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'Nothing will stop us' - Dotcom

Monday 21 Jan 2013 8:51 a.m.

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He'd promised it was going to be big, and last night Kim Dotcom delivered by putting on a unique show for hundreds of guests at his mansion.

The mega.co.nz launch party included live music, pyrotechnics and a dramatic reconstruction of what happened at the mansion a year ago.

The real police raid on Dotcom's Coatesville mansion doesn't seem to have deterred him.

"Mega is going to be huge and nothing will stop us," he told the crowd.

Now, January 20 will be both the anniversary of the raid and the birth date of mega.co.nz.

Since the raid, Dotcom has managed to build a reputation for doing things his own way, and last night was no different. It was a press conference like no other.

The launch was in true Dotcom style - flashy, over-the-top and complete with plenty of self-promotion.

It began with a performance from Tiki Taane, followed by business talk.

"Mega is a faster, smarter and more secure way of cloud storage," said Dotcom.

The file-storage website received 1 million hits in its first day of being live. While the focus was on mega.co.nz last night... Dotcom says there's more on the way, such as music streaming service Megabox.

"Artists will sell music directly to the public, cutting out the middle man and will keep 90 percent of profits."

But it's for allegedly ripping the music and film industries off that Dotcom and his co-accused have been involved in a series of legal battles in the past year.

And although he's not popular with the production companies, he says they should put the past behind them and work together.

"I'm writing my book and if someone wants to make a film, then I'm game."

But with an extradition hearing in August and more fallout expected from Mega, the storyline is far from reaching it's conclusion.

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