VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: NSW Vs Queensland, Game 1, State of Origin 2013

  • 05/06/2013

By Louis Anderson-Rich

Hello and welcome to ANZ Stadium where we have one of the fiercest rivalries in world sport; it's State of Origin Game 1, the Blues against the Maroons.

Seven titles in a row for Queensland, seven years pain for the Blues and their fans.

However, there is definitely a good feeling coming from the NSW camp and some are even touting them as favourites due to the ageing Maroons team taking the field.

We bring you live streaming written commentary, video highlights (be sure to refresh your browser) and all the rugby league action. VIDEO will be available as soon as the final whistle goes.



LIVE COMMENTARY… New South Wales 14-6 Queensland


79 Min: Thurston gets a kick off and is smashed in the tackle but the refs don't see it as dangerous...Farah to Jennings who nearly breaks the line...Final tackle and Haynes goes for a drop goal but it's not going to make it and the kick hasn't even goone dead it's sat up in the in-goal.

77 Min: Myles with the ball on halfway gives it off to Slater! Slater is through the middle! He's away! He heads for the corner and Hayne gets back makes the tackle and then Smith knocks it on! Blues out of danger!

76 Min: Kick from Maloney into the in-goal and Jennings is chasing! Can he reach it! Ball takes a bad bounce and rolls out despite Jennings best efforts.

75 Min: Tate winds up and has a crack at the line but he looks tired...Thurston now is wrapped up...Smith to Cronk who knocks it on over halfway and that's a big cough up for Queensland!

72 Min: Pearce goes high and gets hit late! Jennings comes flying into take the kick, it bounces! Ball is loose! Slater comes up with it and sets out on a run! Tackled.

71 Min: Haynes fields a deep kick, brings the ball up and draws the penalty. He's had a good game.

70 Min: Lewis winds up and gives it to Morris who knocks the ball on at halfway...

69 Min: Big kick from Cronk to the corner and Morris is up and comes down with a big take!

68 Min: McQueen beats Ferguson and is tackled by Lewis, Maroons within the 20...Greg Inglis caught up by Morris and he's trying to chop his arm off...Last tackle Cronk goes opposite corner and Jennings goes up and loses the ball forward! Queensland with all the pressure at the moment..

67 Min: Maloney with a thumping kick down the middle straight to Slater who has a lot of time to wind up but he's tackled by Fifita and then he gives away a penalty and there's a bit of afters between the two players.

66 Min: Now Tate gets away down the right...Cronk to Thurston who kicks very high for the opposite corner and Ferguson is safe under the ball.

64 Min: Hodges looking dangerous as he comes up through the middle. Kick from halfway in behind and it's a bouncer which Ferguson takes and he's already looking a bit shaky.

61 Min: Smith from the sideline converts! What a kick!

60 Min: Hodges gets out of three tackles and makes some great ground! Offloads to Tate who Keeps the move going! Now the ball is whipped over by Thurston to Inglis who goes around his man and shoots a pass to Boyd on the wing! Boyd over the line! TRY! Queensland back in it!

58 Min: Another penalty to NSW. It was Inglis who was penalised and he has had a very, very quiet game.

56 Min: Queensland have a new set after Cronk seemed to lose the ball forward but managed to get it back...Smith to Scott who battles forward...Queensland 20 away and Cronk tries to do it himself...Shillington goes at the line, and he actually goes over the line but he was wrapepd up all the way there and the Maroons come back to 10 metres out....and then lose the ball forward.

55 Min: The Maroons look to be stirring from their sleep. Luke Lewis with another great run up to halfway...Maloney offloads to Hoffman through the gap but Hoffman knocks it on and it's advantage to Queensland.

51 Min: NSW go for the jugular as they take the tap and Farah goes out the line! He's over! No he's forced back! Now the Blues spread the ball, link up a couple of passes, Maloney cuts back inside to Lewis who goes at the line and loses the ball forward.

50 Min: Pearce with the ball over halfway, drops off a pass for the oncoming Lewis and Lewis bursts through the line! Leiws eventually brought down and the Blues are within 12 metres! And they have a penalty as well because the Maroons were offside!

49 Min: NO TRY is the call for Smith!

48 Min: Better move from Queensland as Smith goes to Cronk to Slater to Te'o and now Thaiday smashes into the line!...Smith with the ball and he spots a gap! Smith is through! Smith all the way?! He's over but it looks like that is a double movement?

