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Tuhoe's plans for $170M settlement

Tuesday 19 Mar 2013 10:07 p.m.

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Te Urewera is a place of remote beauty, mystery, sadness and a place of anger.

In fact the challenge laid down by that part of New Zealand is whether it is part of New Zealand at all.

Today many of the small settlements dotted through Te Urewera have fallen into ruin - there’s no cell phone coverage, no work and sometimes no running water.

Local iwi Tuhoe didn’t sign the Treaty of Waitangi but they have reached a Treaty Settlement, one which offers new hope.

Their $170 million deal with the Crown could go a long way, but the only thing being built at the moment is a flash new office for the tribal headquarters at a cost of $15 million.

There are big plans for running their own schools and social services, abolishing the dole, taking all Tuhoe kids back from CYFS care and largely taking back control of the National Park.

It’s a vision some see as creating a Tuhoe Nation: a state within a state.

Watch the video for Guyon Espiner's report.


  • Reporter: Guyon Espiner
  • Producer: Chris Wilks
  • Editor:  Toby Longbottom
  • Camera: Arthur Rasmussen
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