VIDEO: National 9/11 Flag, Jordin Sparks sings US anthem, Animal Kingdom Triple Crown chance? Kentucky Derby 2011

  • 07/05/2011

By Greg Robertson

What can be more American than the Kentucky Derby – in this its 137th racing?

The Churchill Downs race proceedings kicked off with a special presentation of the National 911 Flag – a symbol of resilience and compassion shown by the American people since that tragic day.

Destroyed in the aftermath of the World Trade Centre acts on September 11, this flag was stitched together seven years ago a by tornado survivors from Greensburg, Kansas, USA.

Listen to the National Anthem - Star Spangled Bangled Banner - sung by Jordin Sparks.

Animal Kingdom took out the race, click the link above to see it OR click on the VIEW VODEO for the flag and the anthem .

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source: newshub archive