VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Warriors V Sharks, NRL 2013, Mt Smart Stadium, Auckland

  • 03/08/2013

By Simon Hampton

On Twitter: @simonhampton9

Hello and welcome to Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland for this NRL clash between the Warriors and the Sharks.

The Warriors are looking to make it nine wins out of their last ten, as their surge towards the playoffs continues.

The Sharks lie in 6th place on the ladder, with the Warriors back in ninth.

It won’t be easy for the homeside, and Cronulla are boosted by the return of inspirational skipper Paul Gallen

We bring you live streaming written commentary, video highlights (be sure to refresh your browser) and all the rugby league action. VIDEO will be available as soon as the final whistle goes.


LIVE COMMENTARY... Warriors 14-18 Sharks

Fulltime Sharks closing it out now, they've still got it.. 30 seconds left, Sharks are 10 out.. now they've forced a handover the Warriors! The Warriors have one play, one play! Can they score? All over! Johnson tries a chip and chase, but the Sharks regather. And that is the game. Check out the video for all the action, then join me for live coverage of the Super Rugby final!! See you soon

79 mins Sharks have it now 10 from the Warriors line.. can they bury this match?

77 mins I DO NOT BELIEVE IT! Johnson breaks up the middle, it's draw and pass and Hurrell is over, Johnson gives it, but Hurrell is a metre behind the play, and Johnson's pass goes into touch! That, is a try gone begging!

75 mins Johnson from the sideline!! Four the difference!! The Warriors have the pill now, and they are really pumped up.. finally.

74 mins Warriors coming forward with it now, Hurrell takes them 40 out, 4th tackle.. 10 out as Matulino breaks!! Johnson chips to the corner and VATUVEI SCORES!!! YES YES YES!

72 mins No luck for Johnson with the kick! Back with the play, and Johnson has knocked on, so the Sharks have a scrum 35 out from the Warriors line.

70 mins Warriors have it again, is there even a try that they can muster? They're 30 out, 3rd tackle.. Peyroux has it five out! OH YES! THE HURREL-CANE SCORES!! They moved it wide, and boof! Hurrell bumped off Feki, scored in the corner.

68 mins Warriors back on attack, but there's no urgency! Mateo is five short.. 4th tackle, Friend loses it at the ruck!! Cronulla have a defensive scrum now.

66 mins Back-to-back penalties now for the Warriors, and they start a set 10 out from the line. Hurrell takes them five short, 2nd tackle.. 4th tackle, metres short.. last tackle now.. Leuluai kicks it straight into Gallen's arms!!

64 mins Locke loses it! Sharks come away with it, and bring it up overhalfway, then Gordon loses it! Warriors scrum on halfway.

62 mins They've got field position now! Lillyman takes it forward, metres out, they've got a fresh set on the Cronulla line as the Sharks were pinged for offside.. Johnson kicks on the 3rd, Feki goes back, slaps it dead, and the Warriors get a repeat set.

60 mins Cronulla bring it forward from the restart, Carney dabs a kick through, and the ball is into touch 25 from the Warriors line. Warriors just can't get into any field position tonight.

58 mins Gallen charges upfield, Mateo is penalised! 25 metres out, right in front, Carney will shoot for goal. To make it 18-4.. he should get this.. and does!

56 mins Johnson bombs on the last, Hurrell charges through, but is penalised! He's pushed someone on the way through, and the Warriors are penalised.

55 mins The Warriors bring it back now, Johnson bombs from halfway, Hurrell collects on the 20 but is tackled, and it's a hand over. You'd think this match was being played behind closed doors, zero atmosphere! Sharks have it here on the Warriors 40. Robson bombs, Locke climbs, Locke takes!

53 mins UH OH! Carney stabs it in behind, it's heading towards touch, Laumape shields it into touch, but Feki comes round the outside, toes ahead and dives down in the corner!! But no!! The Warriors have been saved! Feki had a foot in touch when he kicked it!! The Warriors are let off, but it was poor nonetheless from Laumape.

52 mins Sharks have it now 40 from the Warriors line. They look really good tonight, Carney bombs, no one gets it!! And thankfully, it bounces dead! Vatuvei brings it back now, and Laumape is taken 40 from his own line.

51 mins TRY! It was very messy, but there weren't really any clear reasons to overrule that. So it's 14-4. Now there's some real concern over Brett Pomeroy, who's head slammed into the ground during the tackle. His match is over, and we hope he is ok.

50 mins Fifita breaks upfield, hands it off to a teammate, they shit it wiiiiide and I think they've scored!!! It's a very messy break, so they're upstairs. I really don't know! Sorry team.

