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VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Waratahs V Blues 30-27, Super Rugby 2013

Sunday 24 Mar 2013 4:56 p.m.

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By Louis Anderson-Rich

Hello and Welcome to Sydney Football Stadium in Sydney where we have the winless Waratahs taking on the Blues in Round 6 of Super Rugby.

The Blues are coming off a bye and before that suffered a shock loss to the Bulls at Eden Park heading into this game but that’s nothing compared to the Waratahs who are 0-4 so far.

Even with the big-money signing of Israel Folau the Waratahs still can’t buy a win and the Blues will be looking to capitalize and get there season back on track.

We bring you live streaming written commentary, video highlights (be sure to refresh your browser) and all the rugby action. VIDEO will be available as soon as the final whistle goes.



LIVE COMMENTARY… Waratahs 30 – 27 Blues

80 Min: Retallick ahs been flown up for offside and Foley has a peanlty from straight out in front! He's going to crush Blues hearts surely...HE MAKES IT, IT'S OVER! THE DROUGHT CONTINUES FOR THE BLUES

79 Min: The Waratahs have it on the Blues 22...Drop goal attempt from Foley!!! Out to the right, he's missed it...

78 Min: Blues have the ball inside their own 22 and the ball goes back to Chris Noakes who fumbles it! He chases it back and eventually clears to Folau who runs it back up! It's all happening!

76 Min: Waratahs loose ball at the back! Blues players scramble for it! Matt Lucas comes up with it! He's away he's caught the Blues sleeping! He shifts it out to the right for Folau! Folau pins his ears back and goes for the line! Oh no he's butchered it after slowing down and trying to throw the miracle pass but loses it forward.

75 Min: Blues do well off the back of the scrum until they spread it out to the right for Halai who makes a mistake and knocks the ball on.

74 Min: Piutau charges the ball up..Gibson-Park has come on for Weepu....Saili with some good hands to pick up a loose pass from Gibson-Park...Kick goes up and Folau collects and runs it back up the field...OPh big moment! Blues win a scrum!

72 Min: Noakes locks it up again!

71 Min: Big moment! Waratahs have given away a penalty pretty much in front of the posts. Noakes will line this one up to see if they can level the game.

70 Min: Waratahs have a penalty after the Blues were done for offside...for the lead...it comes around...over it goes!

68 Min: Folau has beaten Ranger down the right and he gets a great ball away to Kingston who beats two more players! Daniel Braid makes the tackle and Michael Foley gets the recycle and kicks to the other side of the field but Frank Halai is there to run the ball out...

65 Min: What can the Blues do to break this draw...Braid with a great run up throguh the middle! And then Piri Weepu tries to clear the ball out quickly and knocks it on...

64 Min: Bernard Foley on kicking duty...He nails it.

63 Min: Down the right-side and Betham straightens at the line! He comes within 5! Recycled for Foley who is over the line! TRY!

62 Min: Five metre scrum for the Waratahs...Feed by Lucas, Ball still there for Lucas and they work the 8-9 but the Blues do well to defend...except that Luatua came off early so Tahs have the advantage...Here is Foley to Betham to Dennis who is tackled on the right wing...now it's Lucas again to Mitchell and there are players lining up down the left...Waratahs working the phases.

60 Min: Strong scrum from the Tahs and Adam Ashley-Cooper gets the ball and races down the left wing! He's inside the 22...Waratahs bring it back inside and here is Folau over on the right he has support outside of him! Doesn't use it! Goes himself 5 metres from the line! Blues penalised for not rolling out of the way.

58 Min: Foley kicks for touch on the open side and it hasn't gone out...Blues work the ball up to their 10 metre mark....Weepu gives it to Saili who knocks it on, simple mistakes coming from both teams.

57 Min: Blues don't go for the penalty and instead kick for touch. Lineout by the Blues is scrappy and they eventually lose it. Waratahs kick possession away and Halai picks it up, runs it up, gets penalised.

56 Min: Chris Noakes is down and doesn't look to flash. Blues are about to have a shot goal after the Waratahs were pinged for hands in the ruck.

54 Min: Blues win a scrum and set off over the 10 metre mark...Saili with the ball, McCutcheon up on him fast but the tackle doesn't stick...Parson eventually loses the ball forward. Both teams look to be struggling at the moment, this heat will be getting to them.

52 Min: Blues go early in the scrum and the Waratahs take a quick tap and Folau has it out on the right wing...now Foley out the backdoor to Betham who knocks it on.

50 Min: Another penalty against the Blues and the Tahs kick for touch...Ali Williams coming from the field for Anthony Boric.

49 Min: Blues win back their restart...Blues knock it on under no pressure...and then Betham drops to the floor after picking it up, looked like he twisted a knee.

