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VIDEO UPDATES: India Vs Sri Lanka, Cricket World Cup Final 2011 - live!

Saturday 2 Apr 2011 9:06 p.m.

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Join 3 Sport as we bring you live coverage of the final of the 2011 Cricket World Cup between India and Sri Lanka in Mumbai.

Join the 3 News Online Sports team for live commentary, cricket score and video.

Sri Lanka knocked out New Zealand’s Black Caps while India were too strong for their arch cricketing rival of Pakistan in the other semi final.

Can Muttiah Muralitharan bowl his side to a win or will Sachin Tendulkar notch up his 100th First Class century on route to India lifting the cup? Stick with us and we’ll give you all the action

 By Greg Robertson Sri Lanka 6/274 Jayawardene 103*; India 4/277 Dhoni 91 Singh 21

Live Commentary...

Over 49: Single. One hit away Indian fans... ONE HIT AWAY! SIX!!!!!!! INDIA WIN, INDIA WIN, INDIA WIN! 
Over 48: Dhoni cracks another four. For more! Malinga getting carted about. Seven runs needed for 14 balls. Single. Another single and that's 11 off the over. Five to win off 12. THERE WILL BE DANCING IN THE STREETS ALL OVER INDIA!!!!!
Over 47: What a shot! 250 comes up as Dhoni sens one to the fence like a tracer bullet! That brings it down to a run a ball. Another four,  this time to Singh.Eleven off the over.
Over 46: Malinga bowling. Good over with four dot balls to start. 30 runs required from 26 deliveries. Singh picks up two and then another single. 27 off 24 now.
Over 45: Five off that one as India start to cruise to the title.
Over 43 and 44: What a final this has been. VIDEO up of Gambhir being bowled. Massive square cut by Dhoni and it's the first six of the Indian innings over point. Special. Video up soon.Chance of a run out is missed.
Over 42: Oh no! Gambhir is bowled! Video up soon. Yuvraj Singh smashes one to the fence to get off the mark. Everyone's still in shock at Gambhir's shot selection previously. Box of balls coming out into the middle. Must be a little dark - should have brought it out a few balls sooner for Gambhir's liking.
Over 41: Randiv bowling and the crowd is full of anticipation of what is looking like a matchwinning century by Gambhir.
Over 40: Dhoni cracks a four and there's runs all over the place as India take 11 off that one.
Over 39: Malinga continues and Ghambir has broken another bat. Two early singles off the over. Required run rate is now 5.91. Do we have another century to celebrate? Only moments away - perhaps. Six off the over.
Over 38: Murali brought back into the attack. India brings up their 200 with a single. Dhoni smashes a four to ring up his 50... top knock by the captain and there's just a hint of recognition by the man in the middle as he knows the job is only part done.
Over 37: Dhoni picks up two lots of twos as Malinga is brought back into play. Runrate has dropped below 6 for the first time. Five off the over but of concern to the Indian side is Gambhir really struggling with what looks like a back problem. He's tough as boots though so very unlikely that he'll be leaving the field. Long break in play.
Over 36: Dhoni joins in on the party and dispatches Randiv to the fence too. Indian flags are flying and they are starting to dance. Good over, eight from it just like the last one.
Over 35: Wow. SMASHED!!! Gambhir has the keeper standing up so he decided to stand, walk and deliver! Migic hot that flew low and hard to the fence. Video of that little ripper up soon.
Over 34: Five runs after drinks is a good return to the crease. India really do look like they are cruising to the win and Sri Lanka will be desperate to break this partnership. Ball changed.
Over 33: Players have just finished drinks. 110 runs needed from 108 deliveries. Current run rate is 5.16 and India needs 6.11. Kulasekara is brought back into the bowling attack after drinks. This game is setting up for a big finish. Sri Lankan fielding hasn't been as good
Over 32: Dhoni shows his strength as the ball sits up ad he picks his spot - that was short and wide and CRASHED away. Dhoni looks remarkably calm and cool given the situation. That's class showing through. That's the 50 partnership. Perera dished up two full tosses but none were put away, still eight off the over.
Over 31: 120 balls left and it's a welcome four from Dhoni as he rocks back and punches it through cover. The partnership is 43 off 56 balls. Six off that one. India just on top you'd have to say.
Over 30: Perera gets pushed around a touch. Five off the over.
Over 29:  Required run rate creeping up and is now 4.14 after Murali is misery again.
Over 28: Dilshan continues. Lucky boundary as Gambhir looks to take the game to Sri Lanka. He gets and inside edge that finds the fence behind the keeper - wry smiles from the field. Eight from that over.
Over 27: Malinga has been brought back into the attack. VIDEO of Dilshan catching Kohli is now up. Gambhir clamps down on a yorker and gets and outside edge to the fence. They all count.
Over 26: India just working Dilshan around and pick off four runs.
