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VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Tottenham Hotspur Vs Manchester City 3-1, English Premier League 2013

Sunday 21 Apr 2013 11:22 p.m.

Will it be Manchester City players celebrating at the end of 90 minutes and with a tiny, tiny sniff of the Premier League title? (Reuters file)

Will it be Manchester City players celebrating at the end of 90 minutes and with a tiny, tiny sniff of the Premier League title? (Reuters file)

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NB: Video on this article has been removed in accordance to international license restrictions.

By Greg Robertson

Hello and welcome to White Hart Lane in London where we have Tottenham Hotspur hosting Manchester City in the English Premier League 2013. It’s football, at its finest.

If you’re an optimistic fan of either Spurs or City then there really is a lot riding on this game.

Spurs are still very much in the hunt for a Champions League spot and are three points off fourth whilst for City the job is a bit tougher but if Manchester United’s waning performances continue then we could be in for a close run.

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LIVE COMMENTARY... Tottenham Hotspur 3 - 1 Manchester City

90+3 Min: There goes the final whistle! Spurs take a giant leap towards the Champions League next season!

90 Min: 3 Minutes will be added on. Joleon Lescott comes on for Clichy.

89 Min: Late free-kick for City in a very good position...Kolarov hits it! It wasn't far off but you feel that does it for City and they any slim hopes they had are all but gone.

87 Min: Toure resorts to taking a shot from outside the box and it goes well over the bar.

85 Min: Well, Chelsea have plenty to do at Anfield now.

82 Min: I don't beleive it Holtby has threaded another wonderful ball through this time for Bale into the box, kepper to beat! He dinks it over him! What a finish! GOOOOAAALLLL!!!!!

79 Min: Holtby nicks the ball in the middle of the park and plays a great ball through for Defoe down the left edge of the box, he cuts inside Kompany and unleashes a shot! IT'S HIT THE BACK OF THE NET! GREAT GOAL!

76 Min: City were caught napping with that goal...It didn't in fact take a deflection Clichy just decided to leave the ball at the back post for Dempsey to sneak in.

75 Min: Defoe with the ball on the edge of the box, tries to thread a ball through for Dempsey who runs away from the ball and Joe Hart comes out to save....Spurs stay on the attack though...Bale with space down the right edge of the box, he has acres, he delivers a low cross with the outside of his foot, takes a deflection, Dempsey is there at the back to score! GOAL!

74 Min: City have a free-kick in a good spot...Kolarov launches it into the box and Lloris has to come out to punch!

72 Min: Dempsey unleashes a shot from beyond the 18 yard box but it's weak and is easily swallowed up by Joe Hart.

71 Min: Jermaine Defoe is coming on for Adebayor who has been...ineffective.

70 Min: Huddlestone again out to the left for Assou-Ekotto who fires in the cross for Adebayor but Kompany gets to the ball first and heads away.

67 Min: Dembele steals the ball from Toure, plays it off for Dempsey, back across the field to Holtby who threads a great ball down the left for Assou-Ekotto who crosses it in! Away for a corner...which is headed over by Bale.

66 Min: Huddlestone picks up a yellow card for...well, nothing really...Toure deserves an Oscar for best actor however.

66 Min: Dembele on the ball, he's charging up the middle of the park and sets it off to Bale inside the box down the left, Bale bumbles the chance to cut back inside for Holtby and loses the ball.

65 Min: City break down the left, Kolarov cuts it back for Tevez who sets himself on the edge of the box and shoots! Blasts it over.

64 Min: Huddlestone launches a ball from deep up to Dempsey who just can't latch onto the end of what was a very good ball.

62 Min: Holtby and Assou-Ekotto link up nicely down the left and Holtby delivers the cross but City clear easily...

61 Min: Tottenham have a scare as Walker clears the ball to Toure who shoots it first time right at Lloris.

60 Min: Nasri gets away from Assou-Ekotto down the right...but Vertonghen comes across and puts the ball out. Double change for Spurs as Holtby comes on for Sigurdsson and Huddlestone comes on for Parker.

59 Min: 5 men in the City wall...Bale with the shot! That's gone horribly wrong as he skies it into row z.

58 Min: Bale's gone down on the edge of the box! Shout for a penalty! Ref gives a free-kick, great opportunity here.

57 Min: Dembele picks up the ball in midfield, launches a cross to Walker out on the right but Kolarov does well to see him and the ball out.

56 Min: Long throw to Adebayor in the box...he brings it down but there's no one to latch onto his low cross.

55 Min: Bale goes on a run down the right...can't beat Clichy...He hasn't been good on his return.

54 Min: Tevez wins a tackle in midfield and threads a ball forwards for Dzeko who once again gets in between the defenders but Dawson manages to clear at the last minute.

