VIDEO: Michelle Obama takes World Series bat if hubby 'messes up' as St Louis Cardinals visit White House

  • 18/01/2012

President Barack Obama welcomed the St Louis Cardinals to the White House and praised them as "the greatest comeback team in the history of baseball". The Cardinals had an improbable run to reach the playoffs and then to go the distance for baseball's biggest prize.

Obama recounted the wild, roller-coaster ride that started with the Cardinals 10 1/2 games back in the playoff race and ended with their seven-game triumph over the Texas Rangers in the World Series in November.

"Every once in while something happens that we have never seen before. Something unique. And that's why its my honor to stand here with the greatest comeback team in the history of baseball," the President said.

Michelle Obama attended the ceremony with her husband and both were presented with Cardinal jersey's and signed baseball bats. In a light moment Obama joked about not wanting to give his wife a bat "in case I mess up". Mrs Obama smiled saying "I'll take my bat".


source: newshub archive