Over 25: Murali looking a bit dodgey with that groin. Still - only two runs. He's not turning the ball as much as usual.
Over 24: Dilshan is buoyed by that catch but India do well to work him for five runs.
Over 23: Murali as tight as ever only going for two.
Over 22: Dilshan has a knack of getting wickets and he gets a crucial one here with a great catch! That gets the Sri Lankan flags flying as Kohlli goes. Video up soon.
Over 21: Murali bowling and we all know how dangerous he can be. Indian batsmen playing it smart and just willing to pick off singles from the great bowler.
Over 20: Six off that one with Kohli turning down leg and Malinga failing to cut it off - should have done better with that.
Over 19: No risks taken by these two and they have kept the scorboard ticking over very nicely. Three off the first Muralitharan over.  Fifty for Gambhir.
Over 18: Highlight of this over was a slog-sweep from Gambhir that found a gaping hole at deep mid-wicket.
Over 17: Dilshan to Kohli and the first ball produces three wides. Sri Lanka can ill-afford that. Kohli picks up a single to give Gambhir some strike. Gambhir then just turns it over with a single of his own.
Over 16: India are starting to coast. Five off this one and Sri Lanka's early celebrations seem a long, long time ago. 
Over 15: Great over for the Indian side. Gambhir is looking good and these two batsmen are doiing a great job of brnging their side back into the game. Nine off it.
Over 14: Four off the over but the big news was Kula dropping Gambhir. How important could that be?
Over 13: Perera has lost his line totally. Seven off the over just picking him off and a couple of wides.
Over 12: Eleven off the over. This one is far from over. A four to each batsmen has Kulasekara kicking the ground.
Over 11: A four off the first ball of the over with Perera bowling will help India's cause. Gambhir then picks up a two and a single. Kohli gets two off the final ball with some aggressive running. Bowling power play is in force.
Over 10: Kohli flicks well, turning the wrists to generate some great pace on the ball to beat fine leg. Six off the over.
Over 9: Just a couple off the over. No doubt there will be a period consolidation coming up When you lose the likes of the opening two it can't be helped.
Over 8: Just a single off the Kulasekara over. Wow... hard to believe that Sehwag and Tendulkar will play no further part in this final.India do have a long batting line up but teir heads must be down. Just one from the over.
Over 7: Malinga has picked up Tendulkar!!!! HUGE wicket. Video up. The crowd is in absolute shock. They look devastated as the Little Master is sent back to the changing sheds.
Over 6: Gambhir takes a four off the fifth ball of the over. Good over fom Perera aside from the ball that was slightly fuller and allowed Gambhir to get across his stumps.
VIDEO UP of Tendulkar's glorious straight drive
Over 5: Just the one run from the Malinga over. How could you bet against Tendulkar when the sound that is coming off his bat sounds so crisp? Likely to take a pretty special ball to remove him from the crease today and stop him getting his 100th first class 100.
Over 4: Beautiful straight drive from Tendulkar from the full face of the bat. Just have to cuuuuuat and pt it up. Video up soon. Tendulkar is cutting loose. The Little Master is in fine, fine form! Eleven runs off that one.
Over 3: Sachin Tendulkar looking in really good touch and the sound off his bat is sweet. He picks up a couple and then punches another through the covers off the back foot. Five runs off that over.
VIDEO of the Sehwag wicket up.
Over 2:  Six off that over an both batsmen look like they are timing the ball well off willow.
Over 1: Malinga to Virender Sehwag.He's out LBW but he's asked for a review. Sehwag is gone!!! Wasted review he was well out. Four off the over to Gambhir.
Over 50: Ten off the first four balls! Two fours to Perera... then they pick up two. Khan doing his best to restrict but the slog has been on. SIX to finish the innings! 18 from the last over AND WE ARE SET UP FOR A HUGE INDIA INNINGS. India needs 275 to win.
Over 49: Eight off that over... one to go.
Over 48: SIX! Single. two! FOUR! FOUR! RUN OUT! And during all that Jayawardene brings up a great 100! Video of the 100 and and the run out of Kulasekara up soon.
Over 47: Kulasekara pulls one for four - nice way to start the over. That puts some pressure on Patel. Takes a single to put the man in form on strike. Brilliant! Gives himself room and SMASHES it to third man for four. The field was up so very, very clever. Eleven off that over.
Over 46: The intentions are obvious as Kulasekara has a crack at the first ball. Jayawardene now on strike... he's going to have to shift gear from pusher to basher. How's his timing? Kahn bowling. No sixes so far in this innings. High class batting from Jayawardene as he squeeze drives a ball for four. Only 24 balls left in the innings.
Over 45: Another six off the over. The last five overs will see the BATTING POWER PLAY TAKEN. Fireworks? For sure!
Over 44: Review in place. This one doesn't 't look too good for India. It's turned down and Sri Lanka take six off the over.