53 Min: Frustration from the home crowd as Spurs get into a good attacking position and then pass the ball backwards.

52 Min: Nasri tries to pop a ball over the top down the middle for Dzeko but it has too much weight on it.

51 Min: City have a free-kick deep in Spurs' half...it's been a scrappy start so far...Toure to Tevez who tries to get away from Dawson...Now he goes wide but Assou-Ekotto comes in with a good tackle.

49 Min: Vertonghen slaloms out of trouble at the back...City were turning up the heat but Vertonghen did well to stay cool.

48 Min: Heavy challenge from Assou-Ekotto on Zabaleta...wow he really launched himself into that one and he will rightly go into the book.

47 Min: Spurs give away a bal in midfield and City look to counter but their move breaks down.

46 Min: City make a change at halftime as Kolarov comes on for Milner...City kick-off and we are back underway!

The players are back out on the pitch and we are almost ready to get underway!

HALFTIME: Tottenham Hotspur 0 - 1 Manchester City

45+2 Min: Dembele spreads a ball wide for Walker who breaks down the right, He whips a great ball across the goal! Adebayor can't connect! Neither can Sigurdsson! Ball is cleared! Great chance for Spurs! Ref blows his whistle and thats halftime.

45 Min: 2 minutes of added time to be played.

44 Min: Spurs are back down the other end with a corner...Dempsey up for it unmarked! Heads over!

43 Min: Barry hits Dzeko at the back post with a corner who knocks it down for Tevez with no one around him! Tevez with the header! Lloris saves!

42 Min: Man City have a corner...Barry takes it but it's headed away as far as Milner who lays it off to Tevez who shoots and wins another corner...This one to the front post and it's just flicked away by Dawson!

41 Min: Another chance for Dzeko as he receives a great pass from Tevez in between the centre backs, he shoots low! Lloris with a nice save.

40 Min: Milner flicks on a goal kick for Dzeko who gets inside the box with his back to goal...he tries to open up some space but it's cleared by the Tottenham defence.

39 Min: Sigurdsson's corner is headed away with ease.

38 Min: Bale's free-kick hits the wall...Falls to Assou-Ekotto who launches another ball in the box for Dempsey but his touch is to heavy and Clichy hooks it away for a corner.

37 Min: Parker takes a shove in the back from Zabaleta and wins a free-kick in a good position.

36 Min: City moving the ball around well, Milner down the right goes inside to Tevez who tries to play in the oncoming Zabaleta who's touch is too heavy.

33 Min: Horrible positioning from Spurs at the moment as Parker breaks through the middle and four of his own players crowd around him...Assou-Ekotto gets a cross in and there's a big shout for a handball from Nastasic in the box! Ref having nothing of it.

32 Min: Spurs getting forced back, City are using a really good pressing defence...Adebayor now goes to Parker who gives it to Bale who tries to get a cross in, blocked falls for Assou-Ekotto who gets his cross in which is headed away and Tevez goes on the counter-attack! Vertonghen does well to see the ball out of danger.

31 Min: Milner wins a corner against Assou-Ekotto who tried to shepherd the ball out...Corner taken shot and Barry tries to give the ball to Nasri but his pass is astray Spurs with possession...

30 Min: Nasri whips a cross in from the left but Lloris gets up and takes it with some safe hands.

28 Min: Tevez picks up the ball on the edge of the box, Puts in Nasri in between the defence with a great touch! Nasri through! Toes it just wide!

27 Min: Corner whipped to the back post but Spurs clear.

25 Min: City showing some good intent to grab another rather than just sit on the one goal they have. Dzeko with a shot from distance and it takes a deflection and will be a corner.

24 Min: Parker with a busting run through the middle, he dispossesses Toure, his touch is too heavy but then he takes it off Clichy with a side-tackle! Parker delivers the cross but no one is there to get on the end of it.

23 Min: Parker with a long ball over the top for Dempsey but it has too much weight on it and Hart gathers it up.

22 Min: Dempsey cuts a wonderful pass for Walker who receives it in the box! No one around just Hart to beat! Hart saves!

21 Min: Bale steals the ball from Barry in the middle...He's looking for the wideman but there is no one there...Now Walker arrives and beats Nasri and delivers a cross to the backpost but Zabaleta heads the ball away for a throw-in.

20 Min: Michael Dawson picks up a yellow card after fouling Nasri just back from the edge of the box...Milner strikes it and it's blocked in the wall.

19 Min: Toure breaks in the middle of the park and Walker is caught out down the right...Nasri receives and then loses the ball to Walker who sprinted back.

17 Min: Parker robs Dzeko in the middle of the park and gives the ball to Dembele who trips over it and sees it out. No fluency from Spurs at the moment.

16 Min: Spurs make a break from midfield and Bale spreads the ball out to Assou-Ekotto on the touchline who plays a hard ball inside for Sigurdsson who can't keep it under control.