47 mins Ball's with the Sharks here.. Carney throws a forward pass, not called, and the Sharks have it 10 out.. The Sharks lose it! And the Warriors set off!!Lowrie takes it to 15 short of halfway.

44 mins Ball's back with the Warriors here.. Leuluai kicks, Gallen regathers and the Sharks restart 10 from their own line

41 mins Back underway! Cronulla have first use of the pill, and they are up on halfway, last tackle.. Carney bombs, and Laumape takes - just. Here comes the Warriors, good metres here, Matulino has them 35 out, last tackle.. Johnson bombs, the Sharks come up with it.

Halftime That is halftime! 10-4 the Warriors trail, can they come back and win this? Course they can. Join me shortly for the second half.

39 mins Can the Warriors score before the break? JOHNSON BREAKS!! Dragged down a metre short, and it's a penalty! Offside the Sharks. Still with the Warriors. 2nd tackle, on the 10.. Matulino takes them a metre out.. Johnson kicks to Vatuvei, who pushes Stapleton so is penalised.

37 mins Carney kicks through, Locke recovers and the Warriors bring it forward. Hurrell charges up, and wins a penalty at the ruck. Now the Warriors have it on the 30. Good chance before the break this.. Friend inside the 10!! Johnson kicks, it's collected, and Pomeroy is pushed over the line and it's line dropout!!

35 mins Leuluai bombs, it's not great, and Gordon recovers, here come the Sharks, up to halfway, tackle 3.

34 mins Vatuvei loses it!! And the Sharks bring it back now, they lose it! Ball's back with the homeside on their own 40.

32 mins Johnson's kick goes wide! Matagi charges back from the restart!! And the Warriors look to have a bit more energy! Penalty now! Close to halfway, the Warriors will kick for touch, another chance here.

29 mins The Warriors bring it forward, and Mateo wins a penalty in the tackle. Now they start a set 20 out.. great chance this.. Leuluai goes close! Metres out here.. Shift it wide, Nielsen steps, offloads and VATUVEI SCORES!!!!

27 mins Carney adds the extras, and the Sharks have the pill again. They're on halfway, 3rd tackle... now Wright has knocked on! Warriors scrum on halfway.

25 mins The Sharks charge forward on the attack, Carney's grubber bounces off Mateo, who knocks it on trying to recover. From the scrum, Gallen goes off the back, easy inside ball and Pomeroy dots down!! 8-0

22 mins Carney breaks down the left into Warriors territory, he looks to offload but Feki loses it. Warriors have it back here, they're on halfway 3rd tackle, Mannering takes it inside the 40... Matulino charges forward, 25 out.. Johnson grubbers ahead, and Gordon does well to get out of his ingoal. Now, penalty! The Sharks get a chance to get more good field position..

20 mins Here come the Warriors now.. metres out here.. Locke steps, again, again, again!! Offloads to Friend, he's a metre short! They shift it wide, overlap.. Nielsen takes it in, but he's lost it!! And the Sharks bring it away now.

17 mins Sharks have it back now, and Fifita brings it to halfway, 3rd tackle.. Cronulla look decent here.. Carney chips on the laaaaaast, STAPLETON TAKES IT!! But Locke manages to wrap him up a metre out as he looks to finish the try.. Warriors bring it out now.. on 30 3rd tackle.

15 mins Penalty! Warriors pinged, and more field position for the Sharks. They've got it on the 30... 10 out, tackle 3.. Gallen's brought down 10 out.. 4th tackle.. 4 out now, last play.. Carney grubbers OFF THE POST!! But Mannering is there to dive on it, well that could've been a lucky break for the Sharks! Now the Warriors have a penalty, and they will get a chance to get down the other end.

13 mins Carney misses, and it remains 4-0. Sharks start a set from the restart 20 from their own line

11 mins Here come the Sharks again, Feki has it 20 out.. now they're on the 10 through Gallen.. THERE IT IS!! Carney moves it wide, Wade Graham with a pin point pass and Jonathan Wright crosses near the corner!! 4-0!

10 mins Vatuvei loses it giving it to Leuluai, and the Sharks have it back... 10 short now, Fifita is five out!! 4th tackle.. Morris stabs a grubber over the line, Nielsen goes back, palms it dead, and the Sharks will get a repeat set!! Line dropout now.

8 mins Warriors kick, and the Sharks return to their own 30.. Gibbs brings it close to halfway.. 40 short now, on the last, Carney bombs again, Locke reels it in. Warriors start 15 from their own line

6 mins A penalty gives the Sharks good field position.. and here they come now, last tackle, 10 short of the line.. what can Carney do? Bombs to the corner, Stapleton rises to compete with Vatuvei, but he's knocked it on, and the Warriors start on their own 10.

