VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS: Wladimir Klitschko Vs David Haye, Heavyweight boxing, Hamburg 2011

  • 02/07/2011

By James Bennett & Greg Robertson

Join the team at for live video updates as Wladimir Klitschko takes on David Haye for the WBA, WBO, IBF, IBO heavyweight championships. We will keep you up to date with all the action.

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Round 12 - Jolting right from Haye to start the round...That caught the Ukrainian....The throw at will in the last round going for it like nothing else..but we are heading for a decision....Stay tuned....
Round 11 - And we have a knock down, Haye doesn't think so but the ref gives him a standing count...Haye has to smile and shake it off but the alarm bells will be ringing as this will be Klitschko's round. One round to go.
Round 10 - Three rounds of heavyweight boxing left in this one... Sharp right caught Haye on the chin. Bit of cat and mouse boxing follows, neither boxer wanting to over commit and open themselves up. Strong right from Klitschko and Haye strikes him back at the end of this round...
Round 9 - Haye gets the hayemaker out and lands it but not clean on his opponent...Haye looks tired, very tired. Klitschko looking very clinical now, knowing what he must do with the jab...Big brawling action at the end of this round, both going hell for leather at it...slightly desperate.
Round 8 - Well the longer this goes the better it is for the Ukrainian... Haye needs to find a big punch or two in this round. VIDEO UPDATED of the Round 7 drama. The lads look a bit tired, plenty of punches thrown in the early rounds taking their toll. Klitschko working his jab.
Round 7 - They come out swinging in this round and then drama..Haye goes to the ground and Klitschko is deducted a point for pushing him over, will that cost him in the final wash up?! Quiet round apart from that early drama, both boxers catching their breath.
Round 6 - Left right from the Ukrainian, then back to the jab, jab....Quiet round so far in comparison, Klitschko starting to get into his work more than ever in this round.VIDEO UPDATED and it's a very close fight at this stage of proceedings.
Round 5 - VIDEO UPDATED of the best shots, this has been a quality fight so far. Haye still looking for the overhand right at any chance he gets... Klitschko working off the jab this round more than ever, Haye dancing around the ring avoiding him with great speed. BOOM! Klitschko nails him with a right and Haye felt that one big time...
Round 4 - Bang! Klitschko hits him early in this round...English fans going nuts...Haye works the body this round...There is some visable blood on Klitschko's cheek...What kind of condition are these two in? Haye maybe nicked that round at the end with a right on the bell. Tense, tight stuff!
Round 3 - VIDEO UPDATED of the early action....huge right hand from Haye! That hurt Klitschko and a smile from Haye..this could get interesting.... Plenty of speed from Haye he is moving well...BOOM Haye catches him again and that hurt, but klitsch comes back at him, video coming.
Round 2 - Klitschko happy to stick around with the jab while Haye is going for the big shots, the 'Hayemaker'. The Brit catches him with a jab, but WK is also landing when he can, Klitschko's round, clinical boxing vs emotive boxing.  
Round 1 - The size difference is obvious from the get go, Klitschko goes to the jab straight away, nothing massive early...Haye falls to the ground but no knock down, the Brit not happy about it...Very cagey first round...Haye gets into his work at the end of the round, video coming.
The national anthems are done, all the talk is over, let's get ready to finally box! Heavyweight boxing action is upon us.
All the fireworks all the action, this is heavyweight boxing at it's finest...moments away from a start in this one.
And here comes the man machine Wladimir he looks focussed for a big one!
"Aint no stopping us now" Haye mouths the words, convincing himself perhaps?
Here he comes, finally, Haye is making his way to the ring!
Still we wait, Haye's dressing room door remains closed....
An epic show put on by David Haye! Here he comes, making his way to the ring now...Classic, David Haye apparently wasn't ready to come out! Another game from Haye or what?!
Ring announcer is in the ring...we are not far away...This is what heavyweight boxing has been waiting for now for a few years now.
All the pre bout banter, Lennox Lewis and George Foreman getting introduced to the crowd.
Sounds like we are only half an hour away, this is getting exciting. Remember there is a fairly decent size difference, Haye weighing in a 96.5 kg and Klitschko 110 kg!
That's it for the undercard, now we are ready and waiting for the main event...It's always hard to judge when the bout will be, but we will keep you posted...The biggest night of Haye's career by a mile!
Just got word, we are in the final undercard fight now, round 7/8 in that one...Then it will build up to the big one, Haye vs Klitschko...
The British fans are in good voice, chants ringing out over the arena, which is massive..."There's only one David Haye"...
VIDEO UPDATED, watch Ola Afolabi knock Terry Dunstan to the canvas! Spot the mouthguard...
BOOM! We have a knockout in the undercard, video coming of that one...
An undercard fight ends in a draw, the crowd and boxers not exactly happy about it...Now we have an undercard from the cruiser weight division.
All undercard at the moment and no word on when the big boys are coming out, but we will bring you that information as soon as it comes to hand.

We will bring you live commentary from the start of the bout, in the meantime you can check out the video with all the pre fight buildup and trash talk.


Wladimir Klitschko and David Haye weighed in on ahead of their heavyweight world title unification bout in Hamburg.

WBO and IBF champion Klitschko tipped the scales at 17 stone and two pounds (242 lbs), 30 pounds heavier than WBA champion Haye who weighed 15st 2lbs (212 lbs).

David Haye had sizeable and vociferous British support behind him on Friday, at the weigh-in ahead of his heavyweight world title unification bout with Wladimir Klitschko in Hamburg.

While this is a home fight for the German-based Ukrainian, Klitschko was subjected to less-than-complementary soccer-style chants and booing as he approached the stage for the weigh-in.

Haye goes into the fight as the underdog and will have to overcome a big height and reach advantage to unify three of the world title belts.

Add weight to that list of discrepancies with Haye tipping the scales at 15st 2lbs (212 lbs), two pounds more than when he beat Audley Harrison in his last fight.

The Londoner is expected to try and make use of his greater speed and agility to try and win the bout.

Klitschko weighed in at 17st 2lbs, a full 30 pounds heavier than his British opponent - but almost five pounds lighter than for his victory over Samuel Peter last time out.

Lennox Lewis was the last undisputed heavyweight champion, and he was trained by Emmanuel Steward who will be in Klitschko's corner on Saturday night.

And Lewis thinks the Ukrainian will have to produce his best if he is to retain his title belts.

"...everything together. He has to believe in himself. He has to listen to Emmanuel Steward and put everything together because we've been waiting for such a long time for a good fight from Wladimir and hopefully this is a good fight that we're going to see all his talent come out," says Lewis.

Lewis has said previously that Haye would need a knockout to win as it would be impossible for him to gain a points decision in Germany.

And he had some tips for his fellow Briton.

"Make sure you don't let Wladimir put his weight on you. Don't get hit. Use your speed and use your power. Use your speed and movement," says Lewis.

Haye and Klitschko stared each other down for the last time before their eagerly-awaited clash in Hamburg's Imtech Arena.

The Englishman has played the role of pantomime villain in the build-up to the fight, refusing to shake Klitschko's hand in all the promotional events held in England and Germany.

Haye again had plenty to say for himself while his opponent stood impassively throughout.

The waiting and the talking is almost over.



source: newshub archive