14 Min: Adebayor chases down the backpass from Clichy but Hart clears...Vertonghen is currently bleeding from the nose after a head clash with Tevez.

13 Min: Tevez and Vertonghen having a great battle at the back...Tevez is on top at the moment.

12 Min: Yaya Toure gets the first yellow card of the match for pulling on Parker's shirt.

11 Min: Zabaleta intercepts a pass down the right and he launches a ball forward for Dzeko and the loose ball falls for Tevez who fires a low cross in across the box which is cleared.

8 Min: Walker has picked up a knock after a Nasri challenge and has to take a few minutes off the pitch.

6 Min: Manchetser City on their first attack...Tevez runs down the right, turns inside Vertonghen and is in the box! Fires a cross to Nasri on the penalty spot who's side-foot volley rolls into the corner of the net! GOAL!

5 Min: Dempsey is allowed to run down the right of the box, Clichy botches the tackle and Dempsey fires in a cross, saved by Hart.

4 Min: Bale has an early speculative shot which swerves in the air and stings the gloves of Joe Hart.

3 Min: Parker down the right to Dempsey who gibes it to Bale and back to Parker. Spurs forced back to halfway...Pass up to Sigurdsson with some room picks a nice pass for Dempsey who is dispossessed on the edge of the box.

2 Min: The returning Gareth Bale gets an early touch and is shut down very quickly by the City defence.

1 Min: Spurs kick off and we are underway!

Players out on the field. We are very close to getting underway!

Manchester City: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy, Yaya Toure, Barry, Milner, Tevez, Nasri, Dzeko.

The official starting lineups for today's game has been named - Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris; Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Assou-Ekotto; Dempsey, Dembele, Parker, Sigurdsson; Bale, Adebayor

Kick-off isn’t far away but in the meantime you can watch Brian Kidd’s thoughts on City’s title hopes.


Probable Teams

Tottenham Hotspur: Lloris; Walker, Dawson, Vertonghen, Assou-Ekotto; Dempsey, Dembele, Parker, Sigurdsson; Bale, Adebayor. Subs from: Friedel, Huddlestone, Lennon, Defoe, Holtby, Livermore, Caulker, Carroll, Fredericks, Archer.

Manchester City: Hart, Zabaleta, Kompany, Nastasic, Clichy, Yaya Toure, Barry, Milner, Tevez, Nasri, Dzeko. Subs from: Pantilimon, Wright, Maicon, Richards, Kolarov, K Touré, Rodwell, Agüero, Sinclair, Lescott, Silva

Pregame Banter

Do Manchester City really still have a sniff at the title or are the just Kidding themselves?

Despite being 13 points back from cross-town rivals Manchester United, City assistant manager Brian Kidd isn’t giving up just yet on the potential of a back-to-back Premier League title and

"Nobody knows; the title's not over yet, until it's mathematically finished. You know, it's United's to lose. But make no mistake, there'll be some jittery moments," Kidd says.

It most definitely is United’s to lose when they come up against relegation-threatened Aston Villa on Tuesday morning (NZT).

If City do lose at White Hart Lane and United defeat Villa at Old Trafford then the title goes to the red half of Manchester for the 20th time.

"We've got a group of players that you can trust and both, I think both teams - Manchester United and Manchester City - can go to the end of this season without losing. But, both teams can drop points as well. And like everything, in the past experience, you've got to be in the, the 'slipstream' if the team above you drop points," City's assistant manager says.

City have had the advantage over Spurs in recent fixtures, with Tottenham losing the last four of the matches against the Sky Blues.

The last time these sides met at White Hart Lane, City hammered the home side 5-1 with Edin Dzeko scoring an emphatic four goals.

City are currently riding a late-season surge, picking up 15 points from the 18 available and are currently on a three-game winning streak making Tottenham’s chances of pushing into the top four that much harder.

Spurs are currently three points behind fourth-placed Chelsea and without star player Gareth Bale, but manager Andre Villas-Boas has hinted at the Welshman making a return against City.

“(We’re) pretty confident (Bale will return), I mean, he’s made good progress from the beginning of the week to be training with the team so I think he will definitely be up for selection,” Villas-Boas says.

Bale has been a stand-out for his club this season, netting 22 goals this season, and Villas-Boas is happy his form has been recognised in the form of PFA player and Young Player of the Year nominations.

"A tremendous impact on, on the league this year; great goal-scoring form; played in so many different positions this season with such success. His maturity and responsibility is outstanding, so it's, it's good to see," says the Tottenham manager.

Villas-Boas is also confident about his side’s chances against City.

"Sometimes in football you need these moments of pressure and tension to excel yourself and maybe that can be a decisive factor for us. Plus the fact that we play against the champions, it always inspires and motivates players to do well."

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