Ryder on strike after they get a single. Ryder gets a single through covers...before Guptill cross bats to gully and is OUT!...McCullum comes out at first drop, hits a single and that's the over.

3rd over: Ryder looks to get in on the action and hits one over off but only manages three. Quick single from Guptill gets Ryder on strike. Ryder ends the over with a well timed cut away for four.


2nd over: Guptill hits it straight down tyhe ground that's massive!! SIX! And he follows up with a four! And then other from Guptill! Great over for NZ!

1st over: Guptill and Ryder in to bat! They get 5 off the over. The first delivery isn't far away but in the meantime you can watch how the West Indies are shaping up after Nicky Styris visited them at training.



New Zealand: Martin Guptill, Jesse Ryder, Brendon McCullum (capt), Ross Taylor, Corey Anderson, Colin Munro, Luke Ronchi, Nathan McCullum, James Neesham, Tim Southee, Mitchell McClenaghan

West Indies: Johnson Charles, Kieran Powell, Lendl Simmons, Andre Fletcher, Dwayne Bravo, Andre Russell, Jason Holder, Sunil Narine, Nikita Miller, Samuel Bradree, Tino Best

Pregame banter:

The West Indies head into the two-match Twenty20 series with an air of Caribbean confidence. 

Not only did they hand the Black Caps their second biggest one day defeat to square the one day series, the Windies are also keen to prove why they're the reigning Twenty20 world champions.

Captain Duane Bravo is one cool customer and has every reason to feel confident ahead of tomorrow night's first Twenty20 at Eden Park.

"This is one form that we are most comfortable as a group, this allows us to express ourselves," he says.

"Our flamboyance, our flair comes in so it's natural for us. So we are looking forward to it and it's going to be exciting."

Especially if it's anything like the show the calypso kings put on in Hamilton, smashing 363 in the final one-dayer and annihilating the Black Caps by a massive 203 runs.

"We were happy to win the last game to level the ODI series but this is a totally new series and we know the Black Caps can be damaging in this form of the game as well," says Bravo.

The Black Caps are only too aware of the damage the Windies can inflict, but they too rate their prowess in the shorter form of the game.

With the Twenty20 World Cup coming up in March, the reigning champion West Indies are keen to send a clear message to the cricketing world - especially opener Kieran Powell who is yet to represent the side in a Twenty20 and has a recovering Chris Gayle sitting in the wings.

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