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Brand new car park ripped up over pay dispute

Wednesday 2 Apr 2014 7:16 p.m.

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There were extraordinary scenes outside a newly constructed supermarket in Christchurch today when a contracting crew using heavy machinery started digging up a car park - a car park they were meant to be finishing, not destroying. 

Pera Te Amo ordered his diggers to rip up work they've spent months rushing to complete because of a dispute with the developer, saying that it's been an ongoing point of contention since November last year. 

It only took an hour on the digger for Mr Te Amo and team to turn the once smooth car park into large piles of soil, all before police arrived to serve a trespass order. 

He claims he is owed large amounts of money because of a dispute over how the job has been costed, and says the developers' failure to sort the matter has driven him to desperate measures. 

This isn't the normal process for a dispute resolution, but Mr Te Amo says he's tired of waiting for money, tired of waiting for a resolution and tired of what he claims has been the runaround from the project developer. 

"You put in a hard day's work, you expect a fair day's pay," says Mr Te Amo. "If you don't get paid, you jump up and down. I would not commit any of our subbies to come here and work for us if I didn't think that I could get their money at the end of the day." 

Campbell Live has only been able to hear Mr Te Amo's side of the dispute. Countdown is not the landlord, but the tenant – the dispute doesn't involve it directly. However it's trying to work with the landlord to resolve the issue.

Watch the full report from John Sellwood.

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