Saving Facebook could cost billions

  • 29/04/2014

Mark Zuckerberg could have to spend billions to keep Facebook as the world's number one social networking site, according to technology expert Jeffery Cole.

As head of the World Internet Project, Mr Cole is at the forefront of media and communication technology issues, and has served as a digital technology advisor to governments and leading companies around the world

Mr Cole is due to speak at Auckland University of Technology's The Project: Digital Disruption conference.

He says the World Internet Project – which was launched in 1999 and now spans 45 countries – was created to monitor the effect of digital technology on people's lives.

Despite the monumental success of Facebook, Mr Coles says the popularity of the site is in decline.

"If Mark Zuckerberg wants to stay on top of the curve, he's going to have to open his chequebook all the time."

Watch the video for the full interview with Jeffery Cole.

source: newshub archive