VIDEO: Nike unveil healthy Fuel Band for wrist with iPhone app

  • 19/01/2012

Nike wants you to be more active and has unveiled a new high-tech wristband to help you track your activity.

During a media launch event in New York City some of Nike's executives and star athletes showed off the new power gadget.

It's called the Nike Plus Fuel Band. Nike partnered with Apple to create a new mobile phone app that will compile data, and allow you to share and compare it with friends on line. The wristband goes on sale in the US on February 22, in the UK on May 1.

The Nike Plus Fuel Band tracks all movements, from swimming to running and biking.

Seven time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong was at the launch and said that while he is no longer training professionally, he is still active.

"I still ride quite a bit, just with friends mostly. I run a little. I'm considering doing some multi-sport events, maybe another marathon, just trying to stay active."

Armstrong said taking being physically activate is a lifestyle choice and he hopes to impart its importance to his children.

"I think from my perspective, I stand here as a father of five, so I'm always trying to get my kids moving, sometimes that's the responsibility of the parents. But I also stand here as a cancer survivor and somebody that understands that the decisions we make on a daily basis, whether it's exercise or diet, drastically affects the outcome of our lives, long term."

Sprinter Carmelia Jeter, who will be competing in the 2012 London Olympics was also on-hand for the event. Asked what she thinks of her competition at the Olympics, Jeter said "The competition is great. Everybody is going to bring their A-game."

Jeter added, "I'm going to bring my A-game. So, it's going to be a nice run. You can never expect the person that you want to win to win, you've got to expect everybody to come out there to do their best and right now I'm expecting all those lanes out there to be filled with someone that has heart and wants to get to the finish line just as much as me."

Basketball star Kevin Durant was also on-hand at the launch. The Oklahoma City Thunder player said he was excited about Nike's new gadget.

"It's great that it gives you a chance to kind of visually see where you are at as an athlete. We live in such a visual world right now that if you see throughout the morning you are kind of slow and then you pick it up throughout the day. If you see that, that kind of helps you get better as an athlete and I think for myself with such a shortened season in the NBA that can kind of help me and tell me what I need do to get better as a player. So I'm glad I'm a part of this campaign, I'm looking forward to using it more and more."

For now, the Nike Plus Fuel Band is only compatible with the iPhone, but the company said an Android application should be released soon.


source: newshub archive