48 Min: Foley adds the extras.

47 Min: Good move off the back of the scrum and the ball is spread out to the right for Israel Folau with speed...now the ball comes back inside and Drew Mitchell breaks the line! Passes it to Lucas off the shoulder! He throws a wonder pass through two Blues defenders for Israel Folau! Folau goes in under the posts! TRY

46 Min: Second scrum for the Blues....good drive, ball comes out the back though and referee penalises the Blues for knocking it on. ANOTHER scrum.

44 Min: Saili off the back of the Blues scrum...Weepu throws a pass in amongst all of his players and it looks like the referee is giving possession back to the Blues as the ball came off a Waratah last.

43 Min: Forward pass amongst the Waratahs attack and the Blues get a soft turnover really.

42 Min: Scrum to the Waratahs...McCutcheon off the back and Adam Ashley-Cooper runs it up hard into Rene Ranger who stops him in his tracks...Lucas to Foley to Rob Horne and on to Drew Mitchell who runs into Frank Halai.

41 Min: Foley kicks off and we're back underway! Early penalty goes to the Blues.

40 Min: Scrum inside the Blues 22 and Weepu goes to Halai and the Waratahs are pinged for offside...Noakes kicks for touch...we will still have time for the lineout although the hooter has gone...Blues win the lineout and here comes the backline over the ten metre mark...Weepu flicks it out to Noakes and he boots it into the stands for HALFTIME!

39 Min: They get this one to go the Tahs and Foley goes to Mitchell who knocks it on in the tackle down the left hand side.

38 Min: Scrum to the Waratahs. Last chance of the half to score a try perhaps...but another reset coming up after it collapses.

35 Min: Waratahs kick for touch and then lose another lineout against the throw. Blues all over them.

34 Min: Blues win a lineout against the throw and Noakes tries to put a grubber kick through for Moala but Matt Lucas cleans it up, and then earns a penalty for the Waratahs.

33 Min: Scrum for the Waratahs in their own half...Blues get a penalty against them.

32 Min: Noakes adds another conversion.

31 Min: Waratahs just over halfway...Blues turn it over and Weepu puts a great kick over the top for George Moala to chase! Peter Betham is back for the 'Tahs but he fumbles it! Charles Piutau in support and Moala hands it off to him and Piutau scores! TRY!

30 Min: Noakes converts his own try.

28 Min: Blues still in posession...they're knocking on the door, Noakes with a dummy, he has a run! He's through the gap! He's over! TRY!

26 Min: Blues still have posession and Saili breaks the tackle of one, he's looking for support he goes past two! 10 metres from the line! Knocked out of his hand the Waratahs clear to the middle of the field.

25 Min: Drop out is deep from Foley...Braid with the ball takes it up over half way...Nice ball from Parsons who pops a ball out the backdoor and here comes Weepu who gets past one! Flirts with the touchline but the ball comes back insdie.

24 Min: Noakes is going to have a crack at goal from just past halfway...left footed belted to the left hand side.

23 Min: Noakes restarts after the penalty and the Blues win the ball back and go on the attack...Charles Piutau runs it up and then gives it to Halai who can't go very far...Weepu with a pick and go that doesn't gain much ground...Blues playing the advantage...Bit of push and shove between Williams and Douglas and the Blues have a penalty.

22 Min: Water break has infuriated the Waratahs coach who wasn't planning on one.

21 Min: Rene Ranger pinged for offside...McKibbin scores the penalty to tie things up.

20 Min: Waratahs strong in defence but the Blues hold on and Charles Piutau steps and then tries to go on the run but leaves the ball behind him, Waratahs pounce on the loose ball and Drew Mitchell is through the line! He beats one! Two! Can't do three and hands it off to Bernard Foley who is SMASHED by Rene Ranger...

17 Min: First scrum of the afternoon and the Waratahs went early so the Blues take a quick tap...Weepu to Saili who loses it and McCutcheon picks up the bal! Gives it to Adam Ashley-Cooper who kicks for the corner! Ball is way ahead of everyone and goes dead.

16 Min: Waratahs stringing their phases together...Rob Horne with an inside ball to Dennis...Hooper attacks the line but is met by some good defence and the Blues should have the turn over...But instead they're penalised.

14 Min: Mitchell turns down the three and goes for the line....the throw is very poor and Faumuina gets it off the back...ball spread out to Ranger who bursts through a gap! He has it knocked out of his hands by the tackle from behind...

13 Min: Tryscorer Parsons commits a foul and Bernard Foley bangs it into touch to set up an attack...Ryan now drives up to the 22 metre line...Betham to Foley to Rob Horne and now Drew Mitchell on the left wing! Mitchell within five! Faumuina comes charging over the ruck and gives away the penalty.