Over 43: Six singles and a wide off that over from Harbhajan Singh. When will the Sri Lankans let loose? Five to go?
Over 42: Run rate standing at 4.58 and what looked likely to be a huge score for Sri Lanka has been hauled in by a rush of wickets and an Indian side that has been fantastic in the field. Jayawardene has not seen much time on stirke of late - six from that over. VIDEO UP OF THE LAST WICKET.
Over 41: Just three runs from the Yuvraj Singh over. He mixed it up well.
Over 40: India picks up another wicket thanks to a delightful Zaheer Khan slower ball that bamboozled new batsmen to the wicket Kapugedera. Video up soon of his wicket, meanwhile VIDEO IS UP of the Samaraweera downfall. Beautiful Khan over - wicket and two runs.
Over 39: Samaraweera is OUT! India took a gamble and went with Yuvraj's demands of a review for LBW and the decision came back in the home side's favour. India really needed that one. Video of the wicket up soon. Great over for India - one run a wicket.
VIDEO up of Jayawardene half century.
Over 38: Eight runs fromthe Zaheer Khan over and Jayawardene picked up five of them including a late dab down to thrid man.
Over 37: Better over for India with just three from it. This Mumbai crowd is like a sea of blue.
Over 36: Sri Lanka positioning themselves superbly for a flurry at at the end of the innings. Jayawardene helps himself to another four and with a couple of ones they add six to the total off V Kohli.
Over 35: Tendulkar a little all over the place. Seven off it including a couple of wides. Partnership of 40 so far.
Over 34: Seven off that one from Yuvraj Singh. Jayawardene brings up his 50. Video up soon.
Over 33: Sachin Tendulkar brought on and the CROWD goes wild... the chant is up. Bit of variety from the Little Master - first was a wobbly seamer and then he throws up an off-spinner. He has taken everything off the ball and if the batsmen want to see it race away to the fence then they are going to have to their own pace.
Over 32: TV Umpire called on to do some work. India using one of their reviews but this one looks like it will be turned down. IT HAS been turned down! Dhoni will be disappointed he's blown a review. Back on with it, that was a long break in play.
Over 31: Much better over for the Sri Lankans as Jayawardene finds the fence and three singles are picked up off the Sreesanth over.
Over 30: Just the one four off the over and that's the only runs.
Over 29: Sreesanth brought back on and after a Jayawardene single Samaraweera FINDS THE FENCE to get off mark. Much needed that, and the Indian side is putting on the pressure by adding a second  slip. Six off that over.
Over 28: Yuvraj Singh gets Sangakkara! It was a long hop and the Sri Lankan captain usually puts those away! Not this time as he is caught behind trying cut. It was a good over up to that point with eight from it. Video up soon.
Over 27: Both Sri Lankan batsmen look comfortable against spin. Harbhajan tosses one up and it does turn a little. A Sangakkara single gets his side off Nelson's. Jayawardene ling to cut behind point and he misses the late cut which SHAVES the off stump but he gets away with it. Tendulkar then chases a cut and pulls it in much to the delight of the Mumbai crowd.
Over 26: Yuvraj Singh gets taken for a couple off the first two and then cut to the fence off the fifth ball. That brings up the 50 partnership - man, that feels like it's come up fast! Jayawardene appears to be in some good nick - he's on 30 from as many balls.
Over 25: Only 10 boundaries in the innings so far. Sri Lanka take a sharp single to put the fielding side under a bit of pressure. India's spinners still taking the leg stump line. Five off that one.
Over 24: Yuvraj Singh really tossing the cherry up. Sri Lanka finding it hard to find the fence. That brings up the 100 for the batting side. Slowish run rate but with wickets in hand won't be too concerned at the 4.17 run rate. Four runs off that over.
Over 23: Nice over from Harbhajan Singh - just two off it. From his five overs he has 1/22.
Over 22: Good over for the Sri Lankans with eight coming off it including a four from Jayawardene. That takes the run rate up to 4.27. Yuvraj Singh will be hoping for a better return to the bowling crease in six balls time.
Over 21: Just three runs off the Singh over. He had a LBW shout but nothing to scare.
Over 20: Sreesanth brought back into the attack. Lovely late cut by Jayawardene, opening the face but going a little finer that what he wanted. Run rate is 4.15.
Over 19: Three singles of the first three balls and then a welcome boundary to Jayawardene. VIDEO UP OF THE second wicket.
Over 18: Two runs off the over. Plenty of balls going straight to the field.
Over 17: Partnership worth 43 off 60 balls. Indian effort to date in the field has been a bit special. BOWLED! Singh takes the wicket as Dilshan is bowled for 33. Video up soon. Three runs off the remainder of the over.
Over 16: Patel bowling. Sangakkaara gets a single off the first as he drives hard to the sweeper at deep cover point. Just two off that over.