3 mins Laumape's tackle forces a knock on from the Sharks, so the Warriors start a set 40 from Cronulla's line. Here we go... first chance this.. They're 25 out.. 20 out, 3rd tackle.. Nielsen's five out, last tackle.. Leuluai, kicks, poor one, the Warriors regain, but Hurrell has to stab a messy kick through.. and the Sharks recover.

1 min The Sharks get us underway, and Lillyman returns the first hit up. Now Rapira takes it to the 30... Lillyman charges over halfway.. Leuluai kicks, and the Sharks return through Gordon, and they start a set on their own 20.

5:05pm Right, the teams are on the pitch now, all set to go!

4:55pm A few cheeky permutations for you now, if the Warriors win they go to 8th, win by 24 and they go 7th, win by 26 and they go 6th. Win by 102 and they will go to 5th. Easy.

4:44pm Not long to go now, 15 minutes or so away from a kickoff. Warriors will be in the top 8 with a win today, not only that but I think the bandwagon will be at capacity if they get another win...

4:37pm Overcast day here in Auckland, and a good crowd building at Mt Smart. Cronulla welcome back Paul Gallen for this one, surely he could've done with one more week off? My pick this evening? Well, Warriors by 7.. yes that's right, I think Johnson will slot a field goal tonight.

4:30pm Good evening all, welcome in to Mt Smart Stadium for this NRL match between the Warriors and Sharks. It's an absolutely cracking night of sport tonight, and we'll have live commentary of the Super Rugby final following this match. But right now, it's the Warriors taking on the Sharks

We will start commentary from 4:30pm, kickoff is at 5pm bringing you the weather and ground conditions. In the meantime check out the video.




Kevin Locke, Ngani Laumape, Dane Nielsen, Konrad Hurrell, Manu Vatuvei, Thomas Leuluai, Shaun Johnson, Sam Rapira, Nathan Friend, Ben Matulino, Feleti Mateo, Simon Mannering, Elijah Taylor Interchange: Suaia Matagi, Jacob Lillyman, Todd Lowrie, Dominique Peyroux

Michael Gordon, Sosaia Feki, Ben Pomeroy, Jonathan Wright, Nathan Stapleton, Todd Carney, Jeff Robson, Andrew Fifita, John Morris, Bryce Gibbs, Jayson Bukuya, Wade Graham, Paul Gallen Interchange: Isaac De Gois, Chris Heighington, Sam Tagataese, Ben Ross

Pre match banter:

By Robert Lowe

The Warriors have rescued their NRL season in remarkable fashion over the past two and bit months, but lock Elijah Taylor says they know all the good work could be undone in a trice.

After a dismal start to 2013, the Warriors, on the back of seven wins from their past eight matches, have lifted themselves to ninth on the ladder ahead of a meeting with sixth-placed Cronulla in Auckland on Saturday.

Their 30-22 upset of defending champions Melbourne in front of a bumper 20,000-plus crowd at Mt Smart Stadium last Sunday put them within touching distance of making the top-eight for the first time this year, but Taylor is staying grounded.

"The confidence is good in the camp, but it's important we don't get ahead of ourselves," he said.

"This is a vital game. If we lose it, all the hard work will be undone."

Penrith-bound Taylor, used early in the season as stand-in hooker, has been among the Warriors to impress in recent weeks after moving back to his preferred position of lock.

But the 23-year-old Kiwi would rather talk about team mindset, particularly on defence, than his own performance.

"We're working hard for each other and it has showed in our scramble," he said.

"Defence is attitude and defence wins games."

While the Warriors' rebound since mid-May has been notable, so too has Cronulla's ability to keep putting out results despite their off-field dramas involving the ASADA drugs investigation.

With NSW State of Origin reps Paul Gallen and Luke Lewis sidelined but five-eighth Todd Carney in dominant form, the Sharks put paid to Penrith 38-10 last weekend.

While Lewis is still out with a calf problem, influential skipper Gallen will make his return from the foot injury he picked up in State of Origin 2.

Taylor is expecting a bruising encounter up the middle of the park against a pack he rates as particularly physical.

"They also play a lot of footy and they play off-load stuff," he said.

"It's hard to defend when they get a roll on."

Cronulla have been convincing winners the last two times the sides have met.

They walloped the Warriors 45-4 in Auckland last August, and won 28-4 at Toyota Stadium in March.

But Taylor isn't one to dwell too much on the past. Those defeats might provide added motivation for some players, but everyone is different.

"To myself, it's just another game of footy," Taylor said.

"It's another game we've got to win."


source: newshub archive

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