11 Min: Noakes converts the try.

10 Min: Noakes with the clearing kick and they lose the lineout, but James Parsons puicks up the loose ball! He races down the touchline! He's still going! Cuts inside the last defender! TRY!

9 Min: Lineout for the Waratahs...They go long and McKibbin picks up the scraps and Adam Ashley-Cooper attack the line he's over the advantage line....Foley with a run up to the 22, shows the ball inside, goes down in the tackle but the 'Tahs are penalised.

7 Min: Bernard Foley adds the extras.

6 Min: Nice move from the Waratahs here comes Israel Folau! In space and has Drew Mitchell on his outside! Mitchell flies over the line in the corner! TRY!

5 Min: Saili carries the ball up to the 22 with some easy metres...Weepu goes short side to Parsons...Hooper earns a penalty for the Waratahs.

4 Min: Waratahs building the phases as they work the ball from side-to-side...Piri Weepu puts good pressure on Brendan McKibbin and draws the foul.

3 Min: Noakes draws first blood with his penalty.

2 Min: Drew Mitchell sends a kick over halfway into the middle of the park. Blues on the attack early...Weepu back to Retallick...Waratahs give away the penalty and the Blues have an early point scoring chance.

1 Min: Noakes kicks off and the final match of round 6 is underway!

6.05PM: Players out on the field, Waratahs have won their last four games at home against the Blues, can they win the fifth?

6.03PM: If the Warriors game was anything to go by, Sydney is in the midst of a very hot day. Let's hope for some hard and fast play.

Kick off isn’t far away but in the meantime you can watch highlights from last night’s game between the Crusaders and the Southern Kings.



Waratahs: 15. Israel Folau, 14. Peter Betham, 13. Adam Ashley-Cooper, 12. Rob Horne, 11. Drew Mitchell, 10. Bernard Foley, 9. Brendan McKibbin, 8. Patrick McCutcheon, 7. Michael Hooper, 6. Dave Dennis, 5. Kane Douglas, 4. Sitaleki Timani, 3. Paddy Ryan, 2. John Ulugia, 1. Benn Robinson.

Reserves: 16. Luke Holmes, 17. Sekope Kepu, 18. Mitch Chapman, 19. Jed Holloway, 20. Matt Lucas, 21. Ben Volavola, 22. Tom Kingston.

Blues: 15. Charles Piutau, 14. Frank Halai, 13. Rene Ranger, 12. Francis Saili, 1.. George Moala, 10. Chris Noakes, 9. Piri Weepu, 8. Peter Saili, 7. Luke Braid, 6. steven Luatua, 5. Ali Williams, 4. Culum Retallick, 3. Charlie Faumuina, 2. James Parsons, 1. Tom McCartney.

Reserves: 16. Quentin McDonald, 17. Angus Taavao-Matua, 18. Anthony Boric, 19. Brendon O’Connor, 20. Jamison Gibson-Park, 21. Baden Kerr, 22. Jackson Willison.

Pregame Banter:

Waratahs captain Dave Dennis admits the Waratahs face a balancing act between urgency and calm against the Blues.

The repackaged Waratahs don't want to start panicking about their position on the Super Rugby ladder, but the reality is they must win if they want to keep their Australian conference hopes bubbling.

It's the difficult conundrum facing the Waratahs under new coach Michael Cheika, who is trying to effect a mass culture change at the perennial under-achieving club.

For the Waratahs, long-term goals are more important than short-term targets.

But that doesn't mean they're not desperate to snap a two-match losing streak against the up-tempo Blues at Allianz Stadium.

"We've got a clear long-term goal which you'll slowly see more and more as the season progresses," Dennis tells NZ Newswire.

"But we have to win games. We need that short-term result.

"It's a bit of a balancing act.

"On Sunday there's no science to it. The boys desperately want to win. But we are more focused on putting that performance together that is as close to perfect as possible, regardless of the result."

It's fair to say Cheika has had to settle the Waratahs down this week following their heavy loss to the Brumbies and disappointing stumble against the Cheetahs last week.

Dennis admits Waratahs players had a hope that their fortunes would immediately turn around in 2013 under Cheika.

However, the skipper is certain the coach was always a little more realistic.

"With the playing group there was probably a thinking it might just click straight away because we had such a good off-season and there's been a lot of positivity around the club and a few changes," Dennis says.

"But I'm pretty sure in the background and with the coaches, they've got a clear view of where we want to go as a club - and maybe they felt it was going to take a bit longer than what people think.

"Speaking to Cheik, he demonstrates that with the way he speaks to the players."

Although 2012 was a season to forget for the Waratahs - arguably their two best performances - a win over the Sharks and narrow loss to the Crusaders - of the year came in day-time rugby.

A win over the Sharks and loss to the Crusaders they played, crisp, attacking rugby.

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