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Alasdair Thompson’s change of life

Wednesday 2 Oct 2013 7:07 p.m.

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When the head of the Employers and Manufacturers Association made public comments about women, menstruation and work, all hell broke loose and Alasdair Thompson's life fell apart. Two years on, he's back from the brink to tell 3rd Degree's Paula Penfold why he's a changed man.

His story is the anatomy of a breakdown and of redemption.

When Mr Thompson entered into a radio discussion about the gender pay gap and blithely spoke of the effect of menstruation on women’s productivity, all hell broke loose.

As we know he not only lost his job, but for a while he also lost his mind.

"People rephrased what I actually said," he says. "'Women should be paid less because they have periods.' I never ever, ever said that."

But what he did say, while polarising, while regrettable, brought about an anguish and hopelessness that will surprise even those who know him well.

A self-flagellation and atonement makes the Mr Thompson two years on very different from the one we knew before.

Watch the video for the full interview.

Read Paula Penfold's blog about doing this interview.

Alasdair Thompson's book LifeChanging is available through www.alasdairthompson.com


  • Reporter: Paula Penfold
  • Producer: Eugene Bingham
  • Camera: George Murahidy
  • Editor: Paul Enticott
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