47 Min: Six more tackles for Queensland as they make it up over halfway. Thurston is tackled and he doesn't get back up in a hurry.

46 Min: Gallen knocks the ball on in the tackle and Queensland are let off the hook.

45 Min: Cooper Cronk kicks from deep in his own half and Hayne brings it up...Farah with a kick on the last and Slater comes up to claim it and is confused by the bounce! Ball trickles into the in-goal, Slater scrambles back to get on it and Morris makes the tackle. Great stuff from the blues.

44 Min: Watmough brings it up over halfway, throws a loose ball out the back and Pearce fields it, sends it out wide to Ferguson who cuts back inside! Tackled...

43 Min: Queensland up again but the Blues defence is very strong and they aren't giving the Maroons an inch.

42 Min: Nate Myles brings the ball up and then Corey Parker goes on a run...And doesn't get back up after playing the ball....High ball from Cronk and Ferguson comes up with it! He's been great tonight under the high ball.

41 Min: NSW kick off and we are back underway!

HALFTIME: New South Wales 14-0 Queensland What an absolute cracker of a game so far! Plenty of electricity on the field let's hope the sparks keep flying in the second!

40 Min: Well that was one of the cleanest hits on someone I've ever seen in a sports game! Gallen is placed on report for his troubles...Siren goes and that's halftime!

40 Min: Big fight breaking out in the middle of the park! It's Nate Myles and Paul Gallen! First a push from Myles and then a right hander from Gallen flush on the face of Myles! Lots of biff!

39 Min: Big kick from Pearce on halfway is taken by Slater who is wrapped up tight.

38 Min: Maloney bangs the conversion over from out in front. When will Queensland turn up?

37 Min: The TRY is awarded!

36 Min: Farah to Maloney over halfway and Maloney kciks, blocked and boucnes between a couple of bodies but Gallen comes up with it and the tackle count restarts for the Blues!...Watmough brings it about 15 metres out...Trent Merrin takes it up another five, last tackle and it's Farah who puts in a little kick, blocked by Thaiday! Thaiday jumps on it and the ball spits loose! Michael Jennings picks up the loose ball, and steps past one, steps another! Squirms through a tight gapin the middle and stretches out to touch down by the posts! TRY! I think?! We're going upstairs!

35 Min: Hodges with a hit-up, offloads out the back but ball goes loose, Cronk picks it up and bangs it downfield for Hayne to charge it upfield.

33 Min: Ryan Hoffman smashes into the line with some pace and then has a few words with Shillington...Farah with a driving kick into the middle but Boyd comes back to field the ball.

32 Min: Quick hands from Hodges frees up Tate down the right wing! He can't get past Morris though...Now they flick it out the other side and Cronk goes to Thurston who goes to Boyd into the corner!!! Great tackle from Josh Morris to force him out of play!

31 Min: Knock on by Lewis after a poor pass from Gallen. Queensland back on the attack right in the Blues territory.

30 Min: Hodges comes from blind side to open side and gives it to Thurston with a great kick in behind for Boyd! Boyd gets the ball in some space but is tackled by Hayne! Queensland on the attack but NSW scramble and now it's Cronk with the cross-field kick, Tate gets up to it! Knocks it down to Hodges! Hodges tackled out of touch!

29 Min: Maloney puts a high ball up early and Darius Boyd brings it down and is tackled...Now Inglis is tackled right by his own tryline! Slater brings the ball up and offside is called against NSW after being under plenty of pressure.

28 Min: So Corey Parker with an offload to Hodges to Smith who goes wide now Te'o who makes some good ground...Cronk tries to stab a kick into the left corner but it's blocked by Lewis who regathers and brings the ball up to the 30 metre line!

27 Min: Anthony Watmough gets flipped in a tackle...Things really starting to heat up...Pearce with a high ball down the middle and Tate takes it and gets smashed immediately by Hoffman and it's a penalty for the Maroons because someone was inside the 10 when the kick was made.

26 Min: Haynes spends a bit of time on the deck after clashing heads with Tate...So Queensland with the restart and it's Smith to Cronk who is sandwiched in the tackle....Now Myles at the line but Fifita rips it from him and comes away with the ball!