Over 15: Harbhajan Singh brought on to bowl after the drinks break. A couple of singles off ball one and two then four dot balls. 27 runs off that bowling power play.
Over 14: Sri Lankan run rate has crept over four for the first time in the innings so far. DRINKS.
Video up Sangakkara batting beautifully...
Over 13: Sangakkara is lifting the runrate by lifting the ball over the field for FOUR! Safe shot, clever batting. Sreesanth tries to answer but Sangakkara drives him straight for the same result. Official warning for Sreesanth for running on the pitch and the pressure gets to him and steps over for a no ball. FREE HIT. Edged for four! Costly. 15 Runs off that over.
Over 12: Great bowling from India but Sri Lanka seem to be biding their time, happy just to tick it over? Lovely shot from Sangakkara. Some pressure was building but that cover drive off the slightly overpitched Patel ball was lovely. Video up soon.
Over 11: Indians take the FIELDING POWER PLAY. No surprise there. Dilshan picks up a couple and has 24 from31 balls. Run rate is 3.19. Sreesanth back on after an excellent spell from Khan - magical, 5 overs-3 maidens -6 runs -1 wicket. Three runs off the return to the crease for Sreesanth.
Over 10: The Indian fielding is SENSATIONAL so far! Sreesanth has cut one off but they've gone upstairs to see if he was in contact with the rope when the ball touched the body. That followed a flying Singh fielding in the air. Just two runs says the man upstairs. Dishan flashes hard at the ball but straight to the fielder at widish third man.
Over 9:  Khan again and his figures are ruined (sic) by four runs off the first three balls. He comes back with dot... dot... dot.
Over 8: Munaf Patel brought on to bowl. Three singles off the first four balls - just picking him off. Second last ball of the over and Dilshan SLASHES it away but Khan does very well on the boundary keeping it to two. Five off that one.
Over 7: OUT! Tharanga gets the outside edge and is caught at first slip. Video up of the wicket! Two runs coming off the remainder of the over. Khan is bowling beautifully.
Over 6: First boundary of the final goes to Dilshan off Sreesanth. Video up of the first four. Two balls lateer and h cuts brilliantly to the fence. First real loose ball so far and Dishan makes them pay. Eight runs off that one.
Over 5: Good shots for nothing at the moment and no boundaries so far. Sri Lankan length is very  good. Run rate just 1.86... back to back maidens for Khan! No, make that 3 back to back for KHAN!
Over 4: Sreesanth continues and  's been an unusually watchful start for the Sri Lankan side. Whats a good score on this surface - 275? Just two from the over as the batsmen are struggling to time it.
Over 3: Khan keeping it tight and a maiden - great accurate bowling.
Over 2: Appeal off the first ball but it was going down leg. Free hit off the second ball as Sreesanth oversteps... pitched up and hit toe of the bat, just the single. Dilshan punches through the offside for the first real runs in anger - two. Dilshan hit on pads but going down leg again.
Over 1: Hit on the pads with the first ball. Tharanga facing and the carry through to the keeper is good. It took till the third ball to get bat on it. Cautious start from Sri Lanka. Watchful. First runs on the board from byes. Dilshan hit on the pads down the leg side and they pick up another single. Two off the first over,
Right here we go.... Zaheer Khan to start with 19 wickets in the tournament so far.
Sri Lanka has won the toss and will bat first!  The toss had to be done again as no one could hear the call. Video up soon of the actual toss. India would have batted first too if they'd won it.


Pre Game – Two Nations prepare for a showdown

The Indian obsession that is cricket will know no bounds if India can win their first world cup in 28 years.

Remarkably tonight's final will be held in Mumbai, which just happens to be Sachin Tendulkar's home - and the best player of this generation is one century away from being the first cricketer ever to hit 100 international hundreds.

MS Dhoni knows as much as anyone that the pressure on them to perform is immense.

“I was switching channels and I saw people outside my house and it was lot different to 2007, so I know it's better to do your best,” he says.

During the last World Cup his house was attacked after a loss to Bangladesh, and protesters shouted slogans including “die Dhoni die”.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka's skipper is pleased to be cruising along under the radar.

“They've got the best batting line up - and some world class bowlers - they will be the favourite to win this game,” says Kumar Sangakarra.

But in Muttiah Muralitharan Sri Lanka have their own world beater, the taker of 800 test wickets will play his final international match, this will be some swansong.

He's got injury issues but there seems little prospect of him not playing.

This will be the first all Asian World Cup final, and judging by the Indian-Pakistani semi final blockbuster it's estimated the TV audience tonight could top 1b people.

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