Waiheke gets its own trading website

  • 04/02/2009

Residents living on Auckland's Waiheke Island are already building up a following for a new online trading website, just two months after its launch.

Waitrade was launched in early December by Ostend residents Bridget and Stuart Velvin in a bid to beat freight and postage costs as all registered buyers and sellers live on the island.

The website has 146 items listed, with baby essentials, clothing and electronics being among the categories up for grabs.

A total of 327 people have already signed up for the site -- but members have to live on Waiheke Island to join.

The website runs on its success rate, rather than charging for listings, and has already made more than 80 sales.

Mrs Velvin said the site was set up following personal experience of buying things for her three-year-old daughter Mya through TradeMe, which often meant travelling across Auckland to pick things up.

"It's difficult buying something when you can't easily travel to have a look at it beforehand.

"When I initially had the idea I didn't act on it straight away, but it's just so exciting to see it starting to work," Mrs Velvin said.

Plans for the future include an option for feedback on the trades, houses for rent, public notices and ticket sales for local events.

The emphasis was on the community, and helping island residents as much as possible, Mrs Velvin said.

Vehicle sales and community sponsorships are other options being considered once the business is cash positive .


source: newshub archive