25 Min: Last for Queensland and Cronk goes high down the middle but Hayne brings it down and it's a penalty to the Maroons after Slater was taken down in backplay!

23 Min: Farah to Maloney with the short ball to Lewis who bursts through! Dropped it! No kicked ahead! He's chasing the ball down! Doesn't matter anyway because the ref brings it back for the initial knock on....

21 Min: Maloney takes the kick at goal...and he's missed it from a pretty simple spot...Rattled?

20 Min: Fifita brings the restart up and pirouettes away from a tackle and makes very good ground! Now Maloney attacks the line and picks the gap! Maloney away through the middle! Maloney looking for support but can't find it and is brought down 5 metres from the line! Penalty to the Blues! And some pushing and shoving, Cooper Cronk I think it was that sparked something. Classic Origin!

19 Min: Maloney signals a kick for the posts to extend that lead...The conversion is successful.

18 Min: Greg Bird with a good run as he struggles through the line, making some good metres...Now Maloney with a short drop off to Tamou who loses the ball but the referee rules an illegal strip by Cameron Smith!

16 Min: Cronk puts a good kick into the in-goal and Morris is back to give it off to Hayne who brings the ball up and seems to take a high tackle from Thaiday...NSW Still with the ball and they have a penalty which Maloney will kick for touch.

15 Min: Luke Lewis with a very good run over halfway and Gallen was in support but he can't get the offload away...NSW keep the move going and Josh Morris puts a kick through, and regathers it! No he's knocked it on...

13 Min: Odd stabbed kick chip from Thurston and Jarrad Hayne comes flying across to claim it...Maloney with a spiralling kick away and Slater brings it up...Now Shillington...Queensland on their last...Cronk goes to the air and again it's to Ferguson who does well under the high ball.

12 Min: Queensland go open side from the scrum feed...Smith to Thurston who goes short to Harrison who barrells into the line...Inglis now and he has plenty of attention from the Blues defence.

11 Min: Tamou with a hit up, 20 metres from his own line and he knocks it on. Good chance for the Maroons...

10 Min: Now the Maroons get to within 10 metres...good gain from their set and Cronk puts a little chip into the corner but Ferguson is up to it and brings it down safely.

9 Min: Cronk forced to clear from deep, Ferguson takes it and brings it up, the man on debut he makes some good ground as well but then loses it forward in the tackle.

8 Min: Farah breaks from dummy half and NSW are over halfway...kick from Pearce and Slater comes up to claim it....Thurston dumped on his back in a big tackle!

5 Min: Maloney already with blood coming from his lip, kicks the conversion.

4 Min: scrum feed for the Blues...Goes to Bird who steps and takes the ball within 5...Farah to the leftm to Gallen works the wraparound and it's Hoffman who is tackled 5 out....Gallen tackled quickly and NSW go back a few metres but here is Lewis who drops off a quick short pass to Hayne through the middle! Twisting, turning! Stretches an arm out! TRY! OPENING TRY!

3 Min: NSW go away to the left as Hayne gets a ball to Josh Ferguson with a hit up...Maloney to the air into the corner and Tate and Lewis go up for it! Knock on called against Tate. Home crowd very happy with that.

2 Min: Brent Tate with a little slip with his first touch...Last for Queensland, they haven't made much ground, Cronk slams it downfield and Brett Morris runs the ball back up to halfway.

1 Min: Cameron Smith kicks off and we have begun! Straight to Gallen who gets the first run of the match!....Luke Lewis gets upended in a tackle by Nate Myles, First kick of the night from Maloney and it's taken by Slater very deep.

10.15PM Nice rendition of the anthem from Emily Mortimer there. Let's get this underway!

10.13PM If you're an Aussie, now is time for you to stand for the national anthem...Heck most Kiwis probably know all the words as well.

10.12PM And now the Blues, lead by Paul Gallen, 8 years since they've won a series. They still come out to a brilliant reception! ANZ Stadium is chocka!

10.11PM Cameron Smith leads the Maroons out on the field!

10.06PM Darren Lockyer's thinking Sam Thaiday could prove to be the impact player of the match...Andrew Johns says that for NSW to have a chance, they need to nail their kicking game from the off. No pressure on former Warriors lad James Maloney then...

