Late night bytes: Man's freaky fantasy about Roy Orbison

  • 12/12/2013

The internet is a place where everyone can have a voice - no matter how bizarre the things they have to say.

This week on late night bytes, Nightline investigates online erotica and a writer with a freaky fantasy about a late, great rock n' roller.

Somewhere in the UK, a man is sharing his fantasy about Roy Orbison to a massive online audience.

In each of the online tales, Orbison gets wrapped in cling wrap, which we call glad wrap, but for the rest of this story will be referred to as cling wrap.

It was quite some work tracking down the writer, Ulrich Haarburste.

At first, with apprehension, his friend told us, "He's gone all greta-garbo lately and doesn't have Skype. Frankly I'd just do it without him".

But we insisted, and finally got Haarburste on the phone.

"I'm in my night shirt and my night cap but this is fine, we will do this."

First question; why Roy Orbison, and why the cling film?

"Why not? All these people keep asking me that question, but I say, why not? To me it seems the most natural and obvious thing in the world, you know? Who can say? The heart wants what it wants," says Haarburste.

"Why does the bee seek the pollen? Why does the butterfly seek the flower? This is what I do. This is what my heart is drawn towards."

Haarburste says it's not sexual, it's sensual. His fantasy is about being wrapped fully clothed - and in nice clothes too.

"I don't think you have that word in English but in German we have a word that means a quality of wanting to cry out to be wrapped."

He says it's like the urge you get when you see a present that you want wrapped. That's simply how Haarburste feels when he sees Orbison.

He has a cult following online and in turn, the internet has made him feel more normal.

But what about the real world? Does the Roy Orbison cling wrap fantasy work outside the realms of the internet?

For some reason Haarburste's stories cast a spell on people in the real world - Maybe even more so than on the interweb, proving that the world of the internet, is indeed magical.

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source: newshub archive