9.56PM Greg Bird stoking the fires before the game. He says he loves the state of Brisbane, but hates the people. Losing seven Origins in a row must be tough when playing for the Titans....In all fairness Bird himself hasn't lost all of those Origin's....But it must be like he has by association.

9.55PM Teams just getting their final talkings to in the shed we are very, very close to kick-off!

9.50PM Crowd starting to really pack in and the atmosphere is really ramping up.

9.46PM Bit of pre-match entertainment. Timomatic (?) having a cruise around the sidelines just trying to get that crowd 'pumping'.

9.38PM No late changes from either team. They're all good to go.

9.35PM Queensland certainly in a fighting mood, they felt they deserved two matches in Brisbane this year however it's two at ANZ Stadium. Let's see if they can use that as motivation for the win.

9.30PM Paul Gallen has won the coin toss for the Blues. First blood has been drawn...

We will start commentary from 9.30pm bringing you the weather and ground conditions. In the meantime to really get you in the spirit, you can watch all the biggest hits and best fights from Origins gone by.




New South Wales: 1. Jarrad Hayne, 2. Brett Morris, 3. Michael Jennings, 4. Josh Morris, 5. Blake Ferguson, 6. James Maloney, 7. Mitchell Pearce, 8. Paul Gallen, 9. Robbie Farah, 10. James Tamou, 11. Ryan Hoffman, 12. Luke Lewis, 13. Greg Bird.

Interchange: 14. Andrew Fifita, 15. Trent Merrin, 16. Anthony Watmough, 17. Josh Reynolds.

Queensland: 1. Billy Slater, 2. Darius Boyd, 3. Greg Inglis, 4. Justin Hodges, 5. Brent Tate, 6. Johnathan Thurston, 7. Cooper Cronk, 8. Mathew Scott, 9. Cameron Smith, 10. David Shillington, 11. Nate Myles, 12. Sam Thaiday, 13. Ashley Harrison.

Interchange: 14. Corey Parker, 15. Matt Gillett, 16. Ben Te'o, 17. Chris McQueen.

Pregame Banter:

The last time NSW won a State of Origin series Twitter was a sound associated with aviaries and nerdy US college students were first being poked on Facebook.

The Blues have tasted success in just six of the past 21 meetings against Queensland and not prevailed in a series since 2005.

But despite this woeful record they somehow find themselves going into the series opener at ANZ Stadium as favourites.

Confidence south of the Tweed is high with several of Laurie Daley's side in great form for their NRL clubs.

This has also been fuelled by Queensland boasting the oldest team in Origin history and starting a series for the first time since 2000 without the inspirational Petero Civoniceva in their front row.

A question about 'Dad's Army' was the only time Maroons coach Mal Meninga showed any signs of bristling at Monday's uncharacteristically cordial joint press conference with Daley.

Skipper Cameron Smith, who will turn 30 the week before game two in Brisbane, said he was unfazed by the average age of his side being just under 29 - three years older than the Blues.

"I think if you're still playing good footy it doesn't matter how old you are," Smith said on Tuesday.

"If there were guys playing better footy or Mal thought there were guys that were younger and better then they'd be here.

"The `Dad's Army' tag is a bit of fun but I suppose its fact. There are a few guys that are 31 and Ash Harrison is 32.

"I'm turning 30 this year, but I don't feel old. I am still playing footy and running around with a few young guys out there and I am still enjoying playing State of Origin footy."

A large part of Queensland's success has been the continuity of team selection and Smith sees the merits of Daley's decision to partner Sydney Roosters halves James Maloney and Mitchell Pearce.

Cronulla trio Paul Gallen, Andrew Fifita and Luke Lewis will also make up part of the Blues' pack, while 11 of the side that played in game three last year were retained.

With NSW's familiarity in the halves, Smith knows his side will need to dig deep and use all of their experience to win game one.

"It certainly hasn't made it easier, they are a really strong combination at club level and have shown that with the Roosters this year," he said.

"I think if you look at our side, the combinations we have between myself, Billy Slater and Cooper Cronk that only makes a team stronger I believe.

"We've had a look at their halves and the way they play and minimise what they do well.

"We know what the Cronulla boys bring to the table, they like the ball in hand and the rough stuff in the middle of the field.

"We've got an idea in mind about how we go about things and we know we're in for a tough